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June 13, 2021
Fried Noodles by TUBsLab
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Suggested by Cicunni
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Fried Noodles


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So here is a fan art of Spirited Away, No face frying some noodles :)
Happy holiday everybody! stay safe and stay awesome!! 
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SimjhangRin's avatar

No Face looks so fired up Ans adorable! The artwork is amazingly done!

taohippie's avatar

what a sweet version of No Face <3

menslady125's avatar

Aww, No-Face is so cute!

TheRealMono's avatar
TubSlab's avatar

Glad u like it :)

TheRealMono's avatar
Np I love studio gibbly stuff!
clydeghostart's avatar

Oooooohhhhhh boy.

i love noface but this artwork made me love him more.

(that means very nice job)

TubSlab's avatar
clydeghostart's avatar

You are very welcome

Seraphimart2's avatar

Cool art style dude!

bluewingfairy's avatar

Good morning friend, OOOOOOOOO, YUMMY!!!!!!!=p=p.

TsukiiBaraa's avatar

THE IDEA IS SO CUTE OMG<????????????

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xandararts's avatar

Cool 😎 pls see my channel

CrazygirlAuto5's avatar

I bought the movie this year and saw it for the first time. :) It's a good movie and it was even mentioned in my Art Appreciation book when I took that class in college. While I wondered why I waited so long to watch it, I was glad I did so that I could better appreciate the artwork and detail that went into it now that I'm older. If I had watched it when I was a kid, I wouldn't have appreciated it as much.

And I love this picture as No Face is actually my favorite character from the movie. :)

cullyferg2010's avatar

Still wouldn't eat there, knowing what happened to Sin's parents.

cullyferg2010's avatar

Glad she was able to save them in the end.

ZombieKillerTBG's avatar

ay yo, spirited away art.

bevelhead's avatar

Love it- congrats on the DD!

bevelhead's avatar

You're quite welcome!

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