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Simpsons: Color from Space (Part 5)

Here's a comic for Halloween:
Part 4 < >Part 6 

Inspired by Gustavo Duarte's Monsters! and the HP LoveCraft story 'Color Out of Space', here's a retelling of the Treehouse of Horror segment "Married to the Blob".

I'd like to thank all my donators at Patreon for funding this. And if you'd like to see more than you can head here and donate too. 

If you are a Patreon, you can got the site to find some exclusive, un-cropped artwork.   
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Is that the porno-dealing alien from the Futurama episode 'Spanish Fry'?

powerzzz21's avatar
So, the point was to make a movie? Makes sense, cconsidering how aliens are a little extreme.
cooldude154's avatar
More like a porno
200jason3's avatar
Thegonk's avatar
Gigantic jiggling gazongas Batman!

Kang has a tie on, ha!

strong-1's avatar
The old school VHS and the fact they are wearing ties on the closest thing they have to necks ups the humor. Why isn't the store owner green like everything else that is in this comic? 
TubbyToon's avatar
Just by choice I guess. And notice one is a bollo tie. 
strong-1's avatar
I did notice that. In black and white it is a little hard to see, but like I said again it ups the comedy.
azugo's avatar
I'm not gonna lie. This is the kind of humor I would expect from an real Simpsons episode. So kudos my friend! :D
JotunTheWriter's avatar
Awesome :D And what happened with Lisa?
TubbyToon's avatar
She grew up and married Harry Potter. Is that what you want to hear?
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