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Simpsons: Color From Space (Part 7)

Here's a comic for Halloween:
Part 6< 

Inspired by Gustavo Duarte's Monsters! and the HP LoveCraft story 'Color Out of Space', here's a retelling of the Treehouse of Horror segment "Married to the Blob".

I'd like to thank all my donators at Patreon for funding this. And if you'd like to see more than you can head here and donate too. 

If you are a Patreon, you can got the site to find some exclusive, un-cropped artwork.   
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AmidstCalamityZ's avatar

Is she ever gonna turn back to normal?

myjosephpatty2002's avatar
Remains me she will be like Flubber
Infernalboye's avatar

"Thats like... 84 Planets Consumed! The Army Of Darkness can Deal with this BLob. Cause The Army of Light has done so much for this Universe."

Do this but with hole io, and the holes are female humanoids with different colored skin
Next time close you big mouth.
boxingcleverksg123's avatar
what a superb picture, all seven parts are well drawn and you have a superb gallery, well done.
Gendermorph's avatar
Why couldn't this have been what actually happened? That would have been one of those stupidly over the top scenarious that i can imagine would be in a halloween episode.
warbossgingernutrukk's avatar
Love the picture, but one stupid nitpick; lack of an assertive gravity would cause the bottom of her to not have flat mass at the bottom. (Sorry, psychic student XD).
folgore2010's avatar
she just cant stop until the universe is eat 
monterrang's avatar
i don't like the weight gain about childhood character but there is something matt groening-ish in your scenario i like
lovelymars908's avatar
Ah, cool! A nice ending to a nice reinterpretation to the Treehouse of Horrors segment! 
200jason3's avatar
can I be the first to say, DAT ASS!
red899's avatar
great comic and it is completed too! :)
gizmo55426's avatar
Can you do a Mass Effect or Teen Titans weight gain? Pleaaaassse
blacknitro's avatar
Can you make a fan art of misty Abigail briarton being from black ops 2 fat for the next series. (Zombies)
Thegonk's avatar
That's funny, I thought I heard billions of voices cry out and they were suddenly eaten.

*looks at comic*

Oh right, never mind. Diabetus.

Darkworkz's avatar
I liked it.  I hope to see more.
strong-1's avatar
And the comic ends with a lovely image of large Marge at her largest, with billions of lives about to be snuffed out for a single delicious bite. This comic was great, your work has come a long way and I hope it will continue well into the future. I would support you on Patreon but I am hella broke (I literally have to scrape up every penny to make ends meet.)
Go-Tee's avatar
I hnestly never thought your work would ever go this far... but that isn't a complaint! The Kang and Kodos portion of this were just comedy gold XD

I also like how the story just glosses over Marge inevitably eating her family; nothing to see here, folks!
Kadago's avatar
You should totally do more vore man you do it so well
StretchDude's avatar
This is a true masterpiece. Bravo, sir!
JotunTheWriter's avatar
Can you create comic with Astrid weight gain? :)
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