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Marge And Princess

:iconmaxwestart: commission of Large Marge out doing Princess Kashmir. 

Weight Gain Sequences- 100 Points Each!
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       April Packs her Trunk (Sequence Preview) by TubbyToon  Stay Puft Janine (Weight Gain Sequence Preview) by TubbyToon    Expanded Universe Image Set Preview by TubbyToon
           Blackfire Baby Weight Sequence (Preview) by TubbyToon          Android 21 (Weight Gain Sequence) Preview by TubbyToon

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she will get more fat if you through hundreds and probably give you a privet dance if you do    
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Hope we get more varieties of Simpsons females.

I really want to see Tubbytoon draw Mindy Simmons for a change. She has nearly the exact same personalities as Homer. That alone screams ”WG-art potential”.

Still shocked no one has yet commissioned Tubbytoon to draw Mindy yet.
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Here's an episode I'd love to see :D 
Adipose-Rex's avatar
Serious question: how much would a commission of Princess Kashmir even fatter than Marge cost?
BigMacSama777's avatar
I'd buy that for a dollar.
Adipose-Rex's avatar
I’ve already booked the commission
BigMacSama777's avatar
Okay that's fine by me, but I was making a movie reference to that one scene where that one guy says that in the television.
BigMacSama777's avatar
OK then, I am glad we settled this like adults; and not like savage barbarians looking for a war against each other.
booman1's avatar
Sake it Marge
BigMacSama777's avatar
Forgive me for being a grammar nazi on you, but sake it? Don't you mean Shake it?
BigMacSama777's avatar
No probs, just thought I point that out for ya
TheSirenLord's avatar
Some one should draw Princess Kashmir fat... The commission potential is SOOOOOOOOOOO obvious
BigMacSama777's avatar
TheSirenLord's avatar
Thank you I'm not the only one!
BigMacSama777's avatar
No probs. Though I do wish someone did weight gain pictures of Kashmir and the rest of the female cast in Springfield (except the lil' kids, it won't seem right).
TheSirenLord's avatar
At least that Franchise still gets pretty of fat fan art... Some get so little..
TheSirenLord's avatar
Yeah.. there are some that get little
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