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Another installment in the Marge/Princess saga brought to you by :iconwhitewolf34:

Here are the first 2: Marge And Princess by TubbyToon   Princess and Marge by TubbyToon

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       April Packs her Trunk (Sequence Preview) by TubbyToon   Odds And Ends Vol 4 by TubbyToon  


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        Pokemon Girls Preview by TubbyToon  Age of Excess: 80's Pack Preview by TubbyToon
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Every picture in this series is by a different commissioner.
IsaacTly's avatar
What the heck?
monitor49's avatar
Mmph, Simpsons women always look so good when they're huge and fat. And I hope to seem both of them becoming far fatter in the future.
Elephantking89's avatar
Marge clearly needs to get her butt to Krusty Burger and not come out until she's at least twice the Princess's size
zombyre's avatar
At this rate, there's going to be a sumo match. (Hint. Hint)
nicktoonspl15's avatar
Yes! All of the yes!
maxwestart's avatar
Oh wow...more to this. What did I start?
nicktoonspl15's avatar
Something very beautiful.
Elephantking89's avatar
Looks like Marge is gonna have to up her game to stop getting pushed around 
PlumpieBombshell's avatar
I thought he doesn’t do commissions
Looks great by the way:)
her name is Nitzy
Will Marge make a comeback?
nicktoonspl15's avatar
The way you draw the fat move is amazing. Fantastic job!
Deadpool441's avatar
Looks good. Some more colour refinement, and it'll be perfect
DangFandango's avatar
Princess looks especially good here!  i really like how you did her legs/gut in this one.
Hillygon's avatar
Very neat drawing of the Simpsons-ladies here.

Hope we see more new characters like Lurleen Lumpkin, Mindy Simmons, Luann Van Houten & Sarah Wiggum for example.
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