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Awesome news, everyone! The song is done and available for purchase or free download! Just check out the cover art I put up here on dA for links to all the good stuff!

On top of that, IGN's Podcast Beyond is featuring it today! I encourage you to check out the show! :D
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Exciting news, folks! Head over to either my Facebook Artist page or my MySpace Music page to check out my new song: "2-Player Co-op"!

It's a video game love song featuring my lovely ladyfriend, Tori, and a ton of geeking out.

The song's still in production, but it's certainly listenable/enjoyable as is! Let me know what you think!
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So, I'm pretty excited. I uploaded a song here on dA just a little bit ago about a podcast I enjoy and they totally played the song at the end of the show today!

If you're interested in checking out the podcast at all, I certainly recommend it and you can grab today's episode here: ps3movies.ign.com/ps3/audio/ar…

Ryan Clements gives the song a great little intro at 1:20:27 with shout-outs to both Tori and me. :D

Pretty pumped. Pretty pumped.
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Easter Basket!

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Llama Badges for my wonderful friends on dA!

In my family, there is an Easter basket waiting for each family member on Easter morning. It's kind of like how Christmas works, except it's more chocolate, socks and boxers than anything else.

Because I want you all to know how incredibly grateful I am that you watch my account to some capacity (and since deviantART has just recently supplied a new fun little trinket to give away) I gave everyone a little Easter present! So, if you find a llama badge waiting for you from yours truly, there be the reason. :)

Now, if I saw that you already had a Super Llama badge (ie. you already have 10 llama badges), I kind of skipped over you to save myself a bit of time. That said, if you're reading this and you are sad you didn't get a badge from me because of that silly reason, just let me know and I'll be quick about tossing one your way, too. :) I don't want to see any sad faces in the crowd, now...

Anyway, it was cool to briefly 'see' some of you that I haven't heard from in forever - Gabby and Artography particularly come to mind. I hope everyone's Easters went great! I, personally, have an uncomfortable amount of sugar circulating through my body at the moment, but I'm nursing a refreshing ice water, so we're all good here.

All the best and Happy Easter!
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Hey, all. :)

So, I noticed that there's a new system for dA's inbox. This system thing got me to thinking that I could upload a ton of these cards at a time and not "flood" inboxes with the things. Especially since I've been having a hard time getting them online with any regularity (meaning the whole lot is going to take for-ever), I'd love to hear people's thoughts on whether I should set up bigger dumps of cards from the time to time that I can do them, or whether you're more a fan of little doses.




Good day, everybody!

I just wanted to give my watchers a heads-up on a potential flood of deviations from myself. Here's what's going on:

A couple of years ago, a buddy and I made up a handful (25 or so) of parody Magic: The Gathering playing cards, based on our group of friends from high school. Well, this year, we decided to do it again, but make it a lot more accessible to folks at large. Thus, "Stuff Nerds Love" was born. We ended up with around 120 cards almost exclusively based on stuff nerds happen to love/enjoy/appreciate such as internet phenomena and memes, cosplay, popular video/computer games, and lots more.

The pictures to a majority of these cards are not created by me, so I'm slowly going to be asking the original creators of certain images (really, just the ones here on dA) if it's okay that I post the cards with large, generous links to their own pages. Hopefully, everything will move along smoothly and every card will get to make its debut here!

I think that once I get things in place enough, I'll post 3-5 every week or so. Let me know what you think about that strategy. I just don't want to flood everyone's inboxes. That'd be jerkish and annoying, I think. :)

Anyway, long message for just a heads-up. One last thing, though - I had been wanting to make some parodies of popular signage, like the McDonald's arches or something. My "Henshin" piece was the first one. :) I hope no one's offended by it because of what it's parodying. I figure the best way to deflate the offensiveness of something is to make fun of it a little bit and produce your own, more personally-meaningful version for people to take notice of instead! :D

'Kay, folks. You all have a great day!


Set 01: Intro Pack
Set 02: Memes
Set 03: RL
Set 04: Social Networking
Set 05: The Five Knights
Set 06: Internet Randoms 1
Set 07: Hardware/Software 1
Set 08: Edutainment +
Set 09: Edutainment -
Set 10: Extra-Specials
Set 11: Random 1
Set 12: My High School Experience 1
Set 13: Hardware/Software 2
Set 14: Computeries
Set 15: Gross and Annoying
Set 16: Tragedies
Set 17: Hardware/Software 3 - Piracy Edition
Set 18: Complicated
Set 19: Obscure References
Set 20: Monkey Island
Set 21: Helpful Items
Set 22: Music References
Set 23: Games
Set 24: Left-Overs
Set 25: Finale
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