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Seagul Fly


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Seagul Fly


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Fresh Paint

Crimson paint, dripping, flowing, Shone with light of red eyes glowing, Paints a haunted canvas near The corpse of someone you hold dear Each horrid stroke is trademark of A disembodied, blood-stained glove Its master working late at night, To bring you gifts of death and fright Glowing of an aura blue, The ghostly painter grins at you Locked within his gruesome stare, You're helpless to escape his lair Tattered beret upon his head, The floating phantom reeks of dead A threadbare smock, aged and soiled, Reveals how his victims toiled For when this fearsome ghoul's in need, He simply makes his prisoners bleed He'll drain

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Super volley revamp revamp

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Legend Of Zelda Stamp


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Death Note: L Gets an Idea.

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Hylian Shirt


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Wacom Starter's Guide 2011

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