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ha524 - Underage 1920x1200

Be sure to hit the download link to get the full res version (1920x1200) if you're interested!

I've never had surgery before. I'm going to have my wisdom teeth removed this coming summer, but they're not impacted or anything so it's just going to be the dentist doing the extraction. I don't know if I'd consider that surgery. Maybe.

Either way, I feel as though it's important for a patient to know and trust his or her surgeon. Equally paramount is the ability for the surgeon to be able to grip a scalpel like a pencil rather than needing to use his whole little hand.

Looking for more helpful advice? Follow this [link] !
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Do you mind if i use the little surgeon in an intro for my youtube channel?
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this pic reminds me of certain dA's oc's who through force of habit say that it is obsessive/compulsive that they are wearing their mask permenantly 24/7, either to make a fashion statement or or say it's part of their generic make-up, i.e. they (like julie parker and her family and friends) are born mask wearers, of course a surgeon has to wear a mask as part of his/her surgical garb (a.k.a. scrubs) its a uniform that a surgeon has to be well proud of wearing irrigardless of age cos any person worth their salt can surgeonize, even the over 4's can, just so long as they know exactly what they are going!
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The little guy is adorable. XD Love it.
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Thanks! :D I'll be sure to let him know. I made sure to find plastic prop versions of the medical tools before staging this shot. Safety first!

Thanks a ton for checking out some more of my gallery, too! You rock! :D
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Really?! Thanks! yes yes, i can totally see the reasoning. I would never trust a 4 year-old with anything sharp or dangerous.

^-^ haha, not sure about "rock", but I'll take the compliment. Thanks.
I enjoyed your HA, so please keep them coming!
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Very welcome. :aww:

Will do!
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I most certainly agree with that. The fact that they have pre-school test type things to discover the coordination and dexterity of little ones makes the though of one of them cutting into anyone rather frightening.

I am, as always, most fond of your work. Very awesome. I love your tall dudes expressions. XD
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Most certainly agreed.

Hey, thanks for the kind words! It's been so nice to correspond with you and read all your great comments!
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that is excellent
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