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Live Like Beyonding

IGN is an entertainment news site which hosts a number of really fun podcasts, one of which is called Podcast Beyond. A good while ago, the invitation was given to submit musical pieces to play out the show each week, and since that announcement, I've wanted to make a Beyond-themed parody for just that purpose.

If you want to give it a listen, totally go for it, but I offer here a forewarning that a good majority of the song may be lost on anyone foreign to the podcast.

The song itself is a parody of Kris Allen's "Live Like We're Dying", as is the album cover that I've used as a preview image. Really great, fun song, if you've never heard it.

The album art, as well as full lyrics, should be found inside the mp3 file. (If that's not true, please let me know!) Just right-click the Download link to grab it up.

Update 4/8/2010


So, I'm pretty excited - they totally played the song at the end of the show today!

If you're interested in checking out the podcast at all, I certainly recommend it (the podcast in general, that is) and you can grab my featured episode right here. (It's an mp3; just right-click to save.)

Ryan Clements gives the song a great little intro at 1:20:27 with shout-outs to both Tori and me. :D

Pretty pumped. Pretty pumped.
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also are you the guy who did the world is saved?
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Sure am. :) And Beyond!
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I totally second what ~Shannen483 said. :la: Well done! :D it's awesome. :D
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Thank you! :D You're awesome.
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Thank you, but it's your piece that's awesome. =P
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Wow. I have no idea what you're talking about in the comments, y'know about podcasts and stuff, but whatever. I love this :dummy: I really do.
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You're awesome - thank you so much for the comment and compliment! Really made my morning. :aww:

If you're interested in checking out the podcast, I just updated the deviation with a link to the episode in which my song got featured. :D It's a fun group of guys talking about mostly Playstation stuff, but games in general, too.
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N'aww you're very welcome :hug:

I'll check it out when I get the time, sounds good :D
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I may be foreign to Beyond, and I may not be a great fan of "Live Like We're Dying," but this is pretty much awesome. So that's you singing on the track and all of the lyrics are yours? (Sorry for the incredulous questions, I'm just frozen in ":ohnoes: DAMN, I hear TALENT" mode.)
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Aww, you flatter me. ^^; Actually, my dear Tori had done some recording for it, too, but due to availability and my own sloppy creative process I had to roll over her tracks with some new lyrics. I've promised her that I'll get her in song next, though. :) I'm thinking Paparazzi could be a good fit for her voice...

And while I do enjoy the song enough, "Live Like We're Dying" isn't really at the top of my favorites list, either. However, it lends itself well to my lack of guitar-playing ability as well as general vocal range. Plus, it's always better to parody a song with a lot of lyrics. :D

Many thanks for the kudos!
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