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Arbitrary Deflect

Part of the "Stuff Nerds Love" Magic: The Gathering parody card series. If you enjoyed this one, please be sure to check out the rest!

Source of original image: Google Images

Star Fox and everything about it is copyright Nintendo
Magic: The Gathering is copyright Wizards of the Coast
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"Do a barrel roll!" made me snicker.

I just hope no one calls you out on so-called art theft or anything for using images that aren't explicitly yours. :hmm: If you read the fine print of dA policy, a disclaimer does not guarantee copyright protection.

But I wouldn't worry about it too much. I wouldn't want to put a damper on this project you're doing, anyway.
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I hoped it would. :aww:

Aah! Uhhh... Hmm... Well, shoot. Like, the thing is, this whole project is more just to have fun and make people laugh, not really show off my own art talents (although, there are a few cards that I put together my own art for, and 98% of the cards received some sort of enhancing/cleaning up/'stylistic congruency check' before landing). Do you think I should just not worry about it? There are a lot of fake Magic cards on dA...

Thank you for that heads-up, though. Maybe if I just source my images, that'll be okay. Like "Image Source: Google Images". Perhaps that would provide enough of a buffer. Properly cited material = not plagiarism, right?
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(Incoming rant!)

I understand completely. It's obvious that you have your own art skills and that you're not trying to use these images to make yourself look better. Like the Motivationals, it's innocent - you're using a combination of your own stuff and someone else's for fun and entertainment, not profit. And you know what? I honestly think Copyright Policies for the internet really need to be reconsidered, because there are a lot of problems and gray areas with what's free and what's not. Right now they don't measure a person's intent, and that changes the entire landscape of the thing. (There is some "Fair Use" clause that's been enacted, but even that is murky...)

Between you and me, out of all the problems on dA, using images sourced from Google etc are widespread, but overall minor, problems. Although I don't want dA turned into a Photobucket and want to preserve it as a place for original art, this problem will always be here, if only for the fact that no one reads all the fine print policy. I think it's possible and our right to educate our fellow dA users, but unrealistic to try to enforce things like this. Choose your priorities and pick your battles, you know. And again, this piece of art you have here in itself is just another form of creativity. It's not nearly as serious as actual Stolen Art.

So anyway, although technically citing material does not guarantee copyright protection, I doubt they're going to haul you off to prison for this, Danny. :aww: Just continue to cite your materials and you'll be okay. I never meant to discourage your current project, but I felt it was important for you to know all this anyway.
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Hey, man, that's awesome. I really appreciate the informative, almost-patriotic rant! :D

I am completely with you, by the way, on the whole Photobucket issue. In my own circle, that's sort of what Facebook is for, and I thought about whether these belonged more there than here before I started posting. (Really, by Facebook's standards, they don't belong there, either, but I digress.)

Yeah, I'm not terribly worried about law stuff. While it probably won't hold up a legal problem, for my own moral stuffs, I did my level best to find the actual copyright owners of the picture material and place that on the card itself under the "artist", and if there is an actual artist that I can find and link to (eg. if the picture is based off something found on DeviantART), that artist will certainly get a petition of permission before the piece hits the internet as well as a link on the piece itself.

Really, while I did spend a lot of time overall on the artwork of these cards (refining and such), virtually none of the visual stuff came from my own hand and - as such - it's hard to call it my own "art." However. I'm here to make people laugh, and a good chunk of these I find to be relatively funny. :aww: So there's the source of the madness.

(Not trying to justify or rebuttle or anything.. Just continuing the conversation. :))
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