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2-Player Co-op HQ album art

To listen to "2-Player Co-op (Player 2 Press Start)," hit up either YouTube or my Facebook artist page...
To download the song for a buck, hit up iTunes...

And, of course, be sure to catch IGN's Podcast Beyond every Thursday! (Or any one of IGN's other fine podcasts. :aww:)
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great song. BEYOND!
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i listened to it... and wow. absolutely awesome song.
Ok so I finally got on here to follow how awesome you've remained ;) I thought that you were awesome before but I'm so glad that you've been able to get this part of your life really moving! Keep it up, I'll be looking out for you! *hug* Congrats on your 2-Player Co-op song, it's great, as well as T-ori! Tell her congrats too! Miss you both!
tuanews's avatar
Awwww... :aww: Thanks! I'll be sure to let her know for you, but you should totally just drop her a call sometime. Oh - but do it after the 26th so you can congratulate her on finishing her NCLEX (nursing boards). She's studying like crazy for them right now.

Really awesome to hear from you (and on the phone yesterday, too!). I'll be sure to give you a call so we can chat it up! Miss you, too!
Pola-444's avatar
awww very cute =)
tuanews's avatar
:aww: Thanks!

If you didn't give the song a listen, yet, you should totally do that, too... ;P (It's even cuter...)
Pola-444's avatar
sorry for double posting. and I'm listening to the song too! I love the vocals. it's so adorable. :love: I had to explain the picture to my boyfriend who's a big gamer :|
Pola-444's avatar
awww very cute =)
SpinningStarshine's avatar
I hit up iTunes ASAP, because that is my PLACE (and I was just there buying, of all things, a traditional chinese music album :XD: ), and there it is. There's your name.

Man, you are just, too cool. Listened to a 30 second clip, and I'd much prefer to hear your enviable voice without that synth-dub-ish stuff over it, but it's still very nice work. I might snag me a full version of the song.

And of course, congratulations. :heart:
tuanews's avatar
Thank you so much, Mara. Of course, you'd flatter me senseless... ^^; I really, really appreciate all the kind words you always offer.

I don't really know what else to say but thank you. You're an awesome person and a good friend. :thanks:
SpinningStarshine's avatar
:hug: Same to you! And really, it sounds like you're starting to make a name for yourself, and that's great. =) Me being about to step into my first year at college, I of course also hold the ambition of wanting to be "known", so it's always cool to know someone who is well on their way to that.
Dead-Pool3's avatar
That is a epic cover art idea
tuanews's avatar
lol. Thanks, man! :D I think it turned out real nice, too! :aww:
banjoeskimo's avatar
Hilarious. I can't believe you got featured on IGN! Well done, dude!
tuanews's avatar
Thanks, man! :D
tuanews's avatar
I really appreciate your saying so! Thanks so much for listening. :aww:
Hexdecagon's avatar
I've kept the tab open because I know a couple of people who will LOVE it but they're not online yet :D
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