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shitset : Oblivion

By tttroy
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so it's here. my horrible ball point pen scribbles


1.mourning Lucien ;-;

2.WHODUNIT? 8D's obvious here. i don't like the fruit, it's bugging me's great to work under a vampire :3 i met high chancellor Ocato for the very first time, i'm visiting him quite often

6.seriously, he's so cute "s-s-sithis?" awwh, i want to know his name damn. also, he's my often victim when i need to drink some blood. 'coz it's the closest i can get with him llD

7.i always forgot that Haskill is my wise advisor and asked mr.Google first. soreeh Haskill D;

8.we will cross the sky in flyboat! 8D believe it! (quest 'work is never done' )

9.make your very own stairs to heaven~ . seriously, i like that bug. thanks to it i know how it looks like over the walls of Cloud Ruler Temple. i've stolen hundreds brushes.. what the hell am i gonna do with them? maybe i could put some guard into a brush "cage" 8D
also, featuring that crazy bugloving sheogorath's follower

ask, if you can't read something
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the-exiled-muse's avatar
7. Haskill, I thought you had so many duties to attend to. You did say to use my summoning ability sparingly.
Kokisa's avatar
5 sounds a bit familiar ^^
TheCorpseBrideEmily's avatar
Ah do not worry about Haskill-He's just mad about Those pictures  Google has of him.
wildhorses101's avatar
lol. I love how that follower of yours is just cowering with the words "pleasedon'tkillme" X'D that made my day! X'D
KindCritic's avatar
Maybe 8 would work better if he used paintbrushes instead...
I've done #5, mostly out of curiosity. 
PinchOfPeppers's avatar
I cried when Lucien died! I was bummed the whole week!
ReplicatorFifth's avatar
thats what I did first time I ran the Dark Brotherhood quest line...;.; RIP Lucien
xX8Death-Kitten8Xx's avatar
I me Chancellor Ocato the same way!!! XD I wanted to see if I could withstand the fall...I could.
DarthIonis010's avatar
i did two and ive always loved that "lowly murderer" so cute :D
allikat2577's avatar
my god.. i cant tell you how sad it made me during number one, and number two was hilarious! ultimate murderer....
VampireHunterAmanda's avatar
I love this! My only Khajiit to date was also in the Dark Brotherhood, yet was conent to merely exist as a scribe and simple assassin....he would approve of your Listener.

The panel with Ocato killed me. XD
TheSilentArtist2225's avatar
you find out their real names when the night mother tells you about the new recruits at the bravil statue, you have to really listen closely or put subtitles on to hear her but i think his name was dometus or something along those lines. i'll find out properly
tttroy's avatar
oh god why haven't anybody told me that before, aw, and i uninstalled the game few days ago.. D:
TheSilentArtist2225's avatar
then i'll definately find out his name for you since im almost up to that bit xD and how could you uninstall it? D:
tttroy's avatar
how? well, i could name you all the games i needed to make a room for llD
gloriagoodbye's avatar
rofl! totally did number five and died like three times before I managed it XD these are great!
Evieebunl25's avatar
I love this!!XD
0oPerson's avatar
This is downright hilarious.
And is now in my favorites. :D
Esherymack's avatar
omg, the last time i jumped into the Elder Council room....i landed in the middle of that gigantor table that they have...and it was something along the lines of "*falling falling falling falling falling falling falling* SPLAT!"
LauroraG12's avatar
I always would try to talk to him just before I hit the ground :) it was delaying the inevitable really.
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