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SP: bad influence

By tttroy
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yes yes, some of the bad guys from south park llD
i know that only one of them was officially labeled a bad influence but whatever.

Craig-official bad influence.. for some reason.. all the bad he does is flipping people off? ((:l

Kenny- pervy white-trash boy who gets high whenever he's got a chance : D

Christophe- well, d'uh. wacky kiddo with shady past probably? also, you cannot trust the french

Damien- Satan's son, nuff said

Cartman- racistic, antisemitic, money and self-loving asswipe. everybody knows what i'm talking about


maybe i like the pencil sketch better. it looks more.. crowded and filled, oh well. also the pencil shading got kinda blended in but nevermind. it gots BARVIŠKY
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im french and pepole trust me..but great pic :)
this-is-an-outrage's avatar
Absolutely love it. Most of these are my fav characters anyway. I've always been drawn to the "bad" ones.
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The colors are awesome, I must say.
DramatisEcho's avatar
woot Kenny haha... nuthin' wrong with a little Mary-Jane. I'm surprised he can afford it.
Well done again
tttroy's avatar
maybe he grew it by himself? we've got a full attic of this home-grown stuff llD
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this is incredible!! probably the best SouthPark fan art i've ever seen, and definitely my favorite!!
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Who's Damien and Christophe? I can't find them in any of the episodes. D:

Also, love how Kenny looks with his little weed baggie <3
tttroy's avatar
you have't seen the movie? bigger longer uncut? Christophe was there : D
and Damien is from episode.. Damien. From first season so it's quite old indeed
guzguz93's avatar
i love it!! :love:
i have to fav :iconkermityayplz:
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I love the way you drew this <3
I adore the way Kenny and Damien came out ^.^
I really like the expression on Damien's face
tis lolsome
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I love this, because I don't think I've seen anybody draw the bad boys of South Park yet, it's a cool idea. Great idea and excellent execution, your style makes n fantastic.
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any reason cartmans dressed like hitler?
tttroy's avatar
well, maaaaybe.. --> [link]
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Craig may do other delinquent things we don't know about. Also, I think the reason he is considered a bad influence is because he has absolutely no respect for authority and isn't afraid to show it. Cartman's a psychopath, but he goes all innocent in front of adults. Craig, on the other hand, wears his "bad" attitude on his sleeve and so he's the one parents see being a bad influence.

Also, great pic
tttroy's avatar
i know i knooow. i just wish i knew what kind of other deliquent things he might be doing ll3
Pheasanttail's avatar
True, true. Arson, maybe? Just a suggestion
tttroy's avatar
hmmm *thinks*
that sounds too much exciting for Craig, i guess..
Pheasanttail's avatar
He not even notice that, seeing as he's so indifferent

I guess it's mostly because of his general attitude. I mean, imagine being a kindergarten teacher and having a five-year-old flip you off on the first
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LOL... this just about makes me want to actually watch South Park. XD
tttroy's avatar

oh you do it, it's totally worth your time (x
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Oh wait...took me a while to realize it's south park 8DD haha, thats pretty cool. I like the colours X)
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a furt a furt mi nesedí krtkova hlava,ale jinak kenny ten se mi tam líbí ze všech nejvíc a dokonce tušim co má v tom pytlíčku :D
tttroy's avatar
tušíš? to máš VĚDĚT
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