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How I met the Powerpuff Girls
I looked into the mail one day, and I saw that Professor Utonium sent it. It said....
To whoever reads this, I have an important business trip to go on, and I can't find anyone to take care of my precious girls. Can you help me? Thanks!
"Wait a second," I thought. "I'm gonna be taking care of the Powerpuff Girls?"
I was shocked. I immediately packed my bags and set off for Townsville.
Narrator: The city of Townsville, a quiet and peaceful place to live. And we find young Jesse about to....
Shut up narrator!
Narrator: Sorry...
I'm at the house where the professor lives. I ring the doorbell and wait for someone to answer. No one does. I open the door, and someone drags me inside and tries to beat me up, but I block her.
Buttercup: What are you doing here?!
Me: I've come to take care of you. I'm Jesse.
Buttercup continues to beat me up, her sisters try to restrain her.
Blossom: Sorry about Buttercup. She always does that when there's a visitor.
Me: That's ok. I'm new here anyway. I'm....
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Edward Helps his Sons
Bill and Ben are twins who are struggling to focus in school. They play pranks on the other students and teachers. Edward is their dad. Celine is their mom. And this is the story on how Bill and Ben's grades improve with the help of Edward.
Edward was just sitting on the couch, reading some big book. He then got his mail. It was his sons' report cards.
Edward: I really hope they did well.
He opened them and saw the grades. They were C's, D's, and F's. On the bottom was a comment from Sir Topham "Fatty" Hatt that said, "Bill and Ben are doing terrible in school and keep failing. The only good thing is that they didn't make fun of my wife."
Edward: What??
He was so shocked that all he could do was cry. Celine came over to him.
Celine: (hugs Edward) What's wrong, sweetie?
Edward: Our sons failed.
Celine: I think you can help them fix it. After all, you're very smart.
Edward: Ok.
When Bill and Ben came home, they were arguing as usual.
Bill: It was your fault that Thomas stopped us.
Ben: Y
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Edward's Girlfriend
It was recess time at school. Thomas and Emily were of course making out, James was chasing Percy, Toby was of course hiding from Mavis, and Edward was inside. Edward was inside? Oh, he was. He was trying to do chemistry.
Edward: (takes two flasks) This should work.
He pours them together. Instead of making another color, the mixture explodes. No one was hurt, but Edward's face was dirty and his hair was frizzy.
Edward: Maybe chemistry isn't my thing. I hope math will be easier.
A few moments later.... (SpongeBob)
Edward went up to the chalkboard and read the problem.
Edward: 2/6 + 1/6 times 5 to the 2nd power! Easy!
In less than one minute, he finishes.
Edward: The answer is 28!! I'm the smartest man alive!!!!
Voice: That's wrong.
Edward: Huh?
Edward sees a very beautiful girl with red hair, a rainbow colored shirt, blue eyes, and the same type of glasses as him. Edward is mesmerized.
Girl: The answer was 12.5.
Edward: Oh ok. (blushes) Thanks, whoever you are.
Girl: I'm Celine. I'm ne
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James!: The Video Game
As usual, James was looking in his mirror to brag about how handsome he looked.
James: You're the best. You have a beautiful girl and an amazing future.
All of a sudden, a white flash of light came in. It started sucking James in.
James: (screaming) MOMMY!!!!!
He gets teleported and he's in pixel form.
James: Where the hell am I?
He looks up. Big words are in the sky. And a loud voice talks.
Voice: Welcome, James. You are in your own video game. You have to rescue Princess Molly, she's locked in King D10's castle. D10 has been beaten by Thomas before, but it's up to you to rescue Molly and kill D10.
James: So it's like Mario? Easy! I'm coming, babe!
Voice: STOP JAMES! I forgot to tell you the rules.
James: (groans)
Voice: You'll have to get to the 10th level to beat the boss and win the game and a cash prize of $1 million.
James: Boo-yah!
Voice: But it's not easy! You get only 3 lives. Collect coins along the way and beat enemies. Get 100 coins or a #5, that's an extra life. Get a game
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I Can't See!
The sun was out, and Edward Stewart felt prepared. He had been studying for the SATs, and he's still reading while riding his bike.
Edward: I'll pass like a boss. I'm the only one who will! (chuckles)
When all of a sudden, Douglas is coming in his direction!
He puts on his brakes, but Edward still has his book and they both crash. Luckily no one was hurt, but....
Douglas: I could care less. (walks away)
A few minutes later.....
Edward arrived at school, feeling embarrassed. Thomas and Emily noticed him.
Thomas: What happened to you?
Emily: Where are your glasses?
Edward: Bike accident with Douglas. My glasses are broken. I can't see!
Thomas: How many fingers am I holding? (holds up 3 fingers)
Edward: 21? (Vine voice)
Emily: You poor thing!
Edward: (to himself) I gotta pass this test! But I'm almost blind!
Fatty: Clear your desks. It's time to take the SATs. Answer each question showing your work and
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Emily's Fairytale Adventure
It was raining like hell. 15 year old Emily Stirling was coming home from school by herself because her boyfriend Thomas was visiting his grandpa in the hospital.
Emily: I hope I can get home or my parents will kill me.
She's almost home. But then, very large hailstones pelt at her.
Emily: Ow!
More hailstones hit her and she almost gets hit by lightning. Emily gets hit unconscious.
In another world....
Emily is in a small cottage. She's wearing a blue dress and has blonde hair.
Emily: Where am I? Ooohh. I'm Goldilocks. I'm in a fairytale!
She walks over to a table. Instead of porridge, the bears actually left pizza.
Emily: This is messed up. It's only a dream.
She eats the first pizza.
Emily: (screams) GOD, IT'S HOT!
She eats the next one.
Emily: Did this person put this in the freezer!? It's too cold!
Finally, she eats the last one.
Emily: This is better!
She ate it all before she went into the living room.
Emily: This is actually fun!
Emily finds a West Side Story VHS. She puts it on
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When James and Molly Met
Yes, it was yet another boring day of school. As usual, Thomas and Emily were making out, Edward was reading a big book, Henry, Gordon and James were making paper airplanes. Fatty ends the funfest.
Nobody shut up, for the first time.
No one listened. Fatty then took a gun and fired it at the wall. That got the students' attention. The bullet hit the wall and crashed. Luckily no one was hurt. Fatty had a new student with him. Actually two new students. One was a girl with blonde hair. The other was a boy with long hair and was very muscular.
Fatty: Meet Molly and Murdoch Hart. They came from Houston TX.
Immediately, all the boys, except Thomas who was busy making out with Emily, started going crazy.
James: (wolf whistle)
Henry: Whoa momma!
Gordon: Babe.....
Fatty: Molly, please sit next to James. M
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How I Actually Met Emily
It all started at school.....
I hear screaming. That Diesel guy's up to no good at all.
Me: What the hell?!
I see Diesel, Arry and Bert trying to hurt a girl I didn't know. I'm gonna stop.
Girl: Leave me alone!!
Diesel: Will you go out with me?
Girl: NO!!
Diesel: Guys, get her!
Arry and Bert lunge for the girl, but I sprint really fast and kick the twins in the chest.
Diesel: You're not gonna beat me, little Thomas!
Me: We'll see about that, Diesel!
He tried to punch me, but I grab his fist and flip him. I finish it off with a kick to the head. I see the girl. She's so beautiful. She had black hair and a gold headband. She had gold heart shaped earrings and her shirt was sparkling. It was green which matched her shoes, hair, and eyes.
Me: Hey.
Girl: Hi, you fought bravely.
Me: Oh thanks. They were just some bullies. Are you ok?
Girl: Yeah. Thanks for asking. What's your name?
Me: I'm Thomas.
Girl: That's nice. I'm Emily. I moved here (NYC) from London.
Me: You don't have a Br
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Godred's Ghost
It was evening on the island of Sodor. The engines were finishing their work. But Sir Topham Hatt had a job for Sodor's most popular couple.
Hatt: Thomas and Emily, you are to go to the smelters yard to get scrap.
Thomas: Yes sir!
Emily: You can count on us!
Percy: But I heard that Godred's ghost is there. Be careful!
Emily: Percy, just because we've been scared by Arry and Bert doesn't mean we're gonna be spooked by a mountain engine's ghost.
Thomas: Exactly.
The two engines puffed to the yard.
Emily: Percy's such a baby.
Thomas: Yeah. He'd bee crying if he was coming.
Emily: (giggles)
When they arrived, they already collected the scrap.
Thomas: Too easy!
Emily: Thank God Percy isn't here.
Suddenly, they heard a horrible noise.
Thomas: What was that?
Emily: It's nothing, honey. (laughs)
Thomas thought Emily had a pretty laugh. That was interrupted by the horrible ghost noise.
Emily: Ok, that was a ghost!
Thomas: Percy WAS right!
Then, they saw the ghost! It had 6 small wheels and a st
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Rosie's Story
Howdy! My name's Rosie! It's really nice to meet ya! So this is my story and how I meet Thomas before he met that stupid Emily.
To begin with, I saw a boy with spiky blue hair and a blue shirt. He looked very handsome! I was gonna go to him.
Rosie: Howdy!
Thomas: (screams)
He screamed! It's very cute!
Thomas: Who are you?! And why did you stalk me?
Rosie: Well, I'm new here and my name's Rosie! You're very cute.
Thomas: And I'm very gay. LEAVE ME ALONE!!! (runs away)
Yee-Ha!!!! He likes me!!!! I love him too. I just gotta know his name. Well, I'll just have to wait 'til tomorrow.
The next day.....
I'm at school, and I see the cute boy again! I should ask him what his name is.
Rosie: Hey.
Thomas: What?
Rosie: What's your name? I really wanna know you.
Thomas: Thomas. Will you please leave me alone!???!?
Rosie: (kisses Thomas' cheek)
I kissed him!!!!! Oh my god this is beautiful!! Yeeeeee-haaaaaaa!!!!!
I see him again! I'm gonna tell him I love him!
Thomas: Rosie. I wanna te
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Stepney on Wheel of Fortune
*from his point of view*
When I stepped in the studio, I was as nervous as hell. Round 1 was fine. I solved the puzzle and got the million dollar wedge. Round 2, I hit the jackpot. Round 3 I got $10,000 from the mystery space. Round 4, I solved the last puzzle. Let's continue from there....
Host: Well, Stepney. You solved that puzzle and had $6,000 that round, you're going to the bonus round with $34,450!!
Stepney: YES!!!!!
Ok. It's time for the bonus round. My mom, dad, and little sisters are in the audience. If I upset them and miss out on the million, I'm dead meat.
Host: Stepney, you're our big winner with $34,450 cash and prizes! I believe you have some support in the audience?
Stepney: Yeah, I have my mom Sarah, my dad Bob, my 14 year old sister May, and my 9 year old sister, Annemarie.
Host: I can tell they're rooting for you. Here's how it works, we replaced the $100,000 envelope with $1 million. Land on the space with it, solve the puzzle, win a million dollars!! Spi
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Emily's Pregnancy: from beginning to birth
Thomas was watching the UEFA Europa League because Manchester United was in. He then saw Emily, his new wife.
Thomas: Hey, babe.
Emily: Hi!
Thomas: Wanna watch UEFA Europa League with me?
Emily: Ok, but I need to go to the bathroom.
She went and took something from her pocket. It was a pregnancy test.
Emily: (thinking) I hope I'm pregnant.
A few moments later......
Emily burst out of the bathroom screaming.
Emily: I'm pregnant!!!!
Thomas: What?!
Emily: Yes, I'm pregnant!
Thomas couldn't believe it! He just ran out and slid on his knees.
4 months later...
One day when the two woke up....
Emily: Oohhh... I don't feel so good.
Thomas: What's wrong?
Emily: I think it's..... it's morning sickness... (runs to the bathroom)
Eventually...... she was throwing up for like a minute or two. The next day, Emily went to get an ultrasound on the baby. The doctor was Edward, but he wasn't in. Instead, it was Stepney.
Thomas: Dude, what are doi
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Before The Marriage
It was Valentine's Day on Sodor. As school started, a huge crowd cheered as the most famous couple, Thomas Johnson Jr. and Emily Stiring came.
James: Should've been me.
Molly: We're a good couple, too, babe. (hugs James)
Thomas: Happy Valentine's Day, baby.
Emily: You too, honey.
However, some other girl, which was Rosie, had other plans...
Rosie: Those two think they're the best couple in the school. I'll get you, Thomas, and I'll kill you, Emily! Hahahaha!!!
At class, Fatty had an announcement to make.
Fatty: I have something to say (James and Molly stop kissing). Tonight, there will be a Valentine's Day dance at 7. Dress your best and I'll be there (if there's a million pizzas)
All of the kids cheered. After school, Thomas and Emily met up.
Thomas and Emily at the same time: Do you want to go with me to the dance? Yeah! I'll  go with you. Met you at 6.
6 o'clock.....
When they met, they were both stunned at each other's clothes. Thomas was wearing a blue suit and tie which matc
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Percy on Wheel of Fortune
Well, those were long commercials. It's time for round 4. I'm nervous 'cause I'm in first place with $17,500 in all cash. Thomas is the host and Emily is the hostess, worst of all.
Thomas: We're back. $5,000 is the top dollar value of this round. The category is Phrase...
(bell rings)
Percy: (thinks) Oh no.
Thomas: That sound means time's almost up. I'll give the wheel a final spin. I'll ask you to give me a letter in the puzzle, and you'll have 3 seconds to solve. Vowels get you nothing, consonants are....
(audience cheers)
Percy: (to himself) Jesus!
Thomas: $5000 added to $1000, consonants are worth $6000. Again the category is Phrase, and Percy give us a letter.
Percy: L?
Thomas: One L. You'll have 3 seconds.
Percy: I've got a good feeling about this?
Percy: (points to God)
Thomas: A 1-letter solve! Impressive! $6000 that round, you're the big winner with $23,500 and you'll go to the bonus round!!
Percy: Oh my god...
Thomas: To the other player
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The Marriage
It was Valentine's day on Sodor. Thomas and his girlfriend Emily were hanging out.
Thomas: You remember when I proposed to you?
Emily: (giggles) Yes, baby. I do.
Thomas: Well, I feel like getting married tonight. To you, because you are still the most beautiful girl in the world.
Emily: (gasps) Really??
Thomas: No other boys say that.
Emily: I love you!!
So they kissed for a long time. A few hours later, Thomas told his friends.
Thomas: No.
Duck: I hate you.
Thomas: I hate your mom.
Crowd: OOOOHHHHH!!!!!!!
Thomas: Percy's my best man.
Percy: Yes!
James: I thought I wad getting married to Emily.
James: What am I supposed to do?
Thomas: The ring bearer.
James: Come on, I'm too old.
Thomas: Too late.
James: Can I at least say the toast?
Thomas: NO.
Then, Emily told her friends.
Emily: I'm getting married!
Rosie: To who?
Emily: Thomas!
Mavis: I'm taking Toby with me!!
Emily: Well, you're the flower girl.
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Celebrity Jeopardy!
(Jeopardy theme song plays)
Thomas: Welcome back to Celebrity Jeopardy. Let's check the scores. In first place, we have Gumball with -$6200.
Gumball: I rule!!
Thomas: In second place, we have Johnny Bravo, who will not stop flexing and staring at his mirror, with -$322,100.
Johnny: Wanna date, Trebek?
Thomas: I'M A MAN, U STUPID LOSER!! And finally, in last place, it's Ed with -$999,999,999.
Ed: I love buttered toast!!
Thomas: We have such dumb contestants. Ok, on to Double Jeopardy. The categories are, Math, Movies, Sports, Science, Books, and Famous Soccer players. Ed, since you're losing your mind, pick first.
Ed: I want buttered toast for $200!
(Audience laughs)
Thomas: You're so stupid Ed! Since you are so dumb, I'll pick. Let's do Famous Soccer Players for $600. The answer is, He was sent home for doping and being tested positive for drugs.
(phone sound)
Thomas: Gumball?
Gumball: Ummm, ur mom?
(buzzer sound)
Thomas: That's wrong 👎!!!!! Why are you people so idiotic?! I'm
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I'm gonna make new stories soon, maybe humanized Thomas or the train version of Thomas, only funnier with more crashes. If you have any story requests tell me! 😃


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