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Tapered Fingers for Feminine Hands

Wed Nov 8, 2017, 2:05 AM

Tapered fingers: Pygmalean ideal?

Or, just some fetish of mine?

My memory insists that, in the course of my life,
at least four times have I met a girl
—whom I found extremely attractive!—
with fingers more tapered than any that I find
by searching photographs with keywords like
Thai or Balinese, hands or fingers or dancers,
but, here is a nice example:

Thai hands of Kun Fatpenquin
Exhibit A:   Dancing hands of Kun Fatpenquin photographed by Kae Burke.
[Thank you; thank you.]

Idealized hands with pointy fingers, you can find on palmistry sites,
where they are referred to as “psychic”: e.g.
  the Psychic Hand [is an] extreme version of the conic hand.

To quantify taper: how?

There are two ways I can think of for measuring the degree of taper.
  • One, is a ratio of widths: e.g. 2nd and 3rd joints,
    on index or on middle finger, across.
  • Another, is to measure the tapering angle.
After hours of searching among online photographs, what I find is that
  • width ratios of knuckle 2 over knuckle 3 do not go beyond 1.3;
  • angles seem to cluster around 7º, or, exceptionally, as high as 9º.
For example, from Wikimedia Commons, I get this here Mid2/Mid3 ratio of 1.29, and a tapering angle of 9º :     Tapered fingers, from Wikipedia. Remarkably, you are more likely to find long and tapered fingers amongst the most branch-swinging of monkeys:     Young spider monkey, showing long tapered fingers and almond-shaped nails. Which suits me just fine, since the humanoids I’m thinking of, grab rope. A lot. Take a look at this one-diagram summary of hands, across all primates. Hand of Victoria 4.2 Here is the default hand of Victoria 4.2 by DAZ:     Surprisingly ugly for a wannabe glamour puss, don’t you think? [After decades of refinement, I mean, by professional artists.] Other than tint, all I’ve done is pose her fingers a bit flatter than her standard “zero” pose. Her nails are at standard length. Next is the same hand, same pose, with Aiko4’s Tapered Fingers morph at 80% (any more than that, crosses from girlish to ghoulish, says I):     A better(?) option is Hands Smooth at 100%, from that same morph set:     Standard Hand of G2f G2f (Genesis 2, Female) at “zero” pose, holds her hands flat, so all I did here was tint, and slide her Long Nails morph to 40%:     Certainly better than default V4, but, what’s wrong with her pinky? And, those knuckles? Are we seeing the first signs of rheumatoid arthritis? G3f and beyond After G2f comes G3f, and, on that base, Victoria 7, portrayed as a vamp in her late twenties / early thirties. Of DAZ’s Victorias up to that point, I would agree that V7’s face is the most convincing and expressive; but, look at her fingers:     Are these, to you, irresistibly must-hold, must-kiss, caress? Or more like, kiss the dear granny? Fast forward to Genesis 8, with emphasis not on glamour, but on down-to-earth realism:     More of the same, right? To DAZ’s defense, I attest that Renaissance masters loved to portray prominent knuckles, unflattering bends —even on hands of graces, Aphrodite; Virgin Mary! Mona Lisa’s fingers look to me like Frankfurter sausages:     Mona Lisas’s hands         [Wikimedia Commons] Of course, if I look at my own fingers, with visible signs of arthritis, they could be likened to franks on the barbie! Contrast my dear cousin Matilde —first of the four ladies I had in mind in my opening sentence— whose spittin’ image was drawn by tigr3ss (thank you!):

example of attractive lady with feminine hands
Do we have essence of femininity here, or what!
She even has her index finger slightly longer than her ring finger,
as befits a feminine human hand.
Targeting virtual 3D dolls built to be attractive and convincing, commercial artists have created tons of morph- and pose- packages, of which a fair number focus on hands, yet I have yet to see a single promo image showing fingers resembling Matilde’s. But prithee, dear Reader, if you are female, and find that your hands do not resemble these here:     Human fingers considered excessively long: Aracnodactyly!         [Wikimedia Commons] breathe easy, for such fingers are long enough (and palms narrow enough) that medics classify them as a malformation, with a hideous label: Aracnodactyly!     [Otherwise known as Dolychodactyly: better, yes?] A bit much, even for me:

Humanoid fingers suitable for a frog
But: well done, and, befitting!
Conclusion? DAZ continues to release new bases and more down-to-earth Victorias. Meanwhile, Manuel Bastioni is upgrading his Lab, to impressive new heights; by the time he reaches version 1.8, his offerings will probably become irresistible to me, to the point that he may well wean me off of DAZ entirely. Until then, I’m sticking with G2f, in the following manner:
  1. Load a G2f base in DAZ Studio.
  2. Because I’ve been working on this for some time,
    said base loads with several Clone morphs, notably: V4
    (including some morphs from Aiko4), Kids (fourth generation, contemporary with V4); Genesis;
    plus two Uv sets, able to receive textures (some, converted) from V4 Elite and elsewhere.
    Also, I own a couple of morph packages for G2f, and the pre-teen Skyler for G2f,
    and, with all of them loaded, I start sliding them sliders until I ask DAZ Studio
    to Adjust rigging to shape.   [Blessed option: thank you!]
  3. At that point, I’m ready to bring in a DAZ Studio preset that instantly scales,
    and even slightly displaces, bones in the figure’s skeleton, including the 18 bones
    of each hand, so that, now, I have a character with what I consider to be
    more ideal female proportions, including tapered feminine fingers,
    ready to be further tweaked and then exported to Blender!
      [If this obsession of mine, with upfront and gracile femininity,
      comes across to you like male chauvinism,
      rest assured that it is actually, au contraire: autogynephilia!]
  4. Once in Blender, there is no turning back,
    but in the export process I make sure to carry over some morphs having to do with facial expressions.
    This can be achieved nowadays, with .fbx export/import. The morphs show up in Blender as shapekeys.
    The material settings carry over to Cycles nodes, either as part of the transfer process,
    or with the help of Casual Jacques’ excellent TéléBlender system.
  5. Of late I’m being seduced by the Pitchipoy Rig, version 0.5,
    which is horribly complex, but oh so powerful, so well integrated into Blender, and,
    because Blender developers have, in fact, committed to it, has become a de facto standard; plus,
    now Khalibloo is automating a translation from the various DAZ rigs to Pitchipoy 0.5, so,
    with that, I’m taking the plunge of trying to make a talk library for my own “anthro” characters.
Anyway; back to fingers, here is a sample of what I consider acceptable for my own young-looking females   [if you hover over the image, the hand moves]:

P.S. For real and lively women, I’m all in favor of long nails, especially if
they grow straight, or with a slight upwards curve (as opposed to claw-like),
and are cut to an ogival tip (as opposed to cross-cut).
They give an excellent opportunity for color and creative patterns (but never dark, please!);
statically, they impart a geometric illusion of the kind I’m advocating here,
but, more importantly, the hands on which long unbroken fingernails have grown,
such hands move in a manner so graceful that they are a joy to watch!

Of course, CG women don’t need to pretend, and for this reason I have held back on nail length in my CG examples!

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Avril 1 2015 by hubert61  ? Ah, oui; excellente référence:

quand on modèle, et essaye de mettre détails,
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Thanks. And Diplomatic Mission is a very old image, I never followed up on this one.
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Your human diplomat looks very appealing to me,
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That image of yours is almost a vignette;
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ttobserve Featured By Owner Edited Sep 26, 2017
Amen. My screen is 5120 pixels wide, so, what I did was to download
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and now theyre on my desktop!   :)

Anyway, do present your composition to the “Mashup Challenge”!
In fact, I think it deserves a DD !   :nod:

By the way, is the park itself CG also? Or, a photograph?   :nerd:
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ttobserve Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2017
The Park by JohnFitzSquirrel , yes!  Great composition.

What I find missing, in general, are your “author’s comments”
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E.g. the blonde girl looks very much like Daenerys Targaryen; is that intentional?   :hmm:
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