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The Birds

The Birds!
In fact, this was a bit scary. Alice was feeding the birds and they literally were swooping in all at once, occasionally touching her hair with their webbed feet. I was shooting pretty madly as I wasn't that far away. I have several frames of individual Gulls that really aren't that fabulous. I liked this one though, because it shows movement in the wings with a little bit of motion blur, but sharpness in the body and head area. :nod:

I really hope you all like it. :nod:
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FANTASTIC! Amazing shot :D I just hope you did not get pooped on... oh the risks of bird photography 
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Stunning and Happy birthday :ahoy:
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i think its so cool how the camera lens clearly captures the body of the birds but blurs the wings; gives it character and motion even though its a photo. ^^
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:rofl: Well to be technical about it, it's the shutter speed that does that, and the fact that the wings are moving faster than the body of the birds. But I catch your drift.... thanks! ;-)
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oh okay! ^^ im still pretty immature about all this photography stuff :) but anyway! ur welcome!! ^^
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That's okay... aren't you here to learn about this stuff? :XD:
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haha sort of i guess :D
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It looks like a scene from Hitchcock's Birds!:sprint:
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Felt like it when I was shooting it too! :rofl:
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Chips at 3 o'clock! *Dive*

But I really like this, your artists comments sum up what I like about it :D The movement in the wings slightly but clear faces and body
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Thanks so much! I appreciate your comments...
The eyes of the central bird are on you. it is going to get you next <g>
Good action shot!
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;-) Thanks so much!
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Beautiful shot... it's so hard catching birds in motion, but you did so awesomely. <3
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Thanks so much! I appreciate the view and the :+fav:!
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very nice capture !! :)
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This is such a great photo! The birds, the color, everything. Good job! I hope to catch pics like this someday.
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Thank you so much! I'm truly glad you like it!

All you need to shoot this type of shot is a bag of crackers! :rofl:
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ohh cool must have been awesome getting this shot in :D :w00t:
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