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+Favorite if you like these enough to Download. Thanks.
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11 Brushes

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---- These are NOT for commercial use, do NOT use them off, and not in anything you are gaining a profit on. These brushes are made by me, so please give me the respect of NOTIFYING ME of their use with a link to the work either by message or note. Any questions NOTE ME. If you are planning to make prints of your work I'd appreciate being asked first, I have not released this work for use in prints. Brushes like the wing brushes and lashes are my work and were made or drawn by me.
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grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr not doin this right
its here sorry about the muck up above
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mucked that up lol
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Child of the storm by ~redravern on deviantART
try again
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used here
href=""><img src="Image URL address" alt="child of the storm"
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thanks for the brushes i hope i will use them soon:)
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thanks again -> [link] :heart:
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love them downloaded!
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:) glad you like them!
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Thank you for the lightening brushes. They were a lovely addition to this manip I done. [link]
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what i needed!
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