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Short Message Service: Often misinterpreted due to lack of face-to-face contact, SMS is a service for sending short, emotionless messages.

(Self portrait)
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Aug 27, 2005, 12:24:27 PM
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Really clever, engaging concept. I think you could have done a better job if you'd given more consideration to the typography however. Still, a great photo!
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Thank you. What do you think I should have done with the typography?
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I would have gone for a simple black sans-serif font - serif is associated with printed type, not digital.

Something a bit blocky would have been nice, but the main thing is the sans-serif. Center the text on two lines in the middle of the paper and it would have made the paper itself look a little better balanced, I think. That way the text would be replacing - in place - the facial expression.

Don't sweat those details too much though; type is a hard thing to use effectively - particularly when you're the artist not an outside observer. As I said, it's a great photo :)
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Ah yes, I see what you mean ;) Danke
LivinDArealWorld's avatar
that is a great concept :nod:
trishpacific's avatar
Haha, great piece, I love the message
yuppy64's avatar
I know the feeling.
MoonWolf14's avatar
Gorgeous, I love the concept!! :floating:
ttaanngg's avatar
Thank you MoonWolf
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tehjkunk's avatar
haha ha good work. hmm..whose behind teh piece of paper?
ttaanngg's avatar
Hehe thanks. Uh yea, that's me ;)
GrayDay's avatar
hehe, Again... great concept; you are a conceptual genius as far as I'm concerned! :clap:
ttaanngg's avatar
Aww thanks so much. My dad didn't particularly like this one though, hehe.
GrayDay's avatar
why didn't he like it?
ttaanngg's avatar
Dunno, he found it wierd
jaded-daisy's avatar
as i am reminded of everyday, but it IS very possible to make it interesting haha complete bullshit can be fun w/o face-to-face contact
purpleplatyduck's avatar
bahaha...that's awesome. And sadly, very true. :-)
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DalaiHarma's avatar
Excellent, very emotive [ironically!] ;)
ttaanngg's avatar
:lol: hehe, thanks!
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