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ZeeD :Translated:

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**Minor update**

ZeeD List Menu 100% Translated
Corrected Translation (Zoom to Rate with Rate column translated for ZeeD Lists)

This is it folks, at least, this is as much as I can get done =D

I'd say it's around 85% translated, certainly enough for you to enjoy! To follow will be a list of changes and following that. . .what's left and some notes.

- Minor changes in the general menu for readabilty.
- General menu is 100% translated.
- To be clear 'Mihiraki' mode is now referred to as 'Comic Book' Mode
- Removed "Mihiraki Mode" from Menu Bar (Felt it was messy.) To distinguish what mode you're using only normal mode has the "Edit" menu.
- The majority of 'ZeeD Lists' has been translated.
- Minor translation in Comic Book options 'Mouse Click to turn page'

What's Left?
- General Options, there are four options here I can't work out.
- Options tabs, I can't work out how to change them however they are General, Normal Mode and Comic Book Mode.
- Second group of options in the latter two tabs.
- In the 'ZeeD Lists' Tools menu there's an option I can't workout.
- 'ZeeD Lists' Find and Replace tools aren't complete, the basic functions are there, just some additional options missing.
- 'ZeeD Lists' Options contain Column controls (Add/Remove and Rename), I'm unable to find where the list of columns comes from and so off the bat they're gibberish. You can rename them however and if you save the list the columns will remain as you named them. Also, I've no clue what the majority are anyway.
- Switched to an Arial font for options, and anything that has a pop up window really.


There's a saved list containing the basic column chages 'Title' and 'Location' I also added the View Count and translated 'Last Modified'. Just use it as the base for any lists you do make, and if you update anymore columns feel free to share with the rest of us =D

The other columns can actually be anything you want them to be, as you put in the information yourself while editing items.

The missing option when right clicking an item in 'ZeeD Lists' is the same as the missing option in it's Tools menu (If you figure it out give me a shout <3)

The 'About' function in 'ZeeD Lists' tells you how many items are in the list and which item is selected (I can't seem to find where this is to edit it).

Also in 'ZeeD Lists' if you choose to edit multiple items be aware it will edit every item exactly the same. However, you can select multiple items and then choose Edit>Item so where you can edit one and as soon as you click ok the second will automatically load for editing.

Open Target will open either the target folder or the image depending on which the item is. Hence it's just 'Open Target'.

Rotate/Flip now has 'Rotate. . .(CB)' this is the option for Comic Book mode (I'm thinking of just removing the additional rotation options depending on mode).

In the options, if you choose the normal or comic book tabs and look at the unknown options. . .if you select the option below 'Windows' and then change the third drop down menu to one of the bottom two options it seems to really smooth out and clean the image (Although I'm still not sure what the hell it all is).

If you select the Mouse Click to turn page option for Comic Book Mode, left clicking will show the next page, and right clicking will show the previous page.

Thanks to Flass for finding/uploading ZeeD and Kingee for starting us off with the translating (and the Llama Badge ;D).
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ninryuHobbyist Digital Artist
Can you make it display sub-folders too?
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dafmat71Hobbyist Interface Designer
Hi, it seems that to have it in "open with", we must rename Preview.exe p.ex!!
TT-DEATHSCYTHE-666's avatar
It appears in "open with" for me as it is. I'm not sure why you had to rename it apologies but as long as you get it working! =)
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dafmat71Hobbyist Interface Designer
dunno, maybe cause i opened it from another folder before!!
But i use Simpview now!! ;)
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great work,man
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YoungEaEProfessional Interface Designer
Nicely done :thumbsup: for that :icongreengrinplz:
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Superb job on the translation, bro. Just got one problem. Whenever I open a large image the app doesn't size it to the correct size. Zeed keeps opening in that small window size and I can't seem to fix it. This also happens when I right click an image and use Zeed to view. This app is precisely what I need, but I can't seem to get it working properly. Please help.
TT-DEATHSCYTHE-666's avatar
Thank you =)

Go to Tools > Options and untick "Keep window size when switching modes" it would appear it doesn't just affect the size upon switching modes, I'll change the translation soon as I can.

Hope this helps, and I'm glad you like the program.
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Nm, figured it out.
emPUR3's avatar
appreciate the help. looks like it's working now, buddy!
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i love your version and i got a little question: do you know how to sort the files by date created, zeed always shows them sorted by file name what's a little annoying. would be great if you know this option. then it would be the perfect image viewer (for me) thanks ;)
TT-DEATHSCYTHE-666's avatar
Thank you!

In answer to your question, unfortunately not, heh.
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hahaha...ok, anyway, good work, i love it :nod:
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Sathrark General Artist
thank you! very appreciated!
TT-DEATHSCYTHE-666's avatar
You're very welcome! =)
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bubble-qummHobbyist Digital Artist
idk how long ive been wanting this !! lol .. this is great .. thanks alot
TT-DEATHSCYTHE-666's avatar
You're welcome, do enjoy =3

Well, the update once you download it that is xD
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Thank you very much :) Love the program.
TT-DEATHSCYTHE-666's avatar
You're very welcome =)
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PLyczkowskiProfessional Digital Artist
You could ask ~jqubit for persmission to use his image icon -> [link]
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PLyczkowskiProfessional Digital Artist
BTW, how did you change the icon? With external software, like IconChanger?
TT-DEATHSCYTHE-666's avatar
First off, my apologies for not replying. I've been very busy and unable to get on!

I changed the icon with ResHacker, it's a really great tool.

jqubit's set looks fantastic and if I can get permission I will certainly use his =D I also have the original icon now and was thinking of using it (I just don't think it looks to appealing).

Thank you for the extra help, I'll get on with translating the third tool now, the tabs. . .I couldn't find out how to edit them (I wasn't tinkering too much with the program when I originally started) but I'll try and figure it out.

Again, sorry for the lateness of my reply!
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