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should be a couple of days, tops
Got distracted trying to make music. Sorry, still here!
I know I vanished for like a month and a half but i'm STILL HERE. Just a couple things came up, among which were a couple commissions which took me way longer than they should've. I am just finishing the pencils for the next page now.

Still here.
honestly, for a long time, I INTENDED to just quit the comic and tell you all how it was meant to end, like i said I would. logically, i did not have time to keep working on it. But whenever I started trying to create the "this is how it was supposed to end" document, I would get really bummed out, because it reminded me how much I WANTED to actually just tell the story. So I'd waffle, back and forth, on and off.

I am currently out of a job.

If I updated this comic once a week, EVERY week, would any of you be willing to donate a very small amount via patreon?  I am not a core member, and thus I cannot make an actual deviantart poll, so here is a poor man's e-poll courtesy of the fine people at
sorry! still here. still got the comic page about half-done, but i wasn't happy with how it was coming out so i think i need to redraw a couple parts of it. in the meantime i have been working on something unrelated to ponies which i will show you here if i can finish it.
back in canada!

currently streaming work on the next page via, to celebrate-ish. see you there maybe :] stream cancelled due to hardware issues. :[  I can still paint, i just can't stream at the same time.
okay so i got slightly less drawing done in japan than i thought i would but i am going to finish the next page next week (god willing) or i will be forced to resign my status as a human being.

did a lot of cool stuff though! i'm glad i went.
sure celestia brings it up every morning in equestria, but neighhon is where she gets it from >:[]
very busy, but i brought my tablet with me and have about half a page done

god be with you all

The sun and the moon watch alone on the rooftop
the stars in their castle look down from above.
The moon begs 'redeem me or let me sleep quickly;
my heart is a shell, my soul weeps like a dove.'

The stars remain silent, their gaze ever scornful;
The sun and the moon look up from below.
The sun says 'our ending will not be their triumph,
our love is a prison they cannot outgrow.'

The stars deign that it is their pleasure to speak, then
and in chorus baleful, they all whisper 'hush,
you cannot deter us, distract or defer us
from our liberation and your final dusk.'

The sun says 'we did not aggress you nor grieve you—
the chains you revile were forged in your heart—
and if you destroy us, Their light will consume you
for, loosed from the lamp, light shatters the dark'

The sun and the moon watch alone on the rooftop
the stars in their castle have all turned away
the sun whispers 'sister, bear watch for my morning
and you may then sleep, come the break of the day'

sorry. not only do i have work vying for my attention, but i realized how long telling this story would take.

it's not that I have a problem with it taking a lot of work, but I suddenly realized how many other stories i want to tell, of my own. by the time I finish this story, it would be a couple years further on, and the stories I want to tell would be no closer to reaching the world.

I'm really sorry to disappoint you guys, but I've been spending most of my free time recently working on an original story that I hope to turn into a webcomic—that's why there haven't been any further updates.

Really sorry, again, but finishing friendship update would stall my own stories for years, and i gotta get them out or else i might very possibly explode.

I don't want to leave you guys hanging, so if you like, I can write up a summary of where the story was supposed to go, and post the few scraps of concept art I had kicking around.
i am not quitting this comic, but i am quitting the level of quality.

i did the comic in Extremely Fancy Art Mode because i hoped to attract people who would help me with it, so i could maintain the quality at a fast pace alongside real life work.

unfortunately, no help has been forthcoming.

to this end i will be continuing the comic but in a drastically cut-down level of quality so that i can keep working on other things without actually leaving the entire story rotting on the vine.

the prologue will end at the current art level, but starting with chapter one the whole thing will be pared down.
did you ever look
up into the sky
and wonder if there's
someone else tonight

who feels just like you
someone else on the run
running with a dream
always undone

Coming Home by TSWT

I'm in the middle of sorting out a bit of contract work I'm doing for someone. I should be back on track in a couple days, god willing, and on to chapter 1.
i got some critiques from some people and they were all generally very positive. i felt like clicking "this is fair" would be sort of self serving but then i realized that they would never get shown if i didnt. i didnt want the people who submitted them to think i hated them so i went back to look for them and now i cant find them any more. just wanted yall to know that i appreciate your sending me the stuff.

although in other news like. feel free to use the critique tool to really take apart the pages. i am happy that you guys like the comic so far but i also know im not perfect and if theres a chance i could learn something and improve along the way i would love to take it so i hope youll give me that chance.
don't let it break your heart

a hopeful transmission by TSWT
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neither is luna

depicting them this way is not

a) dramatic irony, because people use it as a sloppy shortcut to get straight to the evil and it is never well written.
b) an intellectual deconstruction, because it is comprehensively out of character and has never been voiced to fit their personality, or even been partially explained.
c) a fresh take, because it's been done a kasquillion times.

sincerely, some douchebag

P.S. the 'lunar empire' and the whole concept of 'over-throwing celestia' is a really weird idea, given that luna and celestia are joint rulers, best friends, sisters and also two people who love each other forever and have done so since, as far as anyone can tell, the world was born.
"You know I've been thinking: I cannot envision any circumstance in which I will ever have the opportunity to have a friend again. How's it going to happen? I just don't see how it could occur." — George 'TheInexplicableBrony' Costanza
EDIT: So like maybe I shouldn't have said all this and like okay if anyone from DHX Media ever finds their way to this crappy corner of the internet and reads this I'm sorry for being a titanic chumpstick and shooting my mouth all off. If there is one thing you shouldn't be on the internet though it's a coward so I ain't gonna take this blog entry down, I will just apologize like a MAN for getting so acid about it; I know you guys try your best over there.

DHX Media: Rarity was the first of her sort of character to not be a shallow, selfish, unlikeable whiner.

Lauren Faust's Rarity was refined, and artsy and fussy and vain and a bit hoity-toity, let's face it—a real Boston Blue-Blood. But she was kind and generous or at least tried very hard to be—even if she didn't always succeed, or gave from the wrong motivation—and she would on several occasions go against her very nature in order to help others. I guess Lauren Faust was trying to show that you can be super girly and not like dirt and like dresses and etiquette and formality and style things and STILL be a great friend and a nice person and not be some unlikeable prissy snob.

After Lauren Faust left, you started to undo all that. Good job.

some loser tool

no but seriously, I am just going to straight up ignore the majority of rarity's traits as the seasons progress and just offer those seasons the occasional nod in the way of plot development because apparently the writers at The Studio Formerly Named B won't dare preserve a positive character trait if they can sacrifice it in the name of a cheap gag.

Streaming ended for now I think. I'll potter on and off on the pages over the rest of today (almost done but did not quite finish all four; should be up later, god willing)

Thanks for showing up you guys, it really makes it less tedious to have people to talk to.