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Prologue: My World - Page 16

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Oh my.

This image.

Oh, the meteor fell in the Everfree Forest after all.

Immediately my vision was drawn to the object. Zoom in, observe it for any hints, any clues.
Six marks like six Elements. The shape is vaguely mask-like. Is it a head? Of a sculpture?
After a good minute of pondering I came to the obvious conclusion: it's there to tantalize us. It's a long time until we get to know what it's all about, a mystery. So, beyond observations I decided to give it a rest. I'd give a glimpse to the rest of the picture, pretty scenic backgrounds and move on.

So I did.
And only then I spotted Zecora.

Oh my. That was unexpected. Truly masterful use of focus and shadow to first draw my attention away from the "backgrounds" and then hit me on the head with them. I literally squealed from joy - Zecora is my third favorite pony (after the princesses), and introducing her here is bound to make the story awesome. Immediately, a conflict: "It's dangerous, don't touch it! No, she's wise, she knows what she's doing... I hope! Where, how would she learn this? I'd hate to see her fall the first victim of the newcomer! No, she's too smart for that. I'd hate you forever if you made her dumb enough to die now..."

And only then I spotted the little word cloud. "Luna."

Oh, Zecora knows this. That warm fuzzy feeling: everything's gonna be all right. Zecora and Luna. This will be awesome.

Look, you deserve five stars in all, Vision, Originality and Technique with this image. Wonderful work, disturbing vision (I do dislike the look of the "egg" - but I'm quite sure I'm supposed to dislike it.) But for Impact you deserve no less than six stars. That picture was the biggest WHOA of the last months for me.
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Is it just me, or is that an element of harmony in the middle? Looks a bit like the symbol asociated with the elements: A hexagon flanked by 5 (in this case 6) smaller symbols
Lucky you, Zecora. You get this rare and precious meteorite.

I mean, it's not like it's got any ill magic in it or anything.
It kind of looks like a face, really. It's an egg with a face, but it landed upside-down when it fell.
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yes, the suggestion that it has carries any supernatural malignancy with it is a laughable notion. it is a notion that is laughable to me. i laugh at the notion.
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looks kind of like the Stone Mask from JJBA
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where the hell did that come from?! its kinda creepy how she says luna!
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You went all-out right here.
It has an ethereal, Ghibli-type feel. I love it.
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A 7th element of harmony?
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WTF is this thing? Is it alien?!
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yes you have discovered the secret
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If it comes from outer space, doesn't look natural, and the world one lives on does not have any orbital capabilities to speak of, then it's most likely alien.
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well, at the end, is not "The Mark".
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yes exactly
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Now the question is - what does it do? Is it dangerous? And most importantly, how to destroy it if it is proven dangerous? What's its potential utility if it could be controlled regardless of danger?
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keep going and you will have the story cracked in no time!
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i need to read more all the other comics havent been updated for me to read im soo board please i must read more
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This has been pretty great so far!
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Is this the end of the prologue?
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