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Prologue: My World - Page 14

meteoroids and bolides are like yearling-school stuff for pegasi

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Meteors don't explode? Tell that to Tunguska and Chelyabinsk...
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twilight doesn't know as much about the sky as she likes to think, although in her (and my) defense, most meteors do just burn up instead of violently blowing apart.
Clock later. Shiny sky rocks now.
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No! NO Twi/Dash shipping in this comic!
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it's just the magic of friendship, bro.
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Raven: Well, it does make sense she'd know meteors. When you're working in the skies, you gotta know that sort of stuff.
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Rarity likes to watch...
*cracks self up*
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This is a beautiful piece so far. I really hope you will be able to finish it one day. The artwork is great, the story sounds interesting... and it makes me smile... That's what the cartoon used to do. It did made you laugh, but most importantly... it made you smile.

If you'd ever publish this as a book, I'd may be willing to buy it... if I could afford it.
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The Artwork on this is just speechless, I'm in a total utter loss of words.
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lol they're so close :3
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I actually had a fit finding this, and poof, I find it by mistake
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I would like to thank you to have written Rainbow Dash like still being playful but having knowledge in her own domain and not having contempt for the intellectual passion of Twilight.

The trope of the "friends hate to learn thing and make a joke of the bookish girl" is saddening. MLP was great to have subvert that (for example in the episode with daring-doo, where ALL the friends of Rainbow dash are laughing immediately when she says books are uncool). In a time where so many are anti-intellectual, it's very welcome.
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She told you about clocks, Twilght. She told you, bro. She warned you, dog.
alo one broke!!!
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I know which one your talking about. It's the path of the broken off pieces that I don't like.
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a couple have done that already--that's just something big meteors do sometimes
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Rarity's side face and Twilight looking up... SO ADORABLE! Thank you for making this comic.
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Do I sense some twidash? Or just normal friendship?
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friendship is magic
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yes, and so is the thu'um in skyrim.
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I don't think that's normal behavior for a meteor.

(or maybe it is, hell I don't know :icontrixieshrugplz:)
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Your style is something I think I like.
Things I think you will like to note about what I notice about your style.
Big eyes, just slightly bigger than in the show. Also I think you draw your ears a bit larger too but it fits with the large eyes in my opinion.
Vary nice shading, seems natural and not lazy like you see in the show. Though I don't think the shows animators are lazy I think that it's just quicker to produce episodes when you don't have to do all that crazy shading.
Thin outlines, I like that you give them those thin outlines, it makes the characters feel more sharp.

One thing though. Is that cloudsdale peaking out of the right side of te large panel?
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noooooo it's canterlot still
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