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Friendship Update - Cover

The cover of what will hopefully be a full fancomic—God Willing.

My Little Pony: Friendship Update

Now, it looks a little angsty from the cover, I’m sure—but I am determined to keep all angst within the boundaries of good taste and within the personalities set by the show’s authors. Which is to say I will try to incorporate more ‘mature’ ideas into the writing, because the only people who will be reading this will probably be older fans of the show, but I hope it will be nothing grotesque, inappropriate, or out of key with the show’s premise—which is basically about whimsical, innocent little ponies in a magical land and their occasional battles with eldritch forces of unspeakable malice and evil.

Here we go.

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Rereading this masterpiece for this momentous occasion
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the first pages are a little weird looking.
ZanarNaryon's avatar
No, they look great, don't beat yourself up
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I haven't seen this updating on smackjeeves anymore so I was just curious...
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I stopped updating it on smackjeeves because it felt like there was too much 'publish' and not enough comic. Maybe when my archive's a little bigger i can justify having multiple mirrors.
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i dunno i looked at your gallery and i dont think i can do the kind of covers youre looking for
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we can at least try once, right?
So your name is John Fraser?
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When is it truly going to be Friendship UPDATE?????
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That themesong is fucking perfect for this! :D I approve of you so hard!
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I found this on Smackjeeves. Can't wait for the rest.
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This is an amazing work of art man! Keep up the good work man.
Phenometron's avatar
I'm in love with this cover art's representation, because recently I've become a brony.
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Oooooh very fancy! would make perfect movie poster ^^!!!
HeartinaRosebud's avatar
This is beautiful :heart:
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Ouch, a shattered gem. I got the feeling there's darkness involve.
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yeah this was gonna get changed eventually so it ain't like a spoiler or nothing. it is supposed to be twilight's element of harmony, but I used the wrong reference. I'm planning on replacing it eventually, with her element's actual design.
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How have I never seen any of this before? It's fantastic work.
TSWT's avatar
Interesting, to say the least. I'll have to read it a bit more as it comes out, but so far so good.
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