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Chapter 1: TORNADO - Cover


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aaaand i finally hit chapter one.

i'm really happy with this page. it looks closer to what i saw in my head than maybe any page i've drawn so far. some parts actually look a little better. (although some parts do look a little worse)

i am super thankful god has let me get this far, and that he is okay with me being okay at art. i hope i can use the ability for him somehow, and i hope you all get enjoyment out of this story!
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four years, and still my favorite cover of all time.
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This is an incredibly gorgeous cover art piece!
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So I was staying up late last night, and started thinking about how amazing this cover is. The frog's eye perspective, the location, the composition, the wind in the mane 6's manes. It's just amazing, it's possibly my favorite piece of art of all time. I'd do anything to see this story finished. If you truly do not intend to finish it (you are still alive, right? Please tell me you're alive), could you at least upload the script?
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Out of everyone I've seen, you draw the best Canterlot scenery. I really feel like you get what makes it cool.
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Definitely! I'm super-digging what you've made so far :D
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Woohoo ! More epicness awaits !
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wow the background is incredible o_O
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Looks like you have an infinite loop in your links. If I click next here, then next where that brings me, it leads back to here.
TSWT's avatar
ah--thanks; fixed
ZanarNaryon's avatar
Oh my Eru, this looks incredible
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No kidding ! Welcome back !
temporos's avatar
I'm so glad this comic is back! ^_^
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Dash: "But first, let me take a selfie!"
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The Dashie smile is my favorite part of this! :D
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hey! quick question: i edited the page slightly--including her smile: does she still look as happy as she did before, or has this edit screwed something up?
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I know this isn't addressed to me, but... ^^
Checking it against the original post, though I'm not an expert, I'd say it looks anatomically better. Though I suppose it lacks that slight exaggeration it had before, also with the larger irises. :iconflutterthinkplz: But that's kinda negligible I guess. I certainly like the rest of the changes. :nod: It'd be cool to see the un-cropped version. :D

Also, updating with notify would be good in this scenario IMO. ^^
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hey, hahah, i just realized that i didn't actually understand this sentence: "It'd be cool to see the un-cropped version."

if you meant the cover, then this is really it—there's only a few millimetres of bleed outside of the picture, if you mean the LOGO, then i'm afraid i didn't exactly detail underneath the logo very much u_____u
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:XD: Ah, okay then. I just fancied the idea of seeing so much more. :la: But that's understandable for not detailing under the logo. :nod: Though I guess the border being in tangent with the tails kinda bugs me. :iconajawkwardsmileplz: But don't trouble yourself over that.
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oh for crying out loud. i thought i fixed all the tangents.
i'll move those out of the way--thanks.
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