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The Night Sky, its Compass,
Constellations, Counsels, Cautions,
and All That Lie So Above,
as Assembled by

Starswirl, Sparklight,
Steadfast Heart

From the Canterlot Royal Archives

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Built by specifications by Princess Arisil
What became of this tower? Was it destroyed in the Conflict of the Sisters? Or was it merely found insufficient?

Well, how could it not be insufficient? It can watch, but it cannot prevent.
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I'm really liking the design~. But, I absolutely love how you described the three different pony types.

~I gotta remember them for the future~
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thank you! that seems to be the commonly agreed on coolest thing so far
NaturesRose's avatar
Well, what can I say? They're unique, archaic-like terms that match with the rather ancient-looking paper & text, and it makes each type sound completely equal to each other.
Muffin-Unsane's avatar
Diggin' the text there. It really makes it seem actual. Plus the aged textures are a great touch. So awesome to see this finished.
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likeable design is likeable...
sorry, feeling out of brain.
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Oh, fancy. What's it for?
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a tower in the ancient castle
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Ah, so your obviously not going to give away what it's for then. Fine, I'll stop pestering you then.
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"Winged, Enchanted, and Green-heeled"
I really really like this line for describing the three types of pony folk.
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Sweet! I love this sort of thing and you've done it very well.
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So what's it for? :D :D :D
eklipse13's avatar
More more more! :iconiloveitmoreplz:
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I love the old gothic architectural design of this!
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