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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
"Learning the basics"

While I was a kid I really liked to draw little comics. When I was on school I drew on free times, sometimes a badass character, sometimes a detailed background. Also I discovered I could write some nice stories from just some fragments of text.
Then... something happened. I lost that impulse for drawing, for writing. And some years passed away.
So, after a while being lost, I found a game interesting enough for write about it. At first it was some short descriptions about my feelings from the game, but then that story grew more and more. So, with that I also recovered the enjoyment for drawing and started to sketch some characters. Then I decided to come here, to DeviantArt, and put together my work, so I avoid to lost it as the others I did when I was on school. Hope I learn from others and enjoy great deviations. I had made some friends, like Koikii and SolKorra, of who I'm learning a lot.

Now, trying to learn anatomy and polishing my style, recovering the passion for writing and practicing for getting better at drawing. Although I got better than when I started, there's still a lot to learn.


UPDATE: Last 3 Days! If you need to do something I'd get to it now. Whether its completing your entries, submitting them to the group or completing any of the bonuses. Now is the time to get to work. I know that due to my vacation I was very late with replying to some people. If you had issues due to this delay in my responses please note me and I'll see what I can do to help.

FIGHTING GAMES: games where two players beat the crap out of each other with digital avatars. That's the theme, with the obvious TF-TG modifier. Total Prize pool for this contest is: $500.

The contest starts today on November 15th and will end in 2 months on January 15th.

The main theme of this contest is Fighting game Transformation with a preference for genderswap. Entries should depict a genderswap or other transformation that somehow relates to fighting games. Submissions can take any form: Comics, Pinups, Sequences, Stories, Captions, Mixed Media, etc. Visual and Written entries will be judged separately.

The most important rule for this contest is to make sure your entry is related to fighting games. The best definition I could come up with was 'a multiplayer focused game where 2 or more characters engage in primarily melee combat on a single screen with the goal of defeating the other character(s)'.Look below for a list of most major fighting game brands if you need more visual and specific examples. If you have an idea but aren’t sure, please note one of the judges and we’ll let you know. Or better yet visit our discord:


  • Entries should in some way relate to fighting games

  • Entries should involve some kind of transformation, preferably genderswap

  • Word limit on written entries is 4000, You may separate an entry into multiple parts as long as it is still under 4000 words.

  • You may make fanart/fiction

  • You may make original entries but make sure its still fighting game themed

  • Alternate Universes are NOT transformation. A character has to undergo a change even if not depicted. A universe where someone was always the other gender is not TF or TG.

  • You may create original crossovers as long as at least one of the crossover titles was originally a fighting game (Street Fighter vs Pokemon would work. Pokemon vs Digimon would not)

  • Basing your entry on a fighting game that uses outside IPs is allowed BUT it has to make it clear it is set in the fighting game universe. (For example Android 21 is a fighting game original so DBZ entries with her could work)

  • You may use people playing/designing/discussing/etc a fighting game instead of the game characters as the transformation targets

  • The maximum amount of entries is 3 for art and 2 for writing. You may enter in both categories

  • All entries must be submitted after the contest starts

  • Real-World Political entries of any kind are not allowed

  • Photographs of real people and depictions of living celebrities who aren’t Shaq are also not allowed

Make sure that your entry description includes which fighting game its based on as well as any characters used. If the entry is an original concept make sure to note that instead. If its a written submission please include the word count.

A Visual Guide to Fighting Games:

Pure Fighters:

Logos by flashkill455
Licensed Fighters:
Animelogos by flashkill455
Not Fighters:
NotFighterBlack by flashkill455

Prize Info/Grading System:

The total prize pool is $500

Art prizes will be given to the top 3 placements:

  • 1st will get $150

  • 2nd will get $60

  • 3rd will get $40

Writing prizes will be given to the top 3 placements:

  • 1st will get $150

  • 2nd will get $60

  • 3rd will get $40

All Pieces in each category will be judged in 3 elements

  • Ability: This will take into account your technical skill. For Visual entries this takes into account composition, anatomy, panel flow, colors, etc. Anything relevant to your piece’s look. For Written entries this will take into account grammar, vocabulary, pacing and anything else relevant to how it reads. 10 points total per judge.

  • Originality: How creative we feel your entry is. It doesn't need to be 100% brand new but if you use a common idea make sure to spice it up in your own way. 10 points total per judge.

  • Theme: How well your piece follows the theme of the contest. Trying to find loopholes in the contest theme or ignoring it entirely are usually the cause for low theme scores. 5 points total per judge.

Bonus Points

Bonus points will be awarded for the following

+2 points for some kind of journal, status post or other advertisement for the contest

+1 point for submitting your entry to the proper folder at :iconfighters63: (Joining is optional)

+1 point each for constructive comments left on other entries. Up to a maximum of 2.

These take only a few minutes to do and cost people placings every time when they are ignored. Don’t neglect them, at most they’ll take 5-10 minutes of your time!

Judge Info: You will be scored by the following judges

-Stance Switcher: :iconflashkill455:

-Joke Character: :iconcharoset:

-Grappler: :iconneoomnimon:

-Token Ninja: :iconleoryff:

And the final person will be judging art only

-Gimmick Fighter: :iconfrost-lock:

Judges (except myself) are allowed to enter but will not grade themselves. If they do submit something :iconsortimid: will handle their scores.

And also thanks to the sponsor and final boss: :iconbountyunter93:

Everyone on the panel has different levels of familiarity with the genre so you don’t need to worry about the scoring being super biased. We want this to be fun and fair for everyone even if you can't wavedash or FADC.


What is TG?
TG generally means transgender. However the way we tend to use it around here usually means transformation involving gender. You may have seen it referred to as Genderswap, Feminization or Rule63. While it isn't mandatory for this contest it is appreciated.

What is TF?
TF stands for transformation. When used in this context It refers to the broad group of interests that involve something changing into something else. Genderswap, Twinning, Robotization, Bimbo, Corruption, Growth, Shrink, Inanimate, Hypnosis, Anthro and so on.

How do you payout prizes?
Through Paypal or deviantart point equivalent if you prefer. Other options may be discussed if you win.

Can I tell the judges my idea?
You can present your idea to any of the judges through notes or on discord. However judges are only allowed to confirm if your entry meets the requirements of the contest. They cannot give feedback in regards to the quality of the idea. If you’re looking for opinions the main room of the discord is a good place to go:

May I make multiple entries?
You may submit 2 written entries and 3 visual arts entries

What happens if I go over the word limit?
Your submission will be disqualified.

Why is there a word limit?
Reading 30+ entries that all make full use of the limit is tiring for all judges and takes a while. We are basically reading a novel or two’s worth of tg stories. It makes sure us judges don't go too insane.

How do I submit my entry?
Join my contest group :icontf-tg-contests: and then submit to the gallery titled ‘Fighting Games’

What if I have a mixed media piece including original art and text?
Submit it based on what you think the main part of the entry is. A comic page makes more sense to be submitted to art. A story with illustrations makes more sense for written.

If I make multiple entries do I also need to complete the bonuses multiple times?
The advertising bonus only needs to be completed once, so if you make a journal about the contest that will grant all of your entries 2 bonus points. The comment and group submission bonuses must be done for each entry separately. So if you were to make 4 entries you would need to comment on 8 entries and submit all four to :iconfighters63: to receive bonus points for all of them.

What if a game has a fighting mode but isn't a fighting game on its own?
This is a case by case basis kind of thing. For example Warframe added a fighting game mini-game you can play but that isn't enough to equal ‘fighting game’.

Are party games fighting games?
This is super subjective and in most cases its best if you ask us. Mario Party is definitely not but with things like Towerfall or Lethal League the line is fuzzier.

So can I just do Terry Bogard/Bowsette?
There are no rules saying you can’t but fair warning that given how popular these ideas were you’ll really have to go the extra mile to get those originality points. It isn’t impossible but you are making things harder for yourself.

Is a Powered Up form(ex:Super Saiyan) a transformation?
While technically it is, it's probably even less original than the two ideas above since its so common just in general. This would likely only work if you chose a particularly unique transformation or did it to a character that wouldn’t have it. Even still, I’d recommend trying another route.

How are winners announced?
After the contest ends the judges will begin grading all the submissions. Afterwards we’ll tally up the totals and then post a journal. Along with the winners we will also reveal the remaining top half of participants in each category.

  • Listening to: Anime mix
  • Reading: Divinity: Original Sin - Epic Encounters Manual
  • Watching: Thousand of deviations
  • Playing: Fate: Grand Order
  • Eating: Bread with milk sweet
  • Drinking: Coffee
Space Lancer Mom
Part of the reason I submitted less drawings was that I was hooked into Fate: Grand Order, a mobile game about the anime Fate series.

So I guess I'll start to upload some drawings about that (or at least inspired about it) :icondragonxpplz:

This is a drawing of SolKorra (the friend who talk me to death about the game) as a Lancer Class. And as she drew a lot about Voltron, I drew her as a Lancer Space Mom : D

(Yeah, a bit bizarre of an idea, but that's what happen when I stay until late)   :iconheehee-plz:

Character design by SolKorra and Voltron: Legendary Defenders
Art by TswordZ

Tools:   :iconpaperplz:   :iconpencilplz:
2018 Best Nine
And, as the year ended, here's my "Best Nine of 2018".

Yeah, this year was terrible. Half of it I was without internet and the last months I didn't got too much done. It wasn't a good year   :iconsighingplz:

But... a New Year Comes... and with it, a New hope Reborn... a lot more Confident and Determination to bring the Dreams to Reality. To Make the Projects Real, to Evolve as an Artist.

Happy New Year everyone!   :icondragonhi:

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Please do more of that.
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