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These are my OCs Kayerith and Mirabella (when they were very young =). They are parents of Elinor, Queen of Pillowkingdom.
Kayerith, the evil spirit of war fell in love with a beautiful Pillow Princess Mirabella and he's asking her to be his wife on this picture. It's very complicated and wierd love story. I still don't know why good girls like bad guys. it's a brainteaser for me, lol.

This is main June Patreon reward artwork. Bacome my patron and get this fantasy wallpaper! :heart:
June reward also includes these artworks (full size jpeg, timelapse videos, etc) Arrow (Down)
    + another portrait I'm going to draw on June 27th within my twitch session.

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Another artwork with Mirabella

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At first i thought it was a depiction of Hades proposing to Persephone, did you get inspiration from those two for your OC's?
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You have created real magic here!
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I gotta ask, seeing this image again and reading the descriptions, is there somewhere where I can read more about this two?
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Not yet. But I'm drawing the first chapter of my graphic novel "Dance of Wheon". These two are the part of the story but I don't have them in the 1st chapter.
I'll share it next month.
Sereida-Arts's avatar
Nice, I'm really looking forwards to it :)
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gorgeous setting, and cool little storyline there. I might look for more about it. :)
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this is simple: bad guys are sexy! beautiful artwork
Tsvetka's avatar
thank you! ^__^
good guys are sexy too :heart:
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I wonder if she said,"yes" and "no."
Tsvetka's avatar
She said yes ^^
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How sweet! They look beautiful together.
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thank you! ^^
C1nderellaMan's avatar
I think it would be wonderful to write some poetry describing this encounter.  In fact, the layout is already perfect. Note me if you are interested. :)
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aw it's will be awesome!
I've read you have a very charged schedule this summer, so when you have time, we'll make a fantastic collab again
C1nderellaMan's avatar
Yay! I'm looking forward to it!
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