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Prince Evar

By Tsvetka
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This is my original character Prince Evar.

.:Straw n flower:. This artwork is an April main picture. If you become my patron til April 30, you will get the full-size image, step-by-step JPEG, time lapse video of the process and many more (details are on my patreon page)
Also, tiers $5+ will get full-size JPEGs andspeed up timelapse videos of April stream sessionsDown Arrow 
I didn't do many sketches this month, so tiers $1 and $3 will get Meroko video as well.

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Love the epic armor, the dragon motif, and the sparkles.  It would take some serious effort to damage this fella.
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thank you! ^____^
Nightshade475's avatar
Oohhh...Sparkly!=D (Big Grin) 
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Paandee's avatar
Very much reminds me of Colton Haynes, love the detail on the armor!
Tsvetka's avatar
he reminds me Colton too! it wasn't intentionally. but I really like Colton Haynes
thank you!
milliemunchers's avatar
I love this, and your magical stories *v* sooo cool!
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Exillior's avatar
Your painting skill, as usual, is amazing!

I do struggle with the character's proportions, though. If you removed his armour, his waist would be thinner than his head. I'm a size zero at the waist and even my waist is bigger than my head...
Tsvetka's avatar
haha, maybe you are right. or maybe he has a leather jacket under metal  ribs, lol
WaywardMind's avatar
Well done,  very cool!
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rodrigo-pontepreta's avatar
Congratulations, beautiful work. This is the level you want to achieve with my illustrations. Do you do any type of workout every day?
Tsvetka's avatar
if you mean sport, no. not every day T_T
thank you!
rodrigo-pontepreta's avatar
Not sports training, but drawing training. I expressed myself badly.
Tsvetka's avatar
hahaha ^_^
yes, I draw every day. it's my job =)
Amandabeast's avatar
Fantastic! WoooweePrince Evar can fight my dragons anyday Love !!
Tsvetka's avatar
hahahaha! agree, I don't mind if he fights my dragons too, lol
thank yoU!
Nightshade475's avatar
...but not that cute little dragon you drew before, right?!!Fear 
Tsvetka's avatar
no, no, I mean evil giant monsters =)
Nightshade475's avatar
Whew...! Had me worried for a second!
Catgirldstr11's avatar
You really must write and illustrate a children's story one day! All your characters are phenomenal! 
Tsvetka's avatar
thank you so much! ^_^
I'm happy you like my art!
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