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Draw this again

By Tsvetka
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My old piece of Elisabeth's beautiful-horses portrait. it's one of my most popular and viewed picture.
I wanted to make a "draw this again challenge" for a long time. and  here it is. hope you like it.
Original blank is here Meme: Before and After
Full view -   and old version is here
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The right one looks like a picture!!!!
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you should do a self critique on those two pieces, talk about it a bit more.
I'd love to hear your input.
BlackWidow1001's avatar
omg I thought they were pictures of people at first XD dang your good
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Bunny Emoji-72 (Kawaii) [V4] thank you! 
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The lines are much more smoother compared to the old one, it blends in more and gives it a more realistic look, which i lOVE!!! The coloring is also way better, and the proportions are great!! You're doing such great work, keep it up <3! It's amazing to see how much you've improved
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Thank you! ^^
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U mad If I tell you that I like the old one much more?
Tsvetka's avatar
wow! really?
cool! thank you!
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Such an amazing progress~! ^ ^I love it <3
Tsvetka's avatar
thank you! ^^
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Do you remember how long the first one took you compared to the second one? Truly amazing improvement. 
Tsvetka's avatar
hmm.... maybe 8-9 hours, lol.
the new one took about 2 hours
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T-two hours!? B-but how~. Last question if you don't mind. What do you feel had the greatest impact on your improvement over these years? Did you do a lot of studies and such? Or more personal and original pieces? I am trying to find the right balance. Thanks~. 
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I'm in love with an art of JenZee, Mr.Jack, Marek Jaroki, Veramundis, Alexandre Diboine and mamy more amazing artists of DA. their art inspires me a lot!
I didn't do many of original arts in past. I started to draw more personal pieces just last year.
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omg 0_0 really interesting !!
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I don't follow you or anything but when I saw the second version, I knew it reminded me of the first version! I remembered it after all these years!
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ahaha, she learned how to do her eyebrows :d amazing work !
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O-O  so soft!  Great work!   
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Really great improvement! Especially impressive as the old version is really nice as well.
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