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Color palette

This is September Patreon tutorial pack (for tiers $12+).
You'll get:
- 1h video tutorial with voice description,
- the same video in real time (optional),
- PSD file with all layers, full-sized JPEG,
- psd brushes I used for these portraits.

Many people often ask me how do I choose the right color or How do I know what colors match each other well, how do I choose the color palette.
In this video I'll show you several different methods and tips how to choose the right color palette, how to work with swatches, references, gradient maps, etc.

Also, this tutorial pack will be available on my Cubebrush store on October 3d (for $13).

*This is not a main Patreon monthly artwork, but this pack will be included in September Patreon reward as a tutorial addition (for tiers $12+).
September reward also includes these artworks (full size jpeg, timelapse videos, etc) Arrow (Down)

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This is so pretty and very eye-catching!

I was playing around with the color palette in ibispaintx, just curious about shades of colors...etc. I then decide to make something of my own not related to your drawing (my drawing was of planets/a galaxy) but it kept your picture in the timelapse video and I don't think you can trim the video before posting it or know how if you can.

Let me know if you would like me to take the timelapse video down from ibispaintx. I did say in the description of what I was doing and credited your name.

pyradragoness's avatar
Besides the different colour pallets. The added subtle features is a plus :)

Top left, Joker scheme. lol
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Different colors and different faces :D
Nice details on differences.
Tsvetka's avatar
Aside from looking awesome, i noticed that in the top left hnd image the philtrum of the character appears to be connected to their right nostril instead of the septum like with the other characters. excellent work otherwise.
Tsvetka's avatar
haha, my fault. thank you!
ah don't worry about it  great work!
CamaEtPrune's avatar
I love the silver haired black girl, and the black haired white girl drawn in shades of grey ! <3
Tsvetka's avatar
thank you! ^_^
Sereida-Arts's avatar
It's amazing seeing how the colors can change so distinctively the piece :D
Tsvetka's avatar
thank you! ^_^
Sereida-Arts's avatar
TexasPanda's avatar
Well done,very Warhol-esq
Tsvetka's avatar
thank you! ^_^
GalaxyCalotype's avatar
This is so cute, I love all of the colour and expression changes. 
Tsvetka's avatar
thank you! ^_^
GalaxyCalotype's avatar
y0cie's avatar
Whoa! Color pallets also changes the mood and feel of an illustration☆☆♡♡
Tsvetka's avatar
thank you! ^_^
SalmanAboFaisal's avatar
Wow amazing .. La la la la 
Tsvetka's avatar
thank you! ^_^
VanilleValentine's avatar
These looks amazing! You're such a great artist
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