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Hello hello,

good to see you here :-)

I' d like to welcome you on my artist profile:


My page is still under construction and I hope you can admire all of my current works, photographs and images, soon.
I am happy for your suggestions and I'm open for criticism.

In addition, I offer you the possibility to contact me if you want to see or order something specific of my work.

Someting about me

Name: Tsuyueki Di Ansharé

Birth: 2nd of March

Residence: Frankfurt am Main, Germany

My Work: Grafic Designs, advertisements, drafts and artistry

Interests: writing, reading, painting, foreign cultures

Current work: As my passion isn't only drawing and creating things, I also write a roman and several short stories. At the moment I'm writing a book and work alongside on small projects in Grafic Design.

In my spare time I draw manga and japanese art, as well as oil paintings and portraits. I also take part in writing announcements like short stories, ballads and poetry.