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Open Commission

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 28, 2010, 3:44 PM

Hello friends

I finally entered the world artwork commissions
*** Important before a commission,  to be sure that you like my style.
I'm free to refuse a commission if i feel not comfortable with it.
To commission me, please send me a note with "commission as subject"or send e-mail (, and explain what do you want exactly, and for what purpose. If you have any image reference, send them to me.

I only accept digital commissions
I accept commissions Hentai, Yaoi and Yuri
Drawing fan art and original characters ^ ^

I accept PayPal payment ( per italiani accetto pagamento tramite ricarica postapay)
Finished commissions will not be sent until payment has been received.
Prices are fixed in Dollar $


Simple LineArt
1 Character = 12.00 $
2 Characters = 15.00&
For each additional character  + 4.00 $
Background + 6,00$
Hentai-Yaoi-Yuri + 3,00$

SD version + 9.00 $


1 Character = 18.00 $
2 Characters = 20.00 $
For each additional character + 6.00 $
Background  + 9.00$
Version Chibi +10.00
Hentai-Yaoi-Yuri + 5.00$

Sorry for my English, I use an online translator

Graphics by tyleramato
CSS by moonfreak
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Luglio tempo pazzo

Journal Entry: Fri Jul 3, 2009, 7:19 AM

Dopo tanto tempo (ovvero tre anni XD) riposto qua, che posso dirvi che sto a Roma già quasi tre mesi, sto a casa del mio ragazzo  ( pero mi manca  un po casina e miei genitori),sto preparando un sacco di cose  a parte la progettazione di un mio fumetto (speriamo bene)online, secondo il mio cosplay. Interpreterò Ai Enma di Jogoku Shojuo Hell girl *_*. Domani lo andiamo a prenderlo al negozio al Jakutoys, non sapete quando soldi vorrei avere ci sono dei gadget bellissimi... anche il mio amoruccio si sta preparando per fare il cosplay, lui farà ( AHAHAHAH) Cinzia Otherside di Ratman ( un trans biondo platinato innamorato di Rat-man XD oddio gia rido prima di vederlo XD.
Dobbiamo procurarsi delle parrucche, ho trovato dei negozi a roma speriamo bene, dobbiamo fare un salto anche a Roma studio 13, la preoccupazione sarà per la mia parrucca boh..
speriamo bene, bhe ora stacco ci vede al prossimo post SMACK a tutti

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Hi friends  
Finally after so much time I write on the Journal ^ _ ^, different things have happened  
among these, to be me impassioned to the games of role online.... I Go crazy for one   
particularly its name is Tenjou Tenge City... it Develops in 2022 to Nagoya,  
boys I love him/it this game, there am the children of Maya Natsume and Mitsuomi, Aya and  Soichiro Nagi, Masataka with Madoka... so many others..  
The day of the registration to the city, I was recorded with the name of Tsuyu Ryuzaki.  
A 16 year-old girl Japanese 100% but been born in Italy, past a sad po.  
To the 12 year-old age it assists to the dead one of his/her twin sister, traumas on traumas.  
His/her mother goes crazy, his/her father divorces... Tsuyu he feels responsible, running away from home.  
But almost three days that I don't succeed anymore to have a good time me with this character, the sort to cancel.  
But I have immediately created a new character... named Tsubaki... a girl of Osaka,  
what he/she wants to become a ninja... XD... Shortly I put the history of Tsubaki.  
I hope not to have annoyed you, I apologize for my English, I use a translator online (God blesses the translators online * _ *)
Hi Friends

How are you? I am good, yesterday evening I have to tought drew a manga
It is to put in DA (I am to write in english, I hope ^^'').......
The manga going to be fantasy..........I may at difficult........I to ask for help-me
for I to colour better with adobe photo shop and open canvas.....
Thanks for you to listen me ......... You are very good

P.S. Excuse-me  for my english is bad ( I am slow  to grope for dictionary)
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>,<......... That trouble...... to be single in house with the laborers who make noise the dogs that they break off the boxes them, the only thing that I can make and design while I watch the television


:ninjastar:  :ninjastar:  :ninjastar:  :XD:  :XD:  :XD:  
Già sto diventando pazza con i rumori che vengono dalla finestra,per  dei lavori che stanno facendo a casa mia..... un movimento continuo di persone. Non sono ci si mettono anche i miei cani ( già ho sette cani casa mia sembra il centro assistenza cani abbandonati)
L'unica cosa che  mi resta è disegnare *_* con la mia tavoletta grafica,vi amo tutti siete fantastici >*<

----------------- English-----------

I am already becoming crazy with the noises that come from the window,for of the jobs that are making house mine..... a continuous movement of persons.
They are not us put also my dogs (already I have seven dogshouse mine seems the center attendance dogs abandons to you) The only thing that remains to me is to design * _ * with my graphical tablet,I love you all you are fantastic >*<