Cosfest 2012!

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Icarus Designs will be selling some stuff at booth #4 during Cosfest!
They include badges, stickers & postcards from the following fandoms:

The Legend of Korra
Cabin Pressure
Adventure Time

I will also be selling some old copies of NEWTYPE & various magazines (oh man is it even relevant but I promise it'll be dirt cheap + superb condition, so take a look if you want?) and a few art books I can bear to part with. The few I'm considering to sell are Rozen Maiden, Zombie Loan and KA-E-N Ito Noizi Collection. Do let me know if you're interested in an artbook I own (but wasn't mentioned) though, cause I'm definitely not lugging all of them there + I do think they deserve owners who treasure them a bit more.

We're also offering up our booth as an unofficial Singaporean Sherlock fandom meet-up spot. We'll be the weirdoes playing word games & hiding lemons in plain sight. :XD:

Might update this post with more specifics (and samples of our merch) later on!

Unfortunately, I'll not be cosplaying again due to an insane school schedule + choice of priorities. I can't wait to see everyone again though!!

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WOOHOO!!! Korra! :D
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I visited your booth. :)
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ahhh oh no, I can't remember how you looked!
Did you talk to us? :D
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I wore glasses and all I ask what LoK merchandise you sell. XD