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By my laziness and lost password, this page is now updated for the first time in four years.
Thank you so much for the comment. I'm sorry that I could not answer one by one. Furthermore, I thank the person who wrote comment until recently without being disgusted. I want to upload some pictures next year. Thank you so much!


Sun Jan 4, 2009, 3:22 AM
Happy New Year!

I wish to express my gratitude to people who wrote the message really. Thank you sooo much!:wave: Last year was one moderate, busy, happy year. I look forward to your continued good will in the coming year.

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It is occasionally asked, "Do you draw with what kind of tool?"
I am using "Paint tool SAI"
Only WinOS corresponds. Please note the tool though the page described in English exists by correspond only in Japanese.
even if it questions me on trouble, it is not answered. Xo
The point that I like is interchangeability with PSD, convenience of the color palette, and a cheap thing. :bug:
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Please look at gift so lovely pigs from…
He carried this out in little time.
And, his action power and zeal are evaluated high.
He will become a more wonderful artist!!

Am I today working with the zeal of him?
Again, we wish to express our gratitude to ~Pixeldix who has me recall zeal. Thank you so much!

Well, the translation doesn't have confidence to be made well...^^;
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Thank you indeed for introducing "Pigrate ship" by "Daily Deviation".
I'm glad!! and, thank you so much for visiting here!

I have not understood the meaning of "DD". :XD:
However, the companion of kind DA taught answering. Really thank you :heart:
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The weasel has trespassed upon the attic of my house.
which rose early very much by the cause.
Sleepy ... zzz

Since it is an old house, it is unavoidable. Furthermore, since the cat had also invaded, a great uproar was made, and the bad smell is sprinkled.

It is influenced by the disturbance of two animals and my cat also tends to be panic. :-o


Although correction of the reply comment written to last time pushed "Hide botton", is it good now?
...It is good now?
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Although I have noticed having got the comment from the picture and each was answered, it had written in without pushing a reply button.

I am fooOoOolish!!! :skull:
(Moreover, also twice, it failed.)
It is under study how it corrects...

I am sorry to have been hard to read!
The picture put on my site was uploaded little by little to DA.
The interesting animation seen recently is "KAIBA." The technique of the peculiar view of the world which Mr. Masaaki Yuasa expresses, and animation is liked.
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I am not good at English.
Therefore, it is scheduled to act little by little by my pace.
I participated in deviantart because it was happy to draw the picture.
It might be strange sentences because it uses the translation tool.
Please acknowledge it.