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Hey everyone!!! My upcoming Anime Convention schedule got updated! :iconlazydanceplz: I'm hoping to seeing you guys in the upcoming conventions~

I'm more active on twitter where I post all my artwork and art status updates:
I post my latest prints and art projects on twitter.

or if you're interested in my SP fandom/ shipping art stuff, you can find my stuff posted on

Here is the full list details for anime conventions I am confirmed to attend this year. I will update this list as I get confirmed for more AA :iconlazyblushplz:
Super excited to see you, bbz! I mostly only post my personal artwork to deviantart so you will get to see all of my fanart at my AA table. I mostly draw for AA these days and haven't really been

My goal this year is to be a lot more active in doing Artist Alley! 

Please come do visit if you guys are attending any of those conventions! :iconkissinguplz:

Confirmed AA LIST (ON-GOING)

Hey guys, I'm tabling at Sakuracon 2019 this year. Come check out my artworks that I made for artist alley~~~

AX 2019 [July 4-7, 2019] Table L52
Tsunya99 Table by tsunyandere
This year, my table is SP Fandom themed! I will also have other series available at my table. but here's my specific catalog for just SP @…

ANI REVO 2019 [August 3-5 2018]


Anime Los Angeles [ January 26-28, 2018] #205
ECCC #E6 [March 1-4, 2018]
Sakuracon#100  [March 30- April 2, 2018]
MTAC [March 30- April 1-2, 2018] 
FANIME [May 25-28, 2018] #1603
Colossalcon [May 31-June 3, 2018]
 Tokyo in Tulsa [July 13-15, 2018]
Ani Revo[ August 3-5, 2018] 
Kuronekocon [ August 3-5, 2018] 
Ani Revo Summer 2018 [ August 4-6, 2018] #P36
Otakon 2018 [ August 10-12, 2018], H11
Nandesukan [August 31 - September 2, 2018]
Kumoricon 2018 [October 26 -28, 2018] H9
Youmacon 2018 [ November 2 - 4, 2018]
Akicon 2019 [Jan 4-6, 2019]
Sakuracon 2019 Artist Alley Table # 504 [April 19-21, 2019]
ACEN 2019  [May 17-19, 2019]
Fanime 2019 [May 24-27, 2019] Table#909

Here's a sample of my shared table with my art senpai Ruri-dere at AnimeNYC!

Aa-nyc2 by tsunyandere

:iconkissinguplz: :iconkissinguplz: Looking forward to seeing you guys at anime conventions this year!  :iconkissinguplz: :iconkissinguplz:

AA Business Card by tsunyandere

hey everyone! quick announcement but this year I will be attending Anime North Artist Alley in Toronto, Canada! My friend ruri Ruri-dere invited me> It's the first time I'm attending an anime country out of the country!  I've been extremely busy and on a small hiatus due to working on anime north stuff.

The official layout map came back and my table will be at F14 along with my table partner Meoinyai . Ruri-dere 's table is F13 and right next to mine. Please refer to this map to find us! Looking forward to it and see you guys then!

Ancm16 Table Layout By Tsunyandere-da2l0wq by tsunyandere

My table will be mainly selling anime posters from vocaloid, hunterxhunter, dramatical murder, and many other series. I also will be selling a lot of mini stickers from various series.

This is my business card for my table :iconsexylazeplz: my bbs yami and mao.:iconkissinguplz:

AA Business Card by tsunyandere

Here's my planned cosplay lineup for this year.
AN meetup by tsunyandere

Thank you and hope to see you guys at Anime North 2016!

As a special treat for my watchers and thanking you guys for 10K;

Hi everyone, I just want to thank you guys all so much for all your support for all these years!!  It's such a surprise to me to find that I hit 10K watchers during the winter break. :iconlazyblushplz: I wanted to release something that I have been working on for a long time in appreciation. :iconlazyblushplz: I've been working on a doujinshi and will be releasing an original song next week. Please enjoy it the digital download of the doujinshi and look forward to my utau yami's performance of our original song,

DEEP=BLUE, the original song is now released and available for download  on

UTAU Original : DEEP=BLUE by tsunyandere

The digital copy of my doujinshi "elysium" is up for free download on my music circle's website:

ELYSIUM Doujinshi + Free DL by tsunyandere

02 by tsunyandere

03 by tsunyandere

The digital copy of the doujinshi is distributed for free in the above link on my circle's homepage

You can also order a physical copy for $5 from my storenvy or
email me @ [tsunya99☆] or pledge me at patreon @…

and receive a bonus 2" acrylic charm + mini poster & bonus songs:

Img 20160214 113957 by tsunyandere

I'm so sorry for the belated post, everyone!  Thank you once again for 10,000. This is something I'm different from what I usually do, but I hope you enjoy the doujinshi and original song to be out next week. It was an idea I got from visiting Japan this winter and seeing comiket! I had a lot of fun working on them!


An update about commissions. Unfortunately, due to the increased workload I have this year, I can no longer keep my regular comissions open. :iconlazycryplz: busy season at work right now.

I have revamped my patreon and I am still available for patreon chibi requests @ $20 or
doujinshi orders

:iconlazyblushplz: thank you guys for all your support!

I am always active on twitter where I post my artwork and any announcements I have about artist alley.
Please  join me on there. My twitter handle is @


My New Line Creator Stickers are now for sale!

Journal Entry: Sun May 31, 2015, 4:46 PM
<EDIT> 1.24.2016
Hey everyone!!! It's 2016 and a brand new year. I hope you guys enjoyed your winter holiday because I did too!   ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ I wanted to make some special announcements!

Yami Stickers by tsunyandere

My new Yami & Friends chibi line stickers are now on sale in the line creator market store. This time it has some very funny emotes such as special feeling meme and world star meme as well as holiday stickers. Now you can use yami as chibi emoji! This is the newest set of stickers for the year 2016. I hope you will enjoy. 

Yami And Friends Chibi Preview by tsunyandere

Here is a preview of my stickers. You can search the title "yami chibi" in the creator stickers side of the line sticker store or download them through the link below:

All regions other than Japan:
Sticker set name: Yami & F
riends Chibi

For Japan region only: 
Yami & Friends Chibi JP

On a side note, thank you guys for 10K watchers!! I was supposed to post a journal about my vacation in Japan this weekend but I couldn't find any free time haha. I have a special doujinshi in store for you guys. I hope you will enjoy and look forward to it!

This year is very very busy for me since I started working at my first job outside of school! I post a lot on twitter on the weekdays so please interact me My twitter is @
I post my artwork and whatever I am up to onto twitter. I've gotten a bit too busy to keep other social media accounts but I am always active on twitter, so please chat with me there!
 I also set up a stream for blade & soul and I will announce on twitter whenever I start playing. Come play with me on Poharan! My IGN is AriesnoMu and I am playing as Lyn. <33
<EDIT> woooo- My Line stickers are now available in the official line store! Thank you guys! 
Here's the official link to purchase them from line creator market or you can download them in the line app!

Untitled by tsunyandere

All regions other than Japan:
Sticker set name: Yami & F
riends EN

For Japan region only: 
Yami & Friends Daily Life

I made a patreon page for my creations. I hope you guys will support me on there! I also made some patreon specific rewards as thanks to my supporters.  <3 Please feel free to drop by!

:star::star::star: TSUNYANDERE PATREON PAGE :star::star::star:


Patreon Banner2x2 by tsunyandere


I've been working on my own creator stickers for line market this semester during school. There are 40 emote stickers total and will be released in the LINE application creator market store under the title " Yami & Friends " . LINE is a chat client for your phone or tablet that you can install for free and use it to communicate with your friends.

Here is a preview of some of the line stickers that I hope you guys will like:

VFM3xQh by tsunyandere

I will post an update here once it is available for sale in line market!  (。・ω・。) b

Once again, thank you so much everyone for all your love and support! I really appreciate it!! <33

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New Touken Ranbu Charms Preorders are Open!

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 12, 2015, 6:36 PM
hey guys, I'm back with more touken ranbu charms. I had a lot of fun making them last year and I wanted to make some of my new favorite swords (such as tsurumaru and monoyoshi and ichinii!) in my updated chibi style. 
New Style of Touken Ranbu Charms are now open for Pre-order! 

 <EDIT>: charm samples are now up, scroll down to view!

Tourabu Bg For Charm4 by tsunyandere

These are 1" clear touken ranbu acrylic charms with clear backing. 


Mmexport1445881602118 by tsunyandere
 They're $4 each to order and if you guys order 5, you get one free. (*´・v・)

To order touken ranbu charms,  please fill out this form and email to or message me on dA.

☆☆☆☆☆ORDER FORM☆☆☆☆☆

Full Name: 
Shipping Address: 
Character and Quantity: 

☆I accept dA points for pre-orders too but please note me on dA if you plan on using points. 
☆The keychains will be shipped out to you, so please make sure your shipping address is typed correctly. 

Tumblr post about these touken ranbu charms here:…

Listing on my storenvy @

Charms from last year: 

Tumblr post for my old touken ranbu charms here:…

Tourabu Bg For Charm3 by tsunyandere

Sample Merch: 
Img 20150731 234222 By Tsunyandere-d93nvd5


I'm also tweeting my progress with the Touken Ranbu arts and playing the game on twitter,
feel free to join me @

Thank you everyone!

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Journal Entry: Wed Jan 28, 2015, 6:44 PM
<EDIT> 1.26.2016
I'm on hiatus from artwork commissions in order to finish my prints in time for anime convention. Please message me if you would like to be on my waiting list. Thank you!


 hi everyone, hope you've been having an amazing summer! I was on summer vacation but now I am back. ( ^∇^)///
I am in need of some quick cash to pay for making new touken ranbu keychains with my new chibi art style. I will be making large sized couple touken ranbu charms this time and they're a bit expensive so I need to take some commissions to pay for them. 

 For the type of chibis I will be offering, examples are below.

Commission examples: 
Chibiyam by tsunyandere

The price is $18 usd per chibi, with a discount of $3 for a vocaloid character. I also accept :points: for payment at a 100 pt =$1 rate.

To order, please note me after filling out the commission form. 

Number of characters: 
Reference: (ex. character image refs)
Pose: (standing or sitting, or provide a ref)
Extra: (1-2 words to describe the personality, any information you want to point out)
Payment: (your paypal or means of payment information here)

Commissions will be on a first come, first serve basis and please expect around 2-3 weeks for your commission delivery. Thank you for your interest and have a great day! Pre-orders will be open for my new touken ranbu charms soon. Please look forward to it. The Touken Ranbu charms will be available for pre-order (20% discount) once I collect the money needed to print them. Thank you so much!

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Animate! Artist Alley 2014

Journal Entry: Fri Nov 14, 2014, 6:17 AM
:iconlazycryplz: posting this and my artbook preview rather last minute oops I got home really late last night after finish my last exam for the week and rushing off to pick up my artist alley badge with TFOTR 

From November 14,2014  - November 16, 2014, TFOTR and I will be tabling at the Animate!Miami artist alley. The con starts today and ends this sunday.

These are what my table sign looka like:

tsunya banner

pictures of my sample merchandise:

Prints & my acrylic charms I made this year

The A
rtist Alley is located towards the very back of the dealer's room :iconlazydanceplz: so, please come by and say hi!
We are table #25 in the artist alley, and you can find either of our signs by our deviantart usernames tsunyandere or TFOTR

The first ten people to stop by and tell me the special codeword "Iroha Uta" (The song theme for Yami's UTAU Anniversary 2014) wins a special promotional print from me! :iconlazydanceplz: thank you guys and good luck! Hope you guys have a fun time at the convention!

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Dream In Color Artbooks Pre-Orders Open!

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 22, 2014, 4:56 PM
Hello everyone, this year I was honored to participate in the Dream in Color charity art book :icondreamincolorartbook: with many of my favorite artists. You can now pre-order a copy of the this artbook and support the Dreams Come True Charity!

The Dream in Color charity art book is a non-profit project featuring over 70 artists all over the world from countries such as Malaysia, Australia, Poland, France, Germany, Finland, Mexico, Hungary, USA, Canada, Japan, Russia, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, Chile, Sweden, New Zealand, Thailand, Spain, Ukraine, Netherlands, Singapore, and etc...! The list continues on and on.  (And Italy, YAY! )

The book contains over 80+ fully colored pages with gorgeous artworks all relating to the central theme, "Dreams". All profits are donated to the Dreams Come True Charity whose goal is to to bring joy to seriously and terminally ill children along with other young people who lives in suffering to make their dreams come true. Help us in granting these children their wishes! Donation packages are avaliable as well.


:bademoticon:  U.S. Letter (8.5" x 11") 
:bademoticon: Perfect bound
:bademoticon:  80+ FULL COLOR pages
:bademoticon:  Featuring 70+ artists from around the globe
:bademoticon:  $40 USD
:bademoticon: 1 additional poster *PREORDERS ONLY*
:bademoticon:  1 additional bookmark *PREORDERS ONLY*

Donation packages are also up for preorders (no bonuses for these), they come with special limited edition posters and transparent bookmarks! 
Monochrome Donation Package ($5) 
:bademoticon:   A feature 
(To know what 'feature' means check out our storenvy FAQ)

Colorful Donation Package ($10) 
:bademoticon:  1 poster
:bademoticon:   2 transparent bookmarks
:bademoticon:   A feature

Rainbow Donation Package ($20) 
:bademoticon:  2 posters
:bademoticon: All 5 transparent bookmarks
:bademoticon:  A feature

Preorders end November 21st, after that normal orders will open. The books and items will be shipped out shortly afterwards. 
Only Paypal is accepted. 
For any questions regarding shipping, payment methods, refunds or the special limited edition items, visit the FAQ.

Here's my contribution to the artbook→

( ´ ▽ ` )/

Artbook Preview: Dream of Wonderland by tsunyandere

Artists involved in the Project:

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Ruriko-sama's Art Raffle

Journal Entry: Mon Sep 22, 2014, 4:21 PM
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Open for Art Request on twitter~

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 12, 2014, 10:56 PM
School has kept me really busy so I apologize for the lack of updates!
<EDIT> requests are now full, thanks for the suggestions! Hope you will like my take on the characters <3

I'm  taking 5 quick requests  like these keychains on my twitter ⊂((・▽・))⊃

sample cheebs
I made some keychain samples today for the animate convention I'm tabling at this year,
and I ran out of ideas for things to draw. If you guys have any character you want to request→

just @ my post where I posted up the keychain samples

please follow me on twitter if you wish! I really like to interact and make more friends~

I will check in the morning and pick 5 characters to draw. <333 thank you everyone  and good night! :iconkissingplz: 

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Thank you so much!! *^*

Journal Entry: Thu Aug 7, 2014, 1:59 PM
I just wanted to say thank you everyone for the wonderful birthday wishes :icontearplz: wahhh I read through every one of them and all your messages are just so touching! I look at the number of years since I've joined deviantart and I am just shocked at how many years have passed and I really truly enjoyed every moment of it!  (゚´Д`゚)゚ you guys are so good to me and and I thank you all for the wonderful birthday wishes!

This year, I got a little bit more done for utau, compiled another vocal album, and also I started on my own manga!
Yami Anniversary CD Album:: Fallen Flower + Mp3 by tsunyandere Manga Cover Art: Nekolita to Boku no Nichijou by tsunyandere
Yami's utau anniversay PV:…
Nico Douga Link:…

 I am proud that I was able to finish some of what I dreamed about this summer. Thank you so much everyone for another year of support, I realllly really appreciate it! School is going to start soon for me but I want to try to get as much as done as I can before the summer is over! 

I'm a bit late uploading this journal because I set the end of my art contest on the same date so I've been sorting through that! my  art contest @  Art Contest // Yami UTAU Anniversary [CLOSE]
CLOSED// In process of judging
This is a draw my oc art contest.  I added some rules regarding the theme this time around, so please read them over and feel free to ask me if you have any more questions! <ROUND 1> of this art contest has concluded and you may view the results here: Anyone who has entered for round 1 of the art contest is already included in the contest entry folder and is eligible to enter this portion of the art contest.
This art contest is open for <ROUND 2> and I am currently accepting prize donations. I would really appreciate if you guys could help out as well so that the prizes will be even better! The deadline for the art contest  is Aug 5 2014 at midnight 12 AM(Pacific US Time), but may be updated and changed if I deem that I needed more time  in order to give out the prizes.

  <prize list updated> <CE folder updated>
is now closed and :iconpkotetsu: and I will now proceed to judge it- we will update the results soon!

Really, thank you so much for your wonderful messages and presents! I appreciate everything you guys do for me!
ART FEATURES (thank you guys so much for these beautiful birthday gifts!):
Happy 4th Anniversary Yami! by Ruuya :GIFT:Puella Magi Yami Magica:HBD Kiki! by Hiro-Ne<da:thumb id="473487540"/> Happy Birthday Kiki! by Noririn-Hayashi
[UTAU COVER PV]Yami Ryone -Pet ME by Ruri-dere<da:thumb id="473295145"/><da:thumb id="473301738"/><da:thumb id="473342732"/> g: Happy Birthday Kiki B) by Choaru
So I'm gonna leave you. by TFOTR OVER by TFOTR

:iconkissinguplz: Thank you guys so much for another year of support! I appreciate it so muchhh!

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Last Update for Hurricon *^*

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 21, 2014, 7:36 PM
The date for the anime convention is this saturday and I'm going to be tabling in the artist alley! Please look for my banner  @ boom.headshot. by tsunyandere( my sticker and print shop is called Tsuntsunyanyan art shop and this is my location) ---   :iconlazyblushplz: School is just slaying me but I found some time finally to work on the merchandise for con. :iconlazycryplz:

I will exhibit some exclusive convention artwork and also sell some handmade sticker chibis from a ton of anime. I got around to making some for dmmd, kill la kill, kagerou project, dangan ronpa, league of legends and more~ I finally got the stickers printed and ready for sale for really cheap and you can also ask me for custom commission. You can order custom sticker and I will send it to you in the mail as well. :iconbunnylazeplz:
here's a small sample:  Dmmd Sticker Chibi Sheet by tsunyandere

I opened a store envy for the merchandise as well. If you guys can't come to the con, feel free to browse my store envy to order the products.
Here is the link to my store envy :
I haven't picked out my exact cosplay yet, but I will probably be dressed as ponponpon kyari.

Please stop by my table with TFOTR and say hi! I will have some exclusive con merchandise and artwork, and you can also order custom comms off me at the convention. TFOTR will be selling prints and commissions too!

I am saving money for buying a bjd to customize into yami this year *^* b ~ so that's where I'm putting the money I earn this year' I had no idea bjd can be so expensive

The Anime Convention is this saturday on april 19th. If you're in the area, please come and play! Hurricon is a  free anime convention that is sponsored by the creator of Supercon of florida and our anime club this year. :iconlazyblushplz:

Check out the Official Facebook page for more details about Hurricon:

I drew the mascot artwork for Hurricon.This year that we're hosting at the Miami Airport Convention Center. 

Here's the poster I made for it> We updated the banner on our hurricon event page!
Hurricon 2014 Anime Convention Mascot by tsunyandere

Well, nothing much else comes to mind atm ><  I need to finish everything on my art list before I'm driven up the wall by the workload in school.  thank you guys for the constant support and I hope you guys will be able to attend my school's free anime convention too! :iconlazyblushplz:  <3

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Regarding AT::CM::and announcements for the year!

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 11, 2014, 9:20 PM
 hello dA, I hope you had a fun winter break! School is starting soon for me and omg I can't contain my excitement for what this year will bring.
An anime convention is coming up soon and I can't wait! For Christmas, I recieved a nanami chiaki cosplay-- it's one of my dream cosplays since I started reading sdr2, I've had a big thing for her ever since I first saw her design.

 here's a quick pic of me in nanami cosplay if you guys want to see *^* I might also do a chihiro one in the future hehe. I posted to tumblr@…
I made a cosplay account for deviantar @ :iconkyomikun:
feel free to find me at con and say hi - I will be at [animate miami] all three days. lol, sadly, I spent too much money this winter break so I won't be doing too much but just cosplaying QuQ I will be going as nanami chiaki for most of the convention, and sora kasunaga for one of the days because I didn't get a chance to wear that cosplay much yet sobb.

I also have some good news for my school's anime convention (Hurricon), we will be having it this year and possibly in a very new and state of the art convention center if we can raise enough money to rent out the new place, but we will be definitely be able to host the anime convention! I will be redrawing a banner for our anime club mascot UM-tan soon along with additional fanarts to place at my vendor table :iconlazyblushplz:

I wanted to make some quick announcements for this upcoming year, 

:iconbunnylazeplz:firstly, it's about commissions>> I'm accepting a freelance art job for an original manga by and it will start on the first week of February. I do not know if I will have enough time for additional cms after this job starts, so depending on my workload for the manga project, I may or may not resume normal cg commissions after this month. Once I reopen, I'm going to make update my price sheet with new examples and artwork as well as updating my usage policies. :bulletgreen: If you want to reserve slot for regular cg cm, please note me now to ensure your slot and I will note you once I re-open!

:bulletgreen:Second, regarding art trades. I have just one more art trade to finish! Once I'm done, I will post a formal journal about art trade. :iconlazycryplz:
I will open for one slot for art trade for an mmd right now. I would like to offer to draw an art piece in return for an mmd model of yami append or a posed vidro render of yami's TDA style mmd model by shadoouge--DL at…
This is the design (yami's multipitch append) that I would like a new mmd model (tda style) of> Yami Append Concept Art by tsunyandere
Please offer to make a trade with me if you're interested! Thank you so very much! :iconheureshiiplz:

I will be trying to balance these two things between school and personal art. I really want to strive towards quality and improvement rather than quantity, so I will be trying my best! *3* thank you so much for the support dA!! <33 'A'

:bulletgreen: regarding the art contest, I'm still waiting for one more note with references before I send out the prize list to the prize donors for part 1 of the art contest. The point prizes have been distributed and I'm now working on my part for the contest prizes. If you're interested in seeing the contest results, please feel free to view here:

:star::star::star:Part 2 of the Art Contest is OPEN!! :star::star::star:
Art Contest // Yami UTAU Anniversary [CLOSE]
CLOSED// In process of judging
This is a draw my oc art contest.  I added some rules regarding the theme this time around, so please read them over and feel free to ask me if you have any more questions! <ROUND 1> of this art contest has concluded and you may view the results here: Anyone who has entered for round 1 of the art contest is already included in the contest entry folder and is eligible to enter this portion of the art contest.
This art contest is open for <ROUND 2> and I am currently accepting prize donations. I would really appreciate if you guys could help out as well so that the prizes will be even better! The deadline for the art contest  is Aug 5 2014 at midnight 12 AM(Pacific US Time), but may be updated and changed if I deem that I needed more time  in order to give out the prizes.

  <prize list updated> <CE folder updated>

:iconkissinguplz: I am looking for more prize donors for the contest atm.  Please let me know if you wish to help out! thank you so much everyone!!

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Journal Entry: Thu Jan 2, 2014, 7:09 AM
Thank you guys for waiting so patiently for the contest results! My art contest for yami's utau anniversary is now closed and I had a super fun birthday too! my friend pKotetsu has helped me place the entries. Thank you so much to everyone for your beautiful entries and celebrating with me!  :iconweepplz: now comes the hardest part!  I need to announce the winners!

Judges: :iconpkotetsu:  :icontsunyandere:

1st Place: :iconrhaeiny:
yami by aluikaiser

2nd Place:
yami by eciilaalice
yami by tfotr
+ PV:…
3rd Place: :iconnuclearoushazard:

yami by nuclearoushazard < PRIZE LIST > // winners will be noted to recieve their prizes

Judgement Criteria:
1. Creativity
2. Effort
3. Emotion
4. Resemblance
5. Principles of Art

Explanation for judgement criteria:
#1 is how the piece was conceptualized and well thought-out, the angle and pose and how the scenery and background comes together and ties in somewhat with #2.
#3 is what kind of feeling does the piece give off? Example, emotions sadness, wistfulness, nostalgia, joy etc. etc. :iconpkotetsu: and I tried to pick the pieces that convey the strongest sort of emotions
when pKotetsu  and  I looked through all the entries, one of the main questions we asked ourselves was to what extent does the artwork look like yami?
therefore, #4 is kind of a tricky criteria- It's how much the artwork actually looks like yami>> For the notion of what yami looks like
Example: Yami by  藤堂茶路(pixiv) evokes the sort of look that reflects yami's personality, age, and body build
#5 is art principles, or elements of art is a very technical perspective which includes color, shape, form. We judged each piece with approaches to how the use of color was applied, does the bright colors, and recurring yellows, oranges match the playful theme of the piece, or does the soft lighting convey a sort of romantic feeling

<da:thumb id="473479693"/> CE : Yami - Secret Gift by WeN-XiU Ryone Yami by EK9000 yyum~ by Nyeudorin Yami~ ! by Yorkiie-Chan
Yami: Beyond the Sky by GiniroDesu CE :: Lyrical Boy by Avaloki CE:  tsunyandere by Vh-Drimu [CONTEST ENTRY] Yami of Deep Sea by Shueren CE: Yami in Sorrow by yukisasara
Under the little parasol by zoklock I've had enough by keijipeiji CE-yami by merurun CE: Yami by Skunkyfly Yami's Sweetland by LuciaTan
CE: Yami Ryone X'mas by yuu-620776 YamiRyone by FarawayToHeaven Yami Ryone by Nekomicha Yami by caroline0001 Super Star [Yami] by valiryn


you can view last year's art contest results here:

Got any other questions? please feel free to ask! Thank you so much everyone for your wonderful support and participation! I had a lot of fun hosting this art contest and I hope you guys enjoyed it too! :iconkissinguplz: 


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2014 Resolutions! + Announcements for the year

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 1, 2014, 10:41 AM
Everyone, thank you so much for a wonderful 2014! This year has just been amazing  because of how many wonderful people I've met -and in terms of academics, I got a 4.0 GPA and I'm really really happy! :iconlazyshyplz: // I really thank you guys for your support for making my art contest a wonderful success! The last one I held was so much fun and this one was even more!  :iconlazyblushplz: thank you everyone! It's an amazing experience this year for me! I never imagined I would have 8000 watchers this year--the last time I checked, I was at 2000 it really means a lot to me that you guys would follow me for my arts. I will try to do my best for you guys!

After a lot of thinking, I've decided to divide up my contest in two parts. There are just so many beautiful entries and I would like to not leave anyone out. As of today, <ROUND 1> is concluded and the prizes for this portion will be rewarded tomorrow, & if you participated in round 1- your entry in my contest is still eligible for <ROUND 2> or you can enter with a new entry.

tl;dr You can still enter the second part of the contest (with either the entry you submitted in <ROUND 1> , once the winners for <ROUND 1> are announced! :iconbunnylazeplz:

*This second portion of the contest will have much longer deadline and have much better prizes (I'm thinking of adding some cash prizes) and the judgement criteria will be announced accordingly with new themes to work with

<round 1> of the art contest was to commemorate Yami Append Voice anniversary. <round 2> will be for yami's birthday on 08.05.

I've gotten a lot of notes on art trade- generally, my art trades are open to friends only. but I will open it publicly soon! I will have some free time after I finish the contest prizes. I will be posting up a journal about it when I open// I'm looking for MMD and UST (a 3D modeling program and a file for utau) to trade with me and you can feel free to offer on my journal

**my goals for next year
-strive to work towards quality over quantity in terms of art--- I"m going to be trying my best on commissions and art trades! TwT b I take the longest time when it comes to art but I"ll try to maximize my efficiency this year
-Finish Yami's Append for birthday release :iconlazyblushplz: This is what I have so far, but I feel like I drag on the configurations for way too long orz…
-work on a full length illustrated pv and make it good :iconcoolplz:
-get good grades in school //scrambles around and cries because every year gets more challenging than the next
-apply for art alley at an anime convention // this one's really hard because I have short attention span and would rather go play DDR and cosplay //sobb

**special announcements
- I'm going to go on a small trip from jan 3-6, after I announce the contest results from round 1 and set up round 2 of the contest. I will be back after 3 days! <3

got any additional comments/ questions for me? Feel free to leave them here!

I hope you have a wonderful 2014, everyone! I am looking forward to another year! <3

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Art Contest // Yami UTAU Anniversary [CLOSE]

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 9, 2013, 10:50 AM

CLOSED// In process of judging
This is a draw my oc art contest.  I added some rules regarding the theme this time around, so please read them over and feel free to ask me if you have any more questions! <ROUND 1> of this art contest has concluded and you may view the results here: Anyone who has entered for round 1 of the art contest is already included in the contest entry folder and is eligible to enter this portion of the art contest.

This art contest is open for <ROUND 2> and I am currently accepting prize donations. I would really appreciate if you guys could help out as well so that the prizes will be even better! The deadline for the art contest  is Aug 5 2014 at midnight 12 AM(Pacific US Time), but may be updated and changed if I deem that I needed more time  in order to give out the prizes.

  <prize list updated> <CE folder updated>  <FAQ updated>

 ✿ Yami Art Contest Rules

Draw my OC Yami 
This is yami's birthday (on 08.05) contest. Yami is a male shota-trap character around 13 years old. He is an utauloid singer (full name: Ryone Yami), and loves to sing, listen to music and eat sweet things.
personality: temperamental and tsundere, but smiles sweetly at people he likes

He usually wears a hair accessory, such as a hair tie or a bobble to tie a side pony, clothing consists of something cute (sweet lolita with lots of frills. ) Hair color is gradient black to blue, eye color is green. Height is 158 cm, and has a very thin and delicate body structure.

Yami references:
Yami Append Raku Concept Art by tsunyandere

yami's alternate design references by kurripan:
yami illustration gallery:…

Star!Star!Star! PrizesStar!Star!Star!

**1st Place**1st Prize:
-$30 USD or 2500 :points:
- a thigh-up color cg with scenic background or a fullbody color cg with simple bg from me
-waist up color sketch from Ruri-dere
-1 sticker chibi couple from me
-1 chibi from tcong
-1pixel chibi from Hyun-sama
- thigh-up colored sketch from TFOTR
-1 fullbody from :devmogodot:
- fullbody + background from buttsama
-a full body drawing + half body drawing from venus-chan2001
-1 digital illustration from Warao
-1 chibi from GrayOblivion

2nd Prize:
-1500 :points:
- a waist-up colored cg with simple bg from me
-waist up color sketch from Ruri-dere
-black and white sketch from TFOTR
-1 chibi pagedoll from Hitoraki
-1 mini chibi style 2 from pily-sweet-angel
-1pixel chibi from Hyun-sama
-1 chibi from tcong 
-1 sticker chibi from me
-fullbody + chibi from prezial
-half body and headshot from venus-chan2001
-simple drawing from Warao
-1 chibi from GrayOblivion

3rd Prize:
-500 :points:
-a colored headshot or a cellshaded chibi from me
-black and white bust sketch from TFOTR
-1 sticker chibi from me
-lineless chibi from Tsukiko14
-2 chibis from prezial
-1 sketch from Hitoraki
-head shot from venus-chan2001
-1 b&w headshot from Warao
-1 chibi from GrayOblivion

:bulletyellow:Judges :icontsunyandere:&:iconpkotetsu:

Star!Star!Star!Contest Entry FolderStar!Star!Star!…

-please no nsfw (R-18) themes
-Digital or traditional entries are both welcome! Please submit finished work only!
-you can leave a comment here if you have an entry or pm me with your entry.
-Part 2 deadline of this contest is set for August 5 (Yami's anniversary!)
-It is fine to design your own outfit for yami, but please pay attention to the 'general appearance' guidelines listed above.
- all prizes will be given out immediately (I will pm you for the prize and collect your references)
- got any questions? feel free to ask!


The suggested themes of the art contest are listed here: please feel free to take your pick if you don't already have an idea~  (。'▽'。)♡

:star::star::star:Yami's Anniversary PV Song this year will be IROHA UTA! I would love to your spin on it! :star::star::star:
  a vocaloid song theme (meltdown, iroha uta, kagerou days, feel free to pick your own etc.)
 any one of yami's designs in your own style
♡ dutch angles + perspective shots
♡ sukumizu & summer themes
♡cute couple shots (a pat on the head etc. does not necessarily have to be romantic. It can be of yami + your oc doing something meaningful)
♡ A vocaloid song theme

-all entries will be judged based on creativity and effort so everyone please have fun!

Chibi Point Commission + Pixel Icon CM [OPEN]

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 29, 2013, 12:24 PM

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::Now open for Pixel Commissions::

Pixel Icon (collab with TFOTR)

pixel ic: lucius by DeathHime pixel ic: karasu by DeathHime icon cm: noel by DeathHime
500 points or $5 via paypal

 Sitting Pixel  icon
Pixel Icon: Yami Ryone by DeathHime Pixel Icon: Lucius by DeathHime
600 points or $6 via paypal

I'm done with school and the last batch of commissions, so sticker chibi comms are re-opened  Slots are first come first serve via pm*. *^* b please send me a note if you're interested!

I'm still open for 2 slots of normal chibis like this:
AT: bunnily by tsunyandere

:iconmuahplz:  free time once again, so I'm opening 5 slots for now. The chibis are first come first serve via pm.

if you noted me before (and do not see your name on the worklist) can still have a slot if you pm me. thank you guys so very much! :iconblushinplz: 
Sticker Chibi: 400 :points: per character
Sticker Chibi Batch 2 by tsunyandere Sticker Chibi Batch 3 by tsunyandere

individual sample:
chibi: aluikaiser by DeathHime comm: ladollblanche by DeathHime comm:toeiya by DeathHime

:bulletgreen: LaDollBlanche done
:bulletgreen: LaDollBlanche done
:bulletgreen: Toeiya done
:bulletgreen: Toeiya done
:bulletgreen: XxSaChan done
:bulletgreen: mimikkun done
:bulletgreen: kioler done
:bulletgreen: StrawberriesJam done
:bulletgreen: StrawberriesJam done 

BATCH 2 slots:
:bulletgreen: TangolaDude done
:bulletgreen: TangolaDude done
:bulletgreen:  Szayelsaur done
:bulletgreen: Tuliblu done
:bulletgreen: yui-22 done
:bulletgreen: yui-22 done
:bulletgreen: Sparkling-Cirrus done
:bulletgreen: MilkCrown done

+ extra slots
:bulletgreen: Vaniraa done
:bulletgreen: Vaniraa done
:bulletgreen: Vaniraa done
:bulletgreen: beelzezlover done
:bulletgreen: Warmi-warst done

:bulletgreen: nano-nii done
:bulletgreen: nano-nii done
:bulletgreen: kittsay done
:bulletgreen: kittsay done
:bulletgreen: CrystalSugarStars done

:bulletgreen: Voixeon done
:bulletgreen: yuzukipon done
:bulletgreen: TheClaireNecessities done
:bulletgreen:  Kyo-yos done
:bulletgreen: Relxion-kun  done

:bulletgreen: Hachiimi  done
:bulletgreen: Litecchi  done
:bulletgreen: HarumiChii done
:bulletgreen: MoeMocha done
:bulletgreen: takarayume done
:bulletgreen: MeriFren  done
:bulletgreen:  DesireeU done

:bulletgreen: Meiberu x2 done
:bulletgreen: AiriDumplings done
:bulletgreen: Yamiis done
:bulletgreen: Mayo-Senpai done
:bulletgreen: KraiKrai done
:bulletgreen: XAngelFeatherX done

:bulletgreen: birdieweed x2 done
:bulletgreen: Pinkiiee done done
:bulletgreen: kohaicrisps done
:bulletgreen: XvXElectric-AngelXxX done
:bulletgreen: royalhighmess done
:bulletgreen: Pantipaws done
:bulletgreen: GeneralTea x2 done
:bulletgreen: Kittenica done

:bulletgreen: chemicaRouge done
:bulletgreen: mijikai-tan done
:bulletgreen:taeeee x2 done
:bulletgreen: Poooding x2 done
:bulletgreen: phy-be done
:bulletgreen: xFannyxdone
:bulletgreen: UtauRenidone
:bulletgreen: Ritsuioko23 done
:bulletgreen: blarglefargle done
:bulletgreen: valeriachan done

:bulletgreen: piichimi done
:bulletgreen: FuyonaSoul done    
:bulletgreen: clearlymachine done x3
:bulletgreen: RitsukApfel done
:bulletgreen: Kaboraku -hold-
:bulletgreen: Zomlien done

+Extra slots
:bulletgreen: clearlymachine x3 done
 :bulletgreen: SoganaxSaeki    x4 done
:bulletgreen: KraiKrai  x2 done
:bulletgreen: Kaji-Koneko  x2 done
:bulletgreen: matsubansu  done
:bulletgreen: x-Psychedelic x2 done
:bulletgreen: MoonPhyr done
:bulletgreen: Pukari done
:bulletgreen: Lululencia done
:bulletgreen: Wild-Snapdragon x10 done

Style 2: normal Chibis (1200 :points: or 12 usd per characer)

 (cell shade) Yami + Zorua by tsunyandere   
(lineless)   Sweets Time by tsunyandere  Chibi Yami Traditional by tsunyandere
G: Seine Lucius by tsunyandere Fey for Aluikaiser by tsunyandere
:bulletgreen: swiitea -done- 
:bulletgreen: KoYu-Latte done
:bulletgreen: luililie done
:bulletgreen: yoichi-masaki done 

If you're interested in ordering a chibi point comm, please send me a pm! Thank you!

The points I raise will go towards funding my art contest. Here is the journal entry for it.
Art Contest // Yami UTAU Anniversary [CLOSE]
CLOSED// In process of judging
This is a draw my oc art contest.  I added some rules regarding the theme this time around, so please read them over and feel free to ask me if you have any more questions! <ROUND 1> of this art contest has concluded and you may view the results here: Anyone who has entered for round 1 of the art contest is already included in the contest entry folder and is eligible to enter this portion of the art contest.
This art contest is open for <ROUND 2> and I am currently accepting prize donations. I would really appreciate if you guys could help out as well so that the prizes will be even better! The deadline for the art contest  is Aug 5 2014 at midnight 12 AM(Pacific US Time), but may be updated and changed if I deem that I needed more time  in order to give out the prizes.

  <prize list updated> <CE folder updated>

:iconblushinplz: please check it out if you're interested. Thank you so much!

Originally, I planned on having my own art table at an anime con this year (near may), but something is going on with my club's funding because of a change in school policy. We don't know if we can raise the money to host it this year, but we're hoping to appeal to the school so we can rent out the premise. They raise the price on us to rent the convention space from $1000 to $5000. TvT b If we can get past this hurdle, then I will be drawing some things for League and turning them into buttons/ pins. *b*

Ohhh and also I've finally turned one of my dakimakura artworks into an actual hug pillow because I found a site that was cheap enough to screenprint it for the price I want. :iconsexylazeplz: I'll post the pillow case to show you guys when it gets here! Thank you! 

400k raffle reminder+ Features!

Journal Entry: Fri Sep 27, 2013, 8:43 PM

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wahhh I've reached 400 pvs! The raffle contest is concluded!  :iconmingflailplz:
hey guys thank you so much for participating in my raffle!
winners are announced here@

Thank you so much guys! * // A // * b

I wanted to feature some artists here that I really admire and I want to share them with you guys! You guys should definitely go check them out // A //  ~

1. Noririn-Hayashi
Thank You T v T by Noririn-Hayashi Ryone Yami 4th Anniversary by Noririn-Hayashi

2. ppshex

<da:thumb id="387608433"/><da:thumb id="403124163"/><da:thumb id="400854946"/><da:thumb id="383811914"/>

3. Luumies
Madoka by Luumies Draw with me by Luumies The master of Death by Luumies Chibi Comission: Lilka by Luumies

A Morose Make-Believe by TFOTR In the land of the West 2 by TFOTR _TheBlue by TFOTR :Commission: - Dragonprincess831 2 by TFOTR

5. Overlord-N
<da:thumb id="394275478"/><da:thumb id="400639625"/><da:thumb id="399826291"/><da:thumb id="399536545"/>
6. YOI-kun
PewDiePie ~Mad Father~ by YOI-kun ~Kimi No Me Wo~ by YOI-kun Ah, I'm so sorry! Everything is just a lie, okay? by YOI-kun

7. TerrainAKKA

Regarding school ^q^ + Point Comm Prices

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 25, 2013, 5:59 PM

|Watch Me|My Gallery|Commissions||PIXIV||Youtube|

hey guys, school is tomorrow :iconlazycryplz: ffff- my classes start soon and I hope this semester is easy *sips tea* I might be a little slower with posting new artworks because I'll have less time to draw and do utau stuff and such but I'll try my best to time manage- starting with the art list I need to finish on my profile. I actually got quite a lot done during this summer break like wow :iconlazycryplz: I managed to pass my driving test and get my license as well on top of getting a 4.0 this semester :iconsobbplz: I hope I can keep up my grades lol //runs off to play lol ahahaha

On a side note, my town in animal crossing is finally presentable, so I invite you all to visit my dream address @ 5900-2551-6300 :iconheplz:
come see my town of yami

Just wanted to make a little announcement about :points: comms, I figured out how to use the commissions widget and finally use the points for something, so I'm going to start accepting points again!

Here are some commission types I'm offering
:star::star: sticker chibi coms :star::star:
300 :points: each
AT: Totties by DeathHime Sticker Chibi Batch 3 by tsunyandere Sticker Chibi Batch 2 by tsunyandere comm: momo and noah by DeathHime
slots: unlimited

:star::star: thigh-up scenic cg :star::star:
2000 :points: each
sample: AT: Nagi for ppshex by tsunyandere Yami Yume Design Concept by tsunyandere

slot 1: -reserve-

Also, my adoptable [strawberry lolita bunny] is now offer to adopt because I don't have a time to do an auction once school starts, please make an offer in :points: or $ to take her home! Thank you! Let's work hard this semester!

Strawberry Girl [sold to soki92] by tsunyandere

Thank you! *q*

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 5, 2013, 8:31 PM

|Watch Me|My Gallery|Commissions||PIXIV||Youtube|

I just came home to your wonderful messages and I really wanted to say thank you guys all so much for the birthday wishes! I had a great day today- hung out with friends, went out to eat had mochi icecream for the first time and I come back to this! Thank you so very much! I am incredibly grateful to all of you guys, my lovely watchers- I need to hand reply every message on my dA but wow this is going to take a long time because there's a lot

Thanks to all of you guys for making my birthday so memorable!
 :iconmingflailplz: :iconmingflailplz:  :iconmingflailplz:  :iconmingflailplz:  :iconmingflailplz:  :iconmingflailplz: 

I came back and my friends (justins and aaron) had an animal crossing sesh haha

I'm the one in kagamine rin cosplay- you guys should totally add me on acnl if you haven't already because I would love to play with you!

and I want to feature a lovely artist, my hubbu :icontfotr:, :iconmingflailplz:  :iconmingflailplz:  :iconmingflailplz:  :iconmingflailplz:  :iconmingflailplz:  :iconmingflailplz:  :iconmingflailplz:  :iconmingflailplz:  :iconmingflailplz:  :iconmingflailplz:  :iconmingflailplz:  :iconmingflailplz: 

Everyone please, take a look at the lovely PV she made for yami anni (it beats my pv by a ton omggg // hides own pv in a shoe)

I'm scream because years and years ago, I said I really wish there was a Adult's Toy ( otona no omocha) ust, but because of the vocal parts being really heavy metal screamo, it was way too tough to make. but tuti and hubbu get together and make it! :iconlazycryplz: I invite you all to watch because this is seriously my favorite rin song ever cry, I hope you guys will like it too! :iconnblolplz:  vocascreamo should be a genre

Thank you guys all for the birthday wishes and presents. I am so grateful to you guys, my friends and watchers! :iconweepplz:


400k Free Raffle Winners

Journal Entry: Sun Jun 23, 2013, 5:27 PM

|Watch Me|My Gallery|Commissions||PIXIV||Youtube|


Thank you guys so much for participating in my 400k raffle!

The winners of the sticker chibi raffle are
1. iShyNightmare
2. Rhaeiny

and the thigh-up winner is kelkeltang215 with his request of shimakaze! Thank you guys so much for participating in my little raffle and constantly supporting me! I really appreciate it~!  <3:icongtthplz:

Raffle Prize: Shimakaze by tsunyandere


hi everyone! I'm probably going to be hosting a raffle journal & give away free art  instead of hosting a 400k kiriban this year. Thank you all for watching me and supporting me! Every comment and feedback you guys leave me is appreciated!  I also have something special planned for yami birthday. :iconlazyshyplz:  What kind of options would you like for the prizes? I was thinking giving away 2 sticker chibis and a halfbody cg piece:
sample prize pool> Happiness by tsunyandere Sticker Chibi Batch 2 by tsunyandere

:bulletyellow::bulletyellow::bulletyellow:Here are the contest rules:bulletyellow::bulletyellow::bulletyellow:
1. This is an absolutely free raffle open to my watchers only. 
2. You must be a watcher and favorite this journal
3. If you wish to enter the prize draw for the halfbody cg piece, you must leave a comment and a reference of your character
4. The winners will be announced when I hit 400k pageviews

Once I reach 400k hits, I will use a  random number generator to get 2 winners for the chibi raffle and select 1 winner for the halfbody cg raffle. I will then note you for your prize. To see how much the prizes are worth, please check out my commission info:…

Everyone please have fun~

I may* be taking a small hiatus for 1 month before school starts (this is tentative, because I haven't booked the plane tickets to Asia yet),  but I will try my best to finish everything on my art list before I leave.  If you are not on the list, and I owe you something like a commission or artwork, please note me and I'll see what I can do. :iconlazeplz:

Now, onto the tag meme! I was tagged by the wonderful madoka and rika and I'll try my best to answer:

1.こんにちはお元気ですか?Hello! How are you?
I'm very good. :iconlazycryplz: lazing around the house for the summer and sleeping in. I have a lot of work I need to finish!

Who is your favorite artist? (As in drawing?)
This is my influence map> designs have always been heavily influenced by oyari ashito-sensei's work. but my drawing style is more heavily influenced by momopoco-san.

3. あなたのお気に入りのビデオゲーム、テレビ番組や音楽のアーティストは何ですか?
What are your favorite video games, tv shows and musical artists?
My current favorite game is LoL, I'm pretty bad at it l0l get carried more k. I'm watching shingeki no kyojin and plan to watch the dangan ronpa anime when it comes out. My favorite band  to listen to atm is Epik high. Heaven -instrumental- is my drawing music.
If you could be any animal, what would you be?
Cat! I love sleeping!  and not doing stuff

You have the power to bring ANY anime/manga/cartoon character to real life! Who do you choose?
oo I would like my own zorua, the passive would be hella useful

Now, what superpower would you like to have?

Which VOCALOID would you marry? (UTAU and gender bends count)
Rin/Len :iconpapmingplz: asami shimoda 5ever 
What is your favorite anime?
SnK atm, mikasa is sooo cool

Make a list of 5 things that make you fan girl.
bl, kichiku megane, yandere and tsundere boys, nitro+chiral games, k uniform designs,, magi doujinshis about sinbad/ judal
Did you have fun? I hope you did! 

tags: too lazy to tag properly *anyone who reads this and wants to do this meme, feel free~
Thank you for reading my tag journal! :iconlazeplz: