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How to build Chibi Papercraft

By tsunyandere
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These are comprehensive instructions for building a chibi model.
*common sense plays a huge parts in figuring where each part go so please try to make sense of it VISUALLY. ^^

All comments disregarding this will be flagged as spam. Thank you.

This works for all Chibi templates based on the original Chibi Miku by Niseke.

*use liquid glue, I use clear glue (like the asian brand), but school glue should work. It is nearly impossible to glue it together with stick glue. It's not adhesive enough.

How to print:

You can paste the base into a word processing program like Microsoft word and you can fit two papers onto 1 page. The sizing is perfect and easy to manage.

The paper I use is 9x11 normal printer paper. ^^
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thou-ART-avillain's avatar
thou-ART-avillainHobbyist General Artist
Cool! Thanks for this! I'm going to try and make my own models of my characters and persona :)
BDMC96's avatar
Thank you! I printed out a few chibi papercraft templates but couldn't figure out what to do with the bangs. This helped a lot!
Hushypuppy9001's avatar
Hushypuppy9001Hobbyist General Artist
could i use hot glue
BlingboyYT's avatar
BlingboyYTHobbyist Artist
yes i use it
Hushypuppy9001's avatar
Hushypuppy9001Hobbyist General Artist
alright! lets get started
foxlady360's avatar
foxlady360Student General Artist
PudgieHedgie's avatar
PudgieHedgieHobbyist Digital Artist
is it odd that I can make these with stick glue?
raventhesoulreaper's avatar
raventhesoulreaperHobbyist Artist
no it aint odd i used stick glue as well
Tori-Otaku-A-M's avatar
Tori-Otaku-A-MHobbyist General Artist
The only problem I'm having is sometimes with the hair, I find it to be a bit flimsy at times XD
RosalinaLuma12's avatar
RosalinaLuma12Hobbyist Traditional Artist
whats the torso?
evilflippyfan205's avatar
Thank you I would have messed up if I didn't find this
MARYAM-KASANEStudent Digital Artist
Thanks, I downloaded all of vocaloid chibi but did not know how to make them, they liked it quite a lot and are very kawaiis, thanks again and I say, you've done a great job
Shnloid's avatar
ShnloidStudent General Artist
How do I make them last long? They always break into pieces...
Mini-Wolfsbane's avatar
Mini-WolfsbaneHobbyist General Artist
THANK YOU SO MUCH!! This is a life saver. I just printed out a paper craft and I'm sitting there looking at it like "whut? How do I even?".
I wasn't sure if the dotted lines meant folding or cutting. (Sometimes I'm not the brightest crayon in the box.)
FF2Rainbowgleam82's avatar
FF2Rainbowgleam82Hobbyist General Artist
i will use this when i get this stupid lucas papercraft to print! *bangs the printer* WILL YOU JUST LET ME PRINT ONE LITTLE THING!?
GingerCat-P's avatar
GingerCat-PHobbyist Digital Artist
Ah... When I made a few chibi papercrafts, I didn't use this tutorial, so the arm and legs ended up falling off and ending up all over the place ^^; This is very helpful, thank you! :D
magicalflutter5's avatar
magicalflutter5Hobbyist Artist
This was helpful. Now I can finish my Homura. ^.^
Battiana's avatar
BattianaHobbyist Artist
How about the hands? More detailed plz? I don't get that part.
MarkLim13's avatar
MarkLim13Hobbyist Photographer
Wait, what about the gap between the legs? You didn't cut it out.
Eldermiomoi's avatar
I seriously don't know how to fold the arms, there's only one flap!!! Its really confusing, perhaps there should be an update blog, plus the dotted lines aren't there! I don't really care if its too visible, you just have to fold it and it won't be seen -_-
henechi's avatar
I use school glue, and I recommend to use a small stick to pick up some glue and puting it in the tab :3 it gives more accuracy and you get your hands clean
Yukichan033's avatar
Can anybody tell me how to glue the legs and the body together T-T
Without getting the legs too short ._.
ameyexi's avatar
ameyexiStudent Traditional Artist
Thank you I couldn't do this till now!
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