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There and back again

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 21, 2013, 8:41 PM

For those who 'got' that quote- congrats. Personally I'm really happy they made the movie, but I'm not quite sure how they're going to stretch things over 3 films.

That aside...

I left my old job. I have mixed feelings about it- it made me happy to see how our work turned out on TV, I liked the rest of our little team and the money wasn't bad- but at the same time, I couldn't handle the schedule; things happened that made me realize that I needed to pay more attention to other aspects of my life.

It takes some courage to quit- I didn't exactly want to stew at home unemployed. However my cousin helped me find somewhere else where the schedule is a bit more flexible; not perfect, but I'm feeling like this is a step in the right path. :)

And so after a long, long time; I am back. Hi, dA!

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I am employed-yes! I have joined zee great rat race, and I got rather lucky because it's in my field, kind of. I color storyboards and occasionally do some character/concept design for PREVISMNL-

My boss is a nice person (are you reading this, Jill? hii, I'm percolating ideas while I type) and quite fair about work; but it is unavoidable that with more responsibilities, I have less time for personal things now. Whatever free time I have is mostly spent resting (sleep is zee majiks!), with the family, or with friends to remind them I'm still alive; y'know, real life things.

So to sum it all up- online, I've been pretty quiet. I still owe lots of people chibis; I apologize for that. I can't say for sure when I'll be able to finish them all, but for sure I will be working through the list one at a time.
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YOU HAVE DEFEATED LASTBOSS - aka thesis defense

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 19, 2012, 8:00 PM

IT'S OVER *cue jumping, howling crowds of post-defense students* I am now so... SO CLOSE TO GRADUATION GUYS
( ゚∀゚)アハハ八八ノヽノヽノヽノ \ / \/ \

and it only took like.. a few months with gastritis, no social life, sleep, outdoor activity, or proper food! Yeah... so gonna do it again for the lulz But even after the punishing schedule and near-constant wrist pain, I quite liked the constant drawing- in fact after getting in some sleep I can't wait to get drawing again. this is probably some sort of mental case

The endgame is not quite over- there are some reports to finish, I still have to compile the documentation and whatnot into a nice organized book form, and HECATE 1 itself is not ready for public release... so I'm still busy till April but... hey our class will have an exhibit! (You can click the image to go to the FB event page)

University of the Philippines Industrial Design and Visual Communication 2012 Undergraduate Thesis Exhibition

March 24-31, 2012
Level 4, Shaw Hallway Grand Atrium, Shangri-la Plaza Mall

Exhibit opens on March 24, 6pm!
Cocktails will be served

I know the magic word here is the cocktails but the displays should be pretty interesting too( ^_^)o自自o(^_^ )

My apologies for the muddy colors but I vomited this poster out in half a day so yeaa *shot* btw I will be there at the exhibit on Saturday for opening night,  so in case.. anyone would like to chat, or something, I won't bite.

support a friend?

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 1, 2012, 6:42 AM

:iconyinamon: (Yina) is doing a survey for her own thesis, linked here:…

instead of drawings though, she's offering a $50 gift certificate from YesAsia/Ebay/Amazon/ $40 direct via PayPal as a random prize. which strikes me as being a much more time-efficient prize but yeaa I never learned to plan ahead

I think she's done already? Thanks to those who participated!

in other news:

here's some scribbly crap for a header

HECATE: Chapter 1
TARGET: March (LMAO srsly)
SCRIPT: mostly done
ACT 1: scripted; planning
ACT 2: lines complete, awaiting basecolors and landscape shots
ACT 3: basecolors done; to-detail
ACT 4: lines done; awaiting basecolors
ACT 5: scripted; planning
ACT 6: what is this lmao

major character designs:  11/11 done
designing the armies: asfasdsf no comment

El Psy Congroo: operation skuld

Journal Entry: Wed Jan 11, 2012, 6:51 AM

Actually, STEINS;GATE reference aside... it's more like Operation:Schooled.

It's the 2nd and last semester and the thesis data has been gathered (again, thank you... more on that in the 4th paragraph) organized, deemed OK to use by the powers that be professor, and now we enter the endgame. The project itself.

At the moment said project- the webcomic, web manga, whatever- is composed of a concept, script, rough notes for the storyboard, a dozen character sketches and an estimated 120~180 frame count.

So from Jan~ March I have 180 frames of madness to paint. LOL TSU WHY YOU START IN JANUARY??? it's in the schedule! Though I didn't realize my classmates would be making print ads and filming live action and I would be painting a couple hundred frames. Scheduling fail!

So unfortunately I have to move everything again- the chibis, a commish I had lined up (though I didn't charge him yet, to be fair) till around April. I feel like crap moving the deadline again and again, but... I do want this to be my last semester. I hope you understand.

will resurface on the 16th

Journal Entry: Tue Dec 6, 2011, 7:58 AM

epic load of holiday homework. Oy, it's like they don't want to let us go. Hopefully this semester will be my last, anyway.

I'm sorry I've fallen behind so much on the chibis and the drawings. I haven't been able to draw anything in ages. Every day when I come to class it's like WHAT DO YOU MEAN, MORE HOMEWORK

our break begins on the 16th, so... hope to see you all then!

on art theft and anime wallpapers

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 6, 2011, 12:36 PM

The theft in question, is this seller on eBay:

This is old news to the anime wallpaper community (such as MiniTokyo: where there is a thread regarding it) but I live under a pretty big rock so I didn't learn about it till now. I think wallpaper artists on dA should be aware!

First off, my art- whether it's my own drawings or wallpapers crafted from scanned anime pictures from magazines; is free for personal use. You may use it as a wallpaper on your desktop (and that makes me happy), or even print it out to hang on your real wall. I've also grown lenient about my stuff being posted in fansites (particularly the anime wallpapers) and being used as forum banners and signatures.

However, there are still three things that tick me off:
1. Claiming ownership of my art
:bulletred: Unless it's uploaded to the Desktop Screenshots section... it is not your work to post. And adding filters or textures to my work does not make it yours.

With the exception of Original Anime Art, most of the wallpapers I uploaded to my AnimePaper gallery are crafted from scans from anime magazines and official art. I usually do a lot of repainting and make the backgrounds from scratch. Still, I credit the original artists by linking the scans used. It's only polite.

So far the best example I have is my K-ON! wallpaper... but since my signature is intact wherever it's posted (probably) the poster didn't claim ownership, so it's fine with me. Which leads to the 2nd point here..

2. Removing my signature
:bulletred: As mentioned, my works are free for personal use. We wallers try to keep our signatures as small as possible so as not to take away from the enjoyment of the user. The least people could do would be to respect the effort put into something and keep the signature intact.

3. Selling my work for profit. Especially if it's without my knowledge!
:bulletred: This is just greedy. Downloading something for free then making money off of it? Report, report.

dA community, stay vigilant! And check that guy's gallery. Your work may have been stolen. Artgerm's Pepper was stolen, after all...

thank you for the bday greetings + chibi update!

Journal Entry: Mon Oct 24, 2011, 9:07 AM

Thank you for the birthday greetings everyone! :) It was a relatively quiet day, spent with my family and a few close friends, but I am very happy.

Also, I've put up some drafts of the promised chibis, in scraps. I'm sorry it's been delayed so much, but I kind of.. forgot to take into account family trips and the like, stuff that people do on vacation... orz. but they will get done!

These are not finished, they are just so people can have something changed before I start coloring. If you want me to make changes to your chibi tell me through a comment on this journal cause my inbox is TOTALLY MESSED UP. I will edit this journal when new chibis have been uploaded. The small stars next to the scribbled labels mean that it will get extra care during the coloring process.

Chibis draft batch1_3-11 by tsunoh
3- Yinamon
4- EdtheStrange
5- WingedGenesis5
6- projectTiGER

Bottom row:
7- * (DeAngelus); note misplaced or not received; please resend your details. dA's note system needs a freaking search filter...
8- oi-m
9- Mirrirou
10- wavemaster-fay
11- DawnWarrior

Chibis draft batch2_12-18 by tsunoh
Top row:
12- Chikabiti
13- AJ333
14- Avaira
16- kuroi-onee

Bottom row:
17-  kariimorinozuka
18- KuraiGekkou
+ 42- Tsuiren
+ 51- ChibiChise
+ 20- HappyIceCube
+ 34- blarglefargle

Chibis draft batch3_19-28 by tsunoh
Top row:
19- ShinYuugen
21- Yami211
22- Aeleri
23- K4ko

Bottom row:
24-  Mart-the-Tyrant
25- Fell4
26- hiyayaka-anrui
28- Oxxidian

I am skipping entries that did not give details- some didn't want a chibi and some may have forgotten to send details(?) if so I'll be drawing them later. Also, for those who are wondering why I suddenly skipped to 42 onwards- KuraiGekkou requested that I draw him and his friends as a group. :)

Again, if you see something you want me to change about your chibi, note me before I start coloring! It will make things easier.

Hail, sem break + FB

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 14, 2011, 8:59 AM

... I think I passed. Pretty sure *waves coffee cup* but one should neeeever think about that sort of thing during the break! Yes, yes.

Apologies for the delays! Tomorrow I will start with Kayalisabanari's first, and work through the chibis list according to the order they were received.

Um.. also... I have an FB page now, mmkindof:


Though really the only thing I use FB for is Sims spam... but this should be easier than trying to track down work from all the websites I posted on.

G'night, dA!


Journal Entry: Thu Sep 29, 2011, 2:04 AM

The winner of the draw is 54. Kayalisabanari!

:iconkayalisabanari: :iconkayalisabanari: :iconkayalisabanari:

Thank you all for participating! I still have two exams and the defense to think about, buuut I think I'll be able to start on the chibis by next week. :D

=== in other news ===
how many among you play RO (Ragnarok Online)? Yina (Yinamon) and I recently rediscovered a bit of fanfic we wrote based on the story of Kiel Hyre and we're thinking about releasing it as a webcomic. Those who've been watching my old account probably remember this as the AnimusRO Comic Collab project started by Rivira. Well we built from the main setting's story, and got so into it that we made up entire mythologies and three Families of Greater Magic and a transdimensional reason for RO's maneating flowers, riding giant birds, wheelbarrows as deadly weapons... and, you know... weird things (0:51) that make sense in context.

It's a tribute to our old love, Ragnarok, with some new elements. Anyone curious? :meditate:

Llamas be with ye all. :llama:

survey endeth + important news RE: Anime Walls

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 18, 2011, 8:53 AM

Thank you to everyone who participated!

Since I was busy, I didn't realize it's already past the deadline. Lulz. But all the requests I've received so far get the chibi. Please check if you're on the list:

1. otaku99
2. Junay
3. EdtheStrange
4. WingedGenesis5
5. projectTIGER
6. DeAngelus
7. Oi-m
8. Mirrirou
9. Wavemaster-fay
10. DawnWarrior
11. XsweetnSourX
12. AJ333
13. XkuraiNekoX
14. Raikua
15. kuroi-onee
16. kariimorinozuka
17. KuraiGekkou
18. Palio-Lycaon
19. HappyIceCube
20. Yami211
21. Aeleri
22. K4ko
23. Mart-the-Tyrant
24. Fell4
25. Hiyayaka-annui
26. MadFenris
27. absta101
28. RayValentine
29. crownedjester
30. Lunare-chan
31. MikomichanXD
32. zexion-a-magic-book
33. blarglefargle
34. careko
35. fireflywishes
36. mercurialwings
37. Saenda
38. simplesilver
39. SaoruUchiha
40. insideTheLine
41. Tsuiren
42. okalevi
43. SugaryInsanity
44. BubblyShoot
45. rchrd06
46. lindarinda
47. nelsontyh
48. YukiNoto
49. Desmond-the-Patient
50. ChibiChise
51. Mocha-Biscuit
52. sakurab
53. Blsck-chat
54. Kayalisabanari
55. kuryuki
56. mlbpro417
57. Elegant-Blue-Heart
58. NyanNoMurder
59. chibimisao
60. Intelius
61. Axinite

These are the people whose notes I received but have not yet replied to; you guys still get the chibi too, just wait a bit while I read through the notes, please.
62. PuppyD
63. akisura12
64. Lovesabkusan
65. LuigisMiku
66. artedrosa

All in all, 65recount: 66 respondents! Reminder, I can't start drawing right now, probably till after I'm done with my thesis (estimated, after Oct 8) The chibis will probably be uploaded in batches of 10 per deviation. If you have not yet sent me the details for yours, please note me.

The lottery for the full illustration will be done on sometime tomorrow. :)


Ok. Some of you are probably aware that I regularly submit work to Kisuki.NET. It is a site run by a friend of mine, Yinamon and we offer the site content free for personal use- the wallpapers, downloads, tutorials, etc. We don't charge people for it.

However, it has come to our attention that some people have been complaining about our recent wallpapers having signatures on them. This is just how things work. We might not charge anything for our stuff, but we made them, we want to be associated with them, and so we put our names, and the site name on them. We would like it if people could respect that- we don't charge you, and really the only thing we want in return, is for people to know where something came from, so if they like it they know where to go for more.

Case in point:

Karui Ongaku RE: Wired, one of my wallpapers for the 120 War speed walling group. I don't upload my anime wallpapers here, because they are made with scanned anime images and not my personal drawings. I don't object to them being posted as part of screenshots either. But if it's being presented as someone else's work, I won't take that. That is called ripping/plagiarizing.


Journal Entry: Thu Sep 15, 2011, 7:50 AM

I'm working on my thesis these days, and I really need help right now... and since this is such a rush, I am offering bribes free chibi commissions for everyone who fills out this survey! So, here goes...

:bulletred: due Sunday, Sept 18 2011 12pm GMT. I am going to be strict about this, cause I have a mountain to type up.
:bulletgreen: copy the survey below, and paste it into a note addressed to me. Please do not reply here!
:bulletgreen: everyone who fills in this survey and notes me, automatically qualifies for a free chibi. Example. I will reply to your note once I accept it and request details for the character you want me to draw. (the more detailed you are with your answers, the more detail your chibi will probably have... xD hint hint)
:bulletgreen: filling this in means you also get a chance to win a fully detailed (background, bells and whistles, the works) commission from me! I will choose the winner through Random.Org, so it's all fair. BUT! There is something you can do to get more chances, and that is...
:bulletred: ... by linking to this post/plugging on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter! I will need you to show me a screenshot (don't know how to take a screenshot? click here) of your post, or some similar proof (if your posts are visible to everyone, just sending me a link to it is fine)

:bulletred: I will only be able to start working on the drawings by mid-October though. Our thesis defense is on Oct.10 (any tips for not throwing up?) so I can't start work any sooner.



1. Age:
A) 10~15
B) 15~20
C) 20~25
D) 25~30
E) 30+.

2. Gender:

3. Education/ employment: (no need to be too specific)

4. How do you like to experience a story?

A) read a book
B) watch a movie
C) watch a tv series (anime counts as this)
D) play a videogame
E) comics/ graphic novels/ visual novels (this covers manga as well)

5. Have you ever come across a story that affected your lifestyle?
A) Yes; _______________ because it ______________
B) No.

6. Have you ever read/seen/played something because it's popular? And did you think it was worth it?
A) Yes; _______________ (feel free to name as many as you like) because _____________.
B) No.

7. Would you prefer to see an actual image of something rather than imagine it in your head?
A) Yes.
B) No.
C) I like both (ex. Film or game adaptations of books)

8. Do you enjoy webcomics?
A) Yes!
B) They're ok.
C) Not really.

And we're done! Thank you for participating!

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Like us on Facebook:

Quoting Yinamon's news entry on
Hey guys!

First of all I want to thank you for the feedback and comments on Kisuki's new layout and thank you for over 400 fans on facebook! ;_;

Secondly, I wanna start a link button contest for Kisuki because I suck at making them. D: I'm always impressed by all the wonderful buttons and avas you guys make. How can you create art on such a small area?!


:bulletblue: Everyone can participate!
:bulletblue: Button dimensions: 88 (width) x 31 (height) pixels only!
:bulletblue: Images: You can choose any (NON Hentai) images you like.
:bulletblue: Text on button: "Kisuki" or "" must be visible. You can also add more text if you want, however "Kisuki" is the least text the button must have.

:bulletred: June 20th, 2011


:bulletblue:1st place: Original Anime Art wallpaper. The wallpaper will be made especially for you, based on your requests.
:bulletblue:2nd place: Original Anime Art (non wallpaper size). The drawing will be done especially for you, based on your requests.
:bulletblue:All winners of the buttons which get chosen to represent Kisuki will get a link back to a website of their choice on the links page and news page.

Submit your entry along with your email and website (if you have one) to You can also use the contact form if you like.

I know this is a small contest but I'm still hoping to see lots of wonderful buttons from you guys! :3

:icontsunoh: :iconyinamon:
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First off, thanks to :iconrussockshitha: he contacted me sometime ago about a contest prize, and we agreed on a Male Golden Pheasant, which he uploaded here… I haven't had someone pour effort into a drawing for me before, aside from art trades and paintchats, so... thanks a lot :w00t:

Secondly, I've been wondering what one is supposed to do after winning something. Are you supposed to PM people? I have this... problem about starting conversations lmao I have a horror of nagging people... probably why I avoid Facebook like the plague, I don't want to waste other people's time having to read details like... what I ate today (and since am pretty much a work>home>sleep>rinse-repeat kind of person, there is rarely anything new to post). This is also why someone who commissioned me before forgot about her request and I went unpaid for weeks... without Yinamon's help I would never have gotten paid but anyway TL;DR Who is supposed to make the first move after winning something?

Thirdly, (and this is something I have mentioned before) what would be decent pricing for commissions here on dA? A dollar per drawing is low, but I don't want to scare people away making it too high either.

Lastly OMG I've been too busy to pay attention to my dA messages and I just saw that it's yuumei's birthday today. ASDASADASDF BRB WORK I need to be able to turn something out after I get to go home QQ…


Also, does anyone here have a premium IMDB account? So we can verify once and for all the supposed name change from Tetsuo to Travis.
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I am leaving later today to inquire about outreach programs... I'm not familiar with how the Red Cross works and would prefer to offer my time instead as I'm a little short on money right now.

Terrible as the incident was, there is another way we can help Japan, aside from praying for them and joining outreach programs, and that is: STOP PANICKING. I just read a text message that claimed that, according to BBC, Japan's nuclear reactors are already spreading radiation into the atmosphere and all Asia is to keep indoors to avoid it. THIS IS NOT TRUE. While the area around Fukushima is being evacuated, the amount of radiation does NOT affect the rest of Asia.

(BBC:…… )

Please, if you know anyone sending out messages like this, tell them to stop. It is not 'concern for other's welfare'; it is just causing others unnecessary panic about the incident. It is useless and dangerous; if people truly care about the cause then at least verify your sources first.

1.) How Addicted You Are to Gaming?

2.)also known as 'How Long You and the P*(PC/PS/PSP/whatever) Have Been Married', and how many children you have, which I will discuss further)

Since life seems to be settling back into something resembling normalcy... lemme ask you all, how addicted are you? Cleaning up around the house resulted in my discovery of particular relics of mad gaming days- a stack of P2P cards for Ragnarok Online (each card representing a week of monster-bashing bliss, and to think that P2P cards DON'T cover my private server days); half a dozen binders filled with trading cards (ok,confession; I was so obsessed with this that classmates stopped betting their cards on the outcome shortly after I walked away with someone else's Chaos Emperor Dragon. I remember starving myself during those years to buy stuff though. seriously, healthy lifestyle. very healthy.)

About your... gaming children. As a dare to myself I decided to tally all the characters I've played 'for more than a bit', meaning that trial characters and characters I made to leech my dual clienting self to a particular level, do not count.

And, are you ready for my grand total (so far as my amnesiatic self can remember), is...

well, drumroll! and guess....

wait for it...

46! ._. 6 years of online gaming and... woah. So I have 46 online children! Milestone!
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bites. It is endlessly frustrating to have to be cheerful during this time of the year when actually, you grit your teeth everytime the radio plays something happy. It doesn't go with the mourning spirit. And to top it off, I can't draw properly. Somehow crows and the like pop up on every attempt I made.

... I need to go punch a kitty.
I've been working harder than ever lately, but it's getting to be kind of fun eh o.o I'm getting used to this job, I think.

though that means by the time I get home I'm usually too brainburned to draw. .-. And tis the season where tons of people have birthdays alongside holidays and one has to rely on the store-bought cards, unless one starts drawing months in advance... which I didn't.

still, one finds time for some holiday gift things. I don't celebrate X-mas but let's consider this as a NY gift giving fest, yes?


WISHLIST for TheNaughtyList (thanks for inviting me!)
2 options:

1. Mabinogi
-my character Jinshou…, and my friends' characters: Schooko… and Ningen…

2. Knite
-Jin… | character sheet either looking emo or going all out in some Mario game.

The thing that would make me the most happy would be if someone drew fanart for HECATE, but then since I haven't uploaded art of most of the main characters, 'tis my fault there's nothing to draw from, or upon since I haven't showed anyone the story either, aside from Yina. My beloved child is still being written... but it will come out someday! somedaay..... *echo*


IN OTHER NEWS: ugh this entry is looong

I have recently put up a commission thread, over at the Nexon forums, for the simple reason that I was broke at the time. However, as Rizu pointed out, it is rather amusing that I waffle out of charging people actual monies (somehow charging people for my half-baked doodling feels... evil, unreasonable, something like that) and so far I've been taking payments in Mabinogi currency, and only making exceptions for cross-server transactions in which paying in Mabi gold is impossible.

So, err yea it appears I have this... confidence problem. of sorts.

Question: What do you think about me taking commissions? Good idea, bad idea? Punishable by law? A threat to public safety?

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one would assume that being able to work well with traditional media, would mean that you would adapt nicely to digitals, and vice versa. Right?


not even going to scan what I made, if I had a dog, I'd feed it to the dog maybe...  = 3 = The only traditional media that is kind to me, is pencil. And the smudger. Anything with a brush= ARGGGHHHH KILL IT WITH FIIIIIREEEE

So, people: Which traditional media do you work with, and why?

SMX Hall 2, SM MALL OF ASIA, Pasay City

My friends and I (the sugar-high people of kumagOMORI) are going to the con, dressed as.... a random army of kimono wearing people. We'll probably be easy to spot, considering our typical idiotic behavior YOUTHFUL ENERGY ON HELIUM

We don't take cosplay srsly, sorry. We cosplay with a sense of humor... and a featherweight budget.

See you there!

note: for the curious, our group name very roughly translates to 'Five Bears in the Forest', and a whole lot of other things in various languages:

-KUMA   -bear
-KUMAG  -idiot
-GO     -five
-o      -'in'
-MORI   -forest or wood
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