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I was tagged by Rock-well ! I have 13 questions, and I don't know if you care about me, but let's do this ! >: D

-The rules :
1.Write the rules. (Or copy and paste them, whichever you prefer.)
2. Answer 13 questions made by the person who tagged you, and make your own 13 questions.
3.Tag at least 5 deviants. Make sure they know that they are tagged.
4. Don’t say ‘’You’re tagged if you read this».
5. It is forbidden not to tag anyone.
6. Tag backs are not allowed.

-The questions :

1. What is the achievement you hope to reach ?

Being independent, have a job that pleases me, keep my great friends, and being happy in life !

2. If you were to listen to any other type of music, what would it be ?

Didn't really understood the question here, but I mostly listen to Dub, Electro, Vocaloids, Lo-Fi, Trance (Core, Psy, Goa, Prog...), Rock, Reggae...

3. Who are your most inspiring artists ?

It changes a lot, but like that I would say Paka, brittsartandstuff, Sushushh, Samkaat, Anjohink, Orangesekaii, Kawanocy, Hyanna Natsu (she's the one who made me want to draw), Sirjoancornella Cyarine, Rimapichi, Ohhpeach etc.......but mostly...I'm a big fan of Webcomic_name ! :'D

They're all on Instagram,check them out !

4. What was the worst accident you’ve ever had ?

Idk oAo

5. What was the best experience you’ve ever had ?

Had had many, but especially this year where I had the chance of living alone, improving a lot in my artschool, discovering many things, but also improving myself in any way I could ! My trip to Myanmar last year also gave me the chance to totally change my way of thinking too !

6. What is your favourite historic person ?

I LOVE Impressionnism, so I would say Monet, Manet, Sysley, but I also press F to pay respect for all the people that made great discoveries, and thoses who fought for their rights or their country !

7. What is your dream vehichle ?

Volkswagen Type 2, in orange :')

8. What was the worst expirence you have had with a friend ?

I don't know...I had no real bad experience with a friend as I try to remember o3o

9. Do you like where you live? What are the positives and negatives of your residence ?

I live in France, and I switch between 2 places constantly, so I'm mainly living alone in Villefontaine, where most of my friends live too thanks to school ! On the weekend or hollidays I'm living in my parent's house, just near Lyon, so I can go to the city more easily and see my bestfriends and boyfriend that live here !:3

10. Do you have any famous relatives, no matter how distant they are related from you ?

Well, nope ! One of my ancester is named Giacometti, but after some researches he was only a house painter xD

11. What is something about yourself that has changed a lot ?

My mentality has changed a lot, especially this year, thanks to my boyfriend ! I was always seeing the bad things in life, being sometimes mean, close minded, stressfull, I had a big lack of self estime, and mostly I was afraid to talk to peoples...

This has now changed, I'm way more positive, always trying to see the good side of life, I'm more talkative, less mean/agressive to people I don't like, proud of myself when I do something that is good, and the only thing I want is to improve in this way ! Everything is better in my life now ! (That may sound ridiculous but my life has really changed thanks to that :3)

12. How has 2018 been for you so far and what plans do you have for the rest of it ?

The best year so far, for now it was only a continuity of good thing that happened to me, and I'm working hard to do my best ! Karma always win :p

13. What was your favourite year, and why ?

Definitly this year !

I don't care about the rules, I won't tag anyone so feel free to do it if you want to !:3

Tagged by : :icondjelfin-4real:

1.You have to choose two characters you made.
2.You have to tell the truth! Don't lie!
3.Tag 7 people once your done!
4.Have fun!
Characters: Mitsu, Tsumi

1.Hello there! What's your name?

Mitsu : Hey ! I'm Mitsu ! Because I'm the antagonist of Tsumi, our names are opposed too !
Tsumi: Yo, I'm Tsumi, logic since I'm the chief of the insane side of the sins, and Tsumi means sins in japanese so yeah.

2.What's your favorite color?

Mitsu: Purple is beautiful !
Tsumi: I really like blue and black.

3.Do you have some one to love? If so, who?

Mitsu: Tsune will always be my only crush~
Tsumi: Nope, I don't love anybody, even you.

4.Favorite dessert?

Mitsu: Parfait à la fraise (french desert) are sooo good !
Tsumi: Tiramisu is pretty good I think.

5. Favorite fandom?

Mitsu: I've never been in any fandom, maybe this is not my type !
Tsumi: I've been in some creepypasta fandoms for a while, but it does not interest me anymore.

6. Favorite singer?

Mitsu: I really like pop music in general, Vocaloid songs often makes me vibrate !
Tsumi: Every kind of rock music, so I'll say Muse and Pink Floyd I mean

7. Favorite cartoon?

Mitsu: I have no idea ! Maybe Pingu since this is the only cartoon Tsune ever watched !
Tsumi: I don't like cartoons.

8. How old are you?

Mitsu: I'm eighteen, since we have the exact same age as Tsune !
Tsumi: Yeah, eighteen too.

9. Favorite song in Just Dance?

Mitsu: I think I'll say Katti Kallandal, we had so much fun dancing with Tsune on this song !
Tsumi: Pump up the jam is lit.

10. Favorite TV shows?

Mitsu: We don't watch TV shows here
Tsumi: Yeah, we don't

11. Do you have any brothers or sisters?

Mitsu: I think we can say that we are 3 siblings here ! Tsune, Tsumi and me ! :3
Tsumi: Uh.

Thank you to everyone who read this! I suppose it's my job to tag people now. I'm just going to randomly tag seven of my watchers!


Have Fun!