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Name: Esther Dupres
Nicknames: None at the moment
Gender: Female
Birthday: July the 1th
Age: 17
Height: 168 cm | 5'5"
Weight: 50.5 kg | 104 lbs
Orientation: Heterosexual
Occupation: Student | Part Time job as a waitress in a chic Café 
Nationality: French

Super Hero Identity: Leopa
Powers, Abilities, and Weapons: 
Bullet; Blue Healing ice
Bullet; Blue Speed
Bullet; Blue Agility

Miraculous Stone: Ribbon - It turns from Black to Blue

Weapon: Mirror - She carries it with her in the back of her pocket from her black short.
Special Power: Lighting Snow - She points her mirror to the sun and creates a reflection like the one does on the snow that blend people. Thanks to that, she can use her speed ability to attack the ennemies quickly and right.

Personality: Extremely shy Bullet; Yellow  Tries to do the best she can Bullet; Yellow  Caring Bullet; Yellow  Confident when she's on missions


Esther was born in Paris by her mother. She lost her father when she was only 3 years old after a car accident. Hopefully, Esther and her mother was saved by her father took too much damages and died in the accident. Esther's mom tried to best to fill the gape but Esther was missing him more than anything in the world. The last thing he offered her was her pink ribbon with a Onyx pearl on it. After some times, Esther passed through this horrible moment and kept forward without looking back. She got great marks in school, tried to gain some money to pay her futures studies or even her diver license. She found a job at a chic Café as a waitress to gain more money and sometimes, she likes to buy things to make happy her mother who was still shocked from the death of her husband but she never shows it to her daughter.

Bullet; Pink Sweets
Bullet; Pink Drawing
Bullet; Pink Learning new things
Bullet; Pink Going out to the park after getting a sweet patisserie from a boulangerie
Bullet; Pink Classic music

Bullet; Black Arrogant people
Bullet; Black Metal music
Bullet; Black Spicy food


Kwami Name: Unccia

Personality: Unccia is caring when Esther doesn't feel good and always there to cheer her up! Unccia acts like a mother but it doesn't annoy Esther.

History with Kwami: One day, Esther and her mother went to travel to Siberia to take some fresh air from here and visits the country. When they were walking in the snow, Esther made eye contact with a snow Leopard while some minutes. After getting back to the cabin and getting some sleep, she was wake up by a little meowing. She thought that it was a cat but when she turned the lamp on, she noticed Unccia floating on her ribbon. Seeing that made jump Esther of scare and she went to take a fly-swatter to crush it. But she stopped when she noticed it doesn't want to harm her so she went back to her bed and listened to Unccia's story to know how did she get there. After a few explaining, Esther went to sleep while listening to it, Unccia smiled and went back into the stone of her ribbon. This moment was going to make the two of them to be even closer later.


Partner's Name: TBA

History with Partner: TBA


Significant Other:

Mother - Claire Dupres 
Father - Tom Dupres (deceased)

Friends: TBA ((Rp pls anyone? o 7 o))

Enemies: TBA

Other Relations: /

Extra Info

Bullet; White Esther loves to hang out by wondering in the streets of Paris
Bullet; White She sometimes loves to go to the Louvre to learn new things, her favorite galerie is the Egyptian's Age
Bullet; White She would love to travel again in Siberia to see some snow leopards
Bullet; White After school, she usually go to a patisserie to get back at home with some croissants or pains aux chocolat for her mother
Bullet; White Before going to sleep, Esther prayed by saying what she did today to her father and hopes the he'll hear her from where he is
Bullet; White She loves to draw when she has nothing to do or sing
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