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SwitzerlandXShy!Blind!Reader - A New Hope[Free DL]

-Version 2-
*You can now enter your name, and the name of your dog along with the gender.
*Edited the Game Menu.

Download Link:…

*This Is The First Time I Tried Animation And Sound-Effects. Sorry If It Is Too Short.
*This Contains Files For Linux, Mac, And Windows.
*This Is For All-Ages.

--Story Done By ~TsunamiJurai
--Artwork Done By ~TsunamiJurai
--Switzerland Is From Hetalia
--Sound-Effects Are From Various Other Games
--Background Music Is From Fragile Dreams
--Programs Used: Ren'Py, Paint Tool SAI, RealWorld Cursor Editor

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© 2013 - 2021 TsunamiJurai
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I get a traceback error =(
minarette's avatar
Thank you! It's very cute =)
TsunamiJurai's avatar
how strange. It works for me
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Tried again and still nothing. It looks like the version you uploaded is missing the game resources (it has all the Ren'Py data, but no "game" folder). Could you try building another distribution and reuploading?
TsunamiJurai's avatar
I made the folder hidden so that people cant steal my art. I will do that then.
minarette's avatar
Oh, I see. What you need to do is put the art resources into an archive when you build your distribution. Find these lines in the "options.rpy" file:
   # build.classify('game/**.png', 'archive')
   # build.classify('game/**.jpg', 'archive')

and remove the "# " before each line.
TsunamiJurai's avatar
but it is strange that it works for me when I play with the hidden folder after I build it
stingfish101's avatar
Holy crud,
TsunamiJurai's avatar
i fixed the novel
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