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Spamano - Secret Cravings[Free Download]

:icontrollfaceplz: Comment What You Think About It And How I Could Improve My Art.

Download Link:…

*Yaoi Warning. Language Warning. Heavy Nosebleed Warning. Recommend 18+. Anyone Is Free To Download I'm Just Saying This As A Caution.
*My Goal Was To Make The Fan-Girls Die~
*Sorry For Crap Backgrounds, But I Hope The Sexiness Makes Up For It.
*This Contains Linux, Mac, And Windows Files.

--Story By ~TsunamiJurai
----Thanks ~Flowerfur101 For Helping Me With My Grammar And Putting It In Paragraphs For Me. I Love You~
--Artwork By ~TsunamiJurai
--Background Music: Rain Stain By Miku Hatsune
--Used Ren'Py, Paint Tool SAI, RealWorld Cursor Editor

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Jun 30, 2013, 9:17:16 PM
© 2012 - 2021 TsunamiJurai
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*claps* yes best game I love it 10/10 owo
TsunamiJurai's avatar
oh ty XD the game so old lol
SweetKandi's avatar
it might be old I still love it
Jaidenthetiger's avatar
what...the actual...heck just happened.... O~O
TsunamiJurai's avatar
erm stuffs happened
S-panje's avatar
((....G-Goodness... .////.))
TsunamiJurai's avatar
glad you like it :)
S-panje's avatar
((>///< I did~ Though, during the 'sexy scene' in the bedroom, Spain's eyes were staring into my soul. Judging me. O-O jk, jk, this was AWESOME!))
TsunamiJurai's avatar
well It is old and I didnt have a tablet, but now I do. :)
usuknowitslove's avatar
I liked the music, but to be honest I don't like the game it's self because Spain is taking advantage of Romano. Even though Romano told him to stop multiple times. I don't care if Romano "secretly wanted it" Spain should have stopped because he didn't know Romano didn't really want him to stop. 
TsunamiJurai's avatar
I understand but they have been dating awhile. It isnt like spain is forcing romano to do . Like raping and hitting him. I would say that even though a couple as been together for awhile that the girl would teasingly say no but she wants it. If Romano really didn't want it he would have done something (like kick him in the balls) and plus this visual novel isnt real. It is only imagination. I don't support rape in real life nor incest. Please don't take my writing seriously. The story will never happen or gonna happen in real life.

Thank you for your understanding.
MagdaTheHuman's avatar
OH my... I don't even know what to say.

I loved the music!
InsainCat1111's avatar
someone make me a lets-play!
TsunamiJurai's avatar
I need to re do the art on this game. to me it sucks but for some reason it is popular. once i fix my computer i can try to do a lets play
InsainCat1111's avatar
Could I help?

Art wise..
TsunamiJurai's avatar
I could send you the pictures that is in the vn and you could recreate it better. if that sounds okay. My drawings arent bad but i was rushed and wanted it to be out the way. If this is something you want to try then you would have to wait til i fix my computer which shouldnt be long.
InsainCat1111's avatar
sounds good. 

The whole reason I'm able to play these games is because I got a new computer
hyperanimefan's avatar
Holy shit...That was amazing!Big Fool Emoji-05 (Pervy Nosebleed) [V2] 
TsunamiJurai's avatar
glad you think so!
occrystalsummer's avatar
for some reason i am afraid to dowload it i dont wanna die from a nosebleeed
occrystalsummer's avatar
-twitch and nosebleed-
i...could....not...resist......-faints from nosebleed-
PrincessDarknight's avatar

I need to delete this file as soon as I finish with it xD
TsunamiJurai's avatar
hahaha. Your welcome
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