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   It was a Saturday evening, Aden and his team finished off the last bit of mobs that was attacking a small village. They have been at it for a few weeks now, but finally made a breakthrough in the defenses.  Many questioned why they are doing this for a simple village. But it wasn’t just any village, it was the home of Luna. Many fond memories were made here.

   Luna looks around at the surrounds even though much has changed since her last visit. She slowly closes her eyes and lifts her head, listening to the wind. Everyone is is still passing out healing potions and making food. It has been one hell of the day. She opens her eyes back up and heads towards Aden’s hut. Someone told her earlier that Aden got really bad hurt during the fighting, so she decides to check up on him. As she nears the hut, her palms starts to sweat so she rubs them together. It wasn’t long since, since she started to feel so nervous around Aden. Luna sighs to herself and knocks on the door lightly, “Aden?”

It wasn’t long until Aden answers, “You can come in.”

Luna steps in and closes the door, “Sorry to come so sudden.”

“No, not at all you’re not bothering anyone,” He sifts on the bed to make room for Luna, “Come sit.”

Her cheeks slightly goes red, “Oh, No that’s ok, I can sit on the floor. I was really just checking up on you. How is your arm?”

Aden lifts up his arm lightly, “As you see nothing to worry yourself over. What about you? Are you OK?”

Her wing twitches and she puts her hands behind her back, “Nothing out the ordinary, tho I am feeling a bit tired from using all that healing magic.”

“Even if you are strong, I don’t think you should push yourself like that. What if you get seriously hurt? We would lose a very good Damage-Healer,” He leans back against the wall, “Are you not going to sit with me?” Blushing, she sits next to Aden on the bed.

“Are you sure nothing is wrong? Your face is rather red,” He asked, sitting back up to place a hand on her forehead. “Well.. Your temperature feels normal.”

Surprised, Luna pulls away, “I'm fine, OK? After some rest I should be OK.”

“O.k…” He looks at her weirdly, trying to understand what she is thinking.

“Well.. Maybe there is something bothering me, but it isn’t that bad.” She looks up at him, looking back into his blue clear eyes. Every time when Luna looks, she could get easily lost in them, but not today. That is not what she came here for. She wanted to tell him her feelings, but how? Aden is rather oblivious when beating around the bush. So maybe she just has to say it? Luna takes a big gulp. “Aden?”


“Is there anyone you like?” She ask curiously.

“Well yes, there is someone.”

Luna felt the blood run cold in her face, “Oh..Really? Who would that be?”

“Well it isn’t just one person. I like everyone. They are so nice to me and fun to be around. Why do you ask?”

Luna facepalmed in her head and sighs, “Well...How should I say this...I like you, Aden”

Aden looks at her and smiles, “Well I’m pretty sure that the others do too. They are all great people.”

“N-No...like LIKE you.”

He smiles even bigger, “I like you too, Luna”

‘Ok. I can not believe that he is THIS dense,’ She thought and slightly glares at Aden as he still gives her a questioning face. Luna gulps again. She has to do something bold.

Aden looks worriedly at her as she stands up in front of him, “Are you sure you not feeling ill?”

Luna places her knees on both side of Aden’s legs, almost straddling him. “If you understood what I was saying…” She wraps her arms around his neck and slowly brings her lips to his. Aden blushes, and closed his eyes. “I..love you, Aden. I love everything about you.”

Luna kisses Aden tenderly. After what felt like minutes, she pulls away, breathing heavily and face flustered.

“Luna...I didn’t know you felt like that towards me.”

“That’s because you are nice to everyone…”

Aden grabs Luna’s upper arms, “Listen, Luna.”

‘Oh no,’ she thought, ‘He is going to refuse me.’ Luna starts to move away.

He pulls her closer to him, “It is true that I like everyone here on the team, but I don’t like you Luna.”

Luna covers her face, “I knew it..”

“Wait I’m not done,” Aden lifts up her chin so that she looks at him, “You’re the most beautiful out of all of them. Just like the Moon Goddess. So elegant and careful. I have always thought that I was no match for you.”

Luna gasps in surprise, “R-Really?”

Aden nods and brings his face to Luna’s lips this time, “I love you too.”
A short fluff that I wrote in November last year
© 2019 - 2020 TsunamiJurai
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