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Harry Potter

By tsulala
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My first collaboration of this magnitude, with my bestist buddy, :iconspeedking: !!

Yay for Harry Potter! XD
Had a ton of fun working on this it's like a baby to me.
We both took turns on each step of the process, creating a pretty seamless meld of our style, which is like..really weird to me and really cool at the same time. I wanna do it again! Grah! >o<

Oh yeah, and it's BIG! For your viewing pleasure... ^_~

...see if you can spot Beatrix~ hehe...
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This looks great.

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that means ron is actually thick

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This is just awesome I love it every thing about it from Fred and George dropping something on Snape's head right down to the thing in Ron's Mug it's just a incredible picture.
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I love the way you drew Fred and George
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I just love the amount of detail in this piece. 
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I love this picture! There's so much going on in each corner and it's fun to look at every time!
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I love it!! Harry's and Draco's expressions on this picture are what i love for XD
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There is so much going on! So many awesome characters in one place! It is a delight to look at! Love 
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 This whole thing is HILARIOUS!!!
well done! Clap
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The books in a pic
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well i recognize everone cept the one in the window. Is that one Bella?
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I love's so full of life :D
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Jeje the twins are so funny
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Love the way you did Luna! =)
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Sirius you cheeky thing.
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I LOVE how you did Snape!! The whole thing is awesome.
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Is that Bellatrix outside the window?
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