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Mass Effect chibis

By Tsukuyomaru
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I got a little carried away with some chibis that I was making and intending to turn into stickers...
Kaidan, Shepard, Joker, a reaper, a hanar, Mordin, Kasumi, fem!Shepard, Javik, EDI, Liara, Wrex, Tali, Garrus, Benezia, Saren, Legion, Thane, Grunt, and Jack.

Most of these characters, I drew for the first time ever.
So some of them look wonky.
But by god I love how these came out.
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The reaper looks so unimpressed
insert-nick-there's avatar
That tower on the Citadel wasn't good enough (insert lenny face bc on da its bugging)
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I love Chibi Liara
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"Rudimentary creatures of blood and flesh...You touch my mind...fumbling in ignorance. Incapable of under---No! Enough! Do not snuggle me! I am Not cute! I AM THE VANGUARD OF YOUR DESTRUCTION AND YOU SHALL FEAR ME!"
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*Snuggu snuggu~* Where is Harby? U be next, u hear? <3
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Luv Kaidan and Grunt
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who's Saren and Benezia?? I never meant them and I don't know who they are,LOVE THE CHIBIS BTW <3
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Saren and Benezia are the two antagonists of Mass Effect 1. Saren is basically right there in the very beginning and is the reason why Shepard became a Spectre in the first place.
Because he was a nasty dude
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Benezia = Liara's mother?? wow..AWESOME!!! but Mass Effect 1 looks hmm...lame >_> but still love the chibis :) thank you for telling me
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Yup, that she is
Awww, I personally loved Mass Effect 1 the most. The gameplay was a little iffy, but the storyline was top notch.
hehe, glad you like them. I had fun making them ^^
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I always love chibis :) and I never played Mass Effect 1,I only played Mass Effect 2 and 3..soon ME 4 ;P CAN'T WAIT FOR MASS EFFECT 4 <3
Tsukuyomaru's avatar
awww, you should play ME1 while we wait for the next one 8D
It's well worth it
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apparently i'm gonna replay Mass Effect 2 just to get Jack in Mass Effect 3 :D
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why does everyone draw Asari as so adorable? Nothing is that adorable!
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Everything is adorable when they're chibi~ 8D
SheTheTDE's avatar
yes but Asari are the most adorable.
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hehe, personally I'm most fond of Geth x3
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the robots? heh
well my fave is actualy the Quarian.
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Gotta love those lamp faces x3
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