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...summary :P

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Previous part: [link]


Previous version of this tutorial was submitted over a year ago ;) I decided it's time to update it ;P I edited some parts, adding more details to my explanation. Hope you don't mind being notified about all five parts ^^;

reference image used (c) =Washu-M


As you can see, after several months of making promises, I finally finished my vectoring tutorial :D It’s my first tutorial ever, English is not my native language and I suck it explaining things, so it’s not prefect but at least I did my best. I hope this will help people to start their own vector gallery, be it on dA or anywhere else.

This tutorial was strongly influenced by Unmei’s Tracing Tutorial on Ferricorp.Com. I learned how to vector from him. It’s a good, beginner-friendly tutorial and so far I was linking it to all people who asked me for vectoring guidelines but one day I decided to make my own version [longer, a little more detailed, with a few of pieces of advice and my own thoughts].

If there are any parts you find unclear, please don’t hesitate to note me. I’ll try to explain it for you once again in different words, if possible. Also, I’ll be more than happy to see your own vectors, made with the help of this tutorial. ^.^

I’d like to thank =Realm-Of-The-Shadows for checking my spelling and grammar :glomp: Any mistakes you find in the text above is my fault as I added some last-minute explanation right before submitting the tutorial. Please don’t hesitate to note me about them and I’ll correct it ;P

It’s also the right place to say ‘thank you’ to all my watchers who offered their help as beta-testers :D In the end I didn’t have time to ask you for your opinions before submission and I’m sorry about that  If you still feel like helping me, please tell me what you think after reading this tutorial. :)

Vectoring screenshots and scans [in other words: tracing them directly line by line] is against dA policy. As far as I know, if someone reports your vector trace while providing original screenshot/scan you used, it will be removed from your gallery. That’s why I encourage you to treat screenshot/scan vectors only as a form of practice before you move on to more complicated things. You can vector your own drawings and sketches, other people’s linearts and/or drawings [after asking them for permission, of course], realistic photos [photo traces are allowed, as realistic trace demands more time, skills and creativity than anime ones] – or images combined from several screenshots [as I sometimes do].

In other words - please keep in mind that when you submit screenshot/scan vector trace to your gallery, you do that at your own risk. According to dA policy, it doesn't belong here: it should stay on your hard disk. My intention isn't to encourage you to trace and I take no responsibility if you decide to submit a direct vector trace to dA.
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Comments (213)
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rapzkylim|Hobbyist Digital Artist
can anybody give me a detailed tutorial for linearting anime?
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gerhan's avatar
still cant use the fucking pen. I'm a failure
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Bhiqm's avatar
and now, you can?
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gerhan's avatar
Nope. XD

I use mouse only, can't master Pen Tool with that. Btw theres a lot of time that i don't practice, i don't have time for that stuff anymore ):
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LittleAsura's avatar
LittleAsura|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hai, I would like to know what happened to the previous tutorial of this? I kept on clicking it but it says there's no file.
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LogoVogo's avatar
LogoVogo|Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much for these great tutorials.
They're very well explained, easy to follow and really really helpful.
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3bada's avatar
3bada|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Your tutorial are the best I've seen anywhere, thanks for sharing :hug:^.^
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lSAHOOMl's avatar
lSAHOOMl| Interface Designer
thanx 4 sharing you're the best ^^
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janexians's avatar
thanks for your tutorial :)

i made also :

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maniacalmarie16's avatar
maniacalmarie16|Professional Digital Artist
i cant believe i just found this set of tutorials. these were the best, most clear, easy to follow tutorials i have ever found. i cant wait to get started! thank you so much for putting this up so people like me can finally figure out the pen tool in photoshop. i really, really, really, really appreciate it, thank you!
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uraniumKiss's avatar
uraniumKiss|Student Digital Artist
Thank you so much for this! I've been looking around for a way to make vector art, and about all I can find is confusing things that mostly just say 'You can't make vectors in Photoshop.'
I hope to use this method soon! Infact, I have a picture I want to vector waiting.

Thanks again :)
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Tims-Dark-Princess's avatar
Tims-Dark-Princess|Hobbyist General Artist
Thankyou for your tutorial! It helped me greatly :-)
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xDeviAngelx's avatar
:) Part 2, the one with the sharp vectors helped me a lot.
I have read probably at least a dozen tutorials but amazingly, this one explained something I couldn't find the answer to ;o
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Aero-Wolf's avatar
Nice tutorial! I love all the characters you used as examples too, haha!
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Buizek's avatar
Wow, great tutorial. I wanted to see what vectors could do, and your tutorial did a great job at explaining everything, the how and the why. Thanks a lot for making this tutorial!
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tsukishoujo's avatar
No problem, I'm really happy that people like my tutorials :aww:
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KirasDarkLight's avatar
KirasDarkLight|Student Digital Artist
I love you, thank you so much for making these tutorials. :heart:
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tsukishoujo's avatar
No problem :D
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Miss-Dutch's avatar
Miss-Dutch|Hobbyist General Artist
I love vectoring!
Thanx for the these tutorials
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tsukishoujo's avatar
Have fun with vectors ^^ I'm glad you like my tutorials <3
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GFX-SeeYa's avatar
GFX-SeeYa|Professional Interface Designer
They are the tutorial is really great, i have download all the tutorials and im not fan of anime, but this is very usefull for the vector art, and too newbie on this. so this help me a lot!
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tsukishoujo's avatar
I'm glad I could help :w00t:
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XinNyxDeux's avatar
These tutorials are fantastic! One of the best I've seen, based on tutorials focusing on the Pen Tool. Your vectors are amazing as well. They look so much better than others I've seen. I saw your Sakura Vector Tutorial a while back and it helped me a lot.
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