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V. Tut. Extra - Vexel lineart

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Published: February 23, 2009
© 2009 - 2019 tsukishoujo
Click download for a full-size picture.

Previous part [introduction]: [link]

Alternative part [vector lineart]: [link]

Next part [coloring]: [link]

Please remember that if you use this method for the lineart, your artwork is not a vector - it's a vexel. So put it in Vexel gallery, 'kay? ^^

If you're wondering why I'm submitting new version of this part of my tutorial again [instead of editing the old version] - that's because the old one was reported a few days ago and deleted. Yeah, some idiot apparently decided that using an anime screenshot in a tutorial is a case of art theft :aww: I wish he [or she] waited two more days - I was in the middle of working on a new version when I read that note about deletion, lol xD Or they could just report all parts [three other also had anime screenshots] - that way I would submit all of them again.

Funny thing, when a few months ago I asked Vector Gallery Director, ^Ikue if it's okay to use a screenshot [I was a little concerned about this], he said it's fine. Well, apparently it's not... You know, dA admins should finally make up their minds and stick to their own policy instead of confusing people.

Anyways, here's a brand new version, with [hopefully] better explanation and a sketch instead of a screenshot as a reference picture. Thank you, =Washu-M for letting me use your drawing ^^ :glomp:

If there are any parts you find unclear, please don’t hesitate to comment. I’ll try to explain it for you once again in different words, if possible.

Also, I’ll be more than happy to see your own vectors, made with the help of this tutorial. ^.^
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cletssimpleHobbyist Interface Designer
can i have a Photoshop brush plug-ins? :D
icyzappy's avatar
icyzappyHobbyist General Artist
How do you get to this tool in Photoshop Elements?
r3mmel's avatar
r3mmelStudent Digital Artist
hahaha i can't find the picture of urahara. :| i want to testing the tutorial. too bad for me
but thanks to your tutorial men! keep it up! \m/
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MetallicToasterAcidHobbyist General Artist
Thank you so much X3
VegasUnderground's avatar
I have created 3 pieces so far using the shape layers method. I have been using Photoshop for years, and I have done the vexel method before but it has been many years since I have, probably 4 or 5 at least. These series of tutorials were a great refresher, and because of it I was FINALLY able to draw decent looking eyes. I did my 3 images at a size of 2560x1440 all on shape layers, and they look great, well, there high quality I mean, im not trying to make myself out to be cocky or full of myself!

Thanks again.
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TeremiaoProfessional Digital Artist
I apologize in advance for the dumb question ^^;
(and very, very sorry for my awful english ^^;)

When you talk about "wallpape size" do you mean the resolution (75 dpi usually) or the actual dimension of the image (for example 1024x768, one of the most used)

Your tutorials are just great!! :dance:
They're really useful, the better I ever seen so far! Thank you very much!!
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dixiekasilkeHobbyist General Artist
A very clear and concise tutorial, that should finally get me started on vectors. Many thanks!!! ;)
jabala's avatar
thanks for the tut. imma gonna start dabbling vector/vexel in a few...
tsukishoujo's avatar
No problem, glad I could help :w00t:
Tyranic's avatar
Thanks very much! Easy to understand and follow along. Well done!
tsukishoujo's avatar
No problem, glad you like it ^^
Nika-Tachikawa's avatar
this tutorial was AWEASOME! It helped me like hell, really, I've tried to use photoshop pen tool for a long time and only now I could succed :)
so thank you a lot1 this was really helpfull for me and I'm sure it would be helpfull for a lot of people too!
tsukishoujo's avatar
I'm really glad you like it :w00t: Have fun vectoring :D
Nika-Tachikawa's avatar
you're welcome! and thank you :D
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HakutenshiHobbyist General Artist
oh god, thank you! I was searching so long for a tutorial even the last noob does understand (because hell, I can be reaaaly dense sometimes XD) and now I've found it!
It's an awesome tutorial :D Thank you so much x333~
tsukishoujo's avatar
Sorry for such a late reply... Anyways, I'm glad I could help <3 Have fun vectoring!
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HakutenshiHobbyist General Artist
Oh, I do :D
thanks ^^
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Melian-AlcarimeHobbyist General Artist
The lineart can appear much more crisp this way if you stroke with a smaller sized brush (not simulating pen pressure) then a larger one (simulating pen pressure). I never delete the paths, though, so that I can resize it later (or at least, before I begin coloring).

Was too time-consuming for me though, so I gave up on vector lineart in favor of spending more time on the actual painting part.
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DiomaHobbyist General Artist
How can there be a vexel method when a vexel is a vector saved in jpeg or any other format than can't be resized without quality loss?
tsukishoujo's avatar
Since when? xD If your definition was correct, why would there even be a vector category on dA, as opposed to vexel one? After all, you CAN'T submit a vector here in a format that would allow resizing without quality loss. So what you're saying is that all the submissions in vector category, saved in jpg or png, aren't vectors :)

What matters isn't the final format, but whether you can resize original file or not - in case of PS, psd file. With this method, you can't. With the other lineart method, you can resize it 'till your computer crashes.

Both vector and vexel are a medium and while sometimes it may difficult to tell the difference, having only a jpg/png file and not the original one, they're definitely not the same thing, with a difference only in file formats. Most importantly, vexel incorporates both vector and raster elements and that's why it can't be resized without quality loss. It's not a 'vector saved in jpg'. There's much more to vexeling than that.

If what I wrote above doesn't convince you, just ask Vector or Vexel Gallery Directors. I'm sure they'll give you a much better explanation xD
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DiomaHobbyist General Artist
Since the "vexel" term was invented. My definition comes from vexels.net, a site that was dedicated to nothing but vexels.
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Thankyou so much, your tutorial helped me to learn vector. It was simple and very easy to follow :)
tsukishoujo's avatar
No problem, glad I could help :D
Atalases's avatar
I had no idea I could cheat at lines like this! Oh. My. God. This is like a god mode of Photoshop! You've kept your secrets for too long!!!

By the way; great tutorial, very very well played...

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