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+Hitsugaya - Polaroid Collage+

By tsukishoujo
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Having fun with polaroid PS actions :D Well, actually this particular deviation is based on a tutorial, not an action and it took me AGES before I was satisfied with the polaroids' placement ^^; I just kept moving and rotating them for 2 hours lol ORZ

The background is recycled from this deviation *is shot*

I put it there without thinking, made all the polaroids and only then realised that changing the background would require manually changing all 14 pieces xD Too lazy, sorry :P

Again, big hug for =saishuu-hinoiri for helping me with the shading :glomp: Recently my shading skills are regressing instead of developing T____T

And BTW did you know that you can vector in PaintTool SAI? O_o I dunno about coloring, but there are several really nice tools for vector lineart ^^ They're also quite different from PS pen tool and I'm having some problems to get used to them because of that, lol xD But for someone who finds the pen tool too difficult, it can be a nice alternative.

Hm. Guess that's all :P

Click download for a full size picture

Program used: Adobe Photoshop CS3
Anime: Bleach
Character: Hitsugaya Toushirou
Full view size: 2300x1800 px

*texture by `Princess-of-Shadows

Referenced with anime screenshots. NOT traced.

Character © Tite Kubo
Image size
2300x1800px 2.64 MB
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I like this photoshoot look its great ^^
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Tres original. J'adore
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Creative approach with this piece. I love it!
xXWillyWonkaXx's avatar
im still trying to figure out how this is done D:
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This is an awesome picture. I can appreciate the time you went through to make this. I can't stop looking at it and noticing the art and placement each time. I think this needs to be my desktop pic... If you don't mind. :)
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This is a Truly an Original way to present a pice of Very cool Ha (pun intended) Art very Cool!!!
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oohh.. this is darling. :)

He is one of my fave captains, if not my fave. :)

I just found something that could do that effect for me, but I'm sure it won't look at good at this, and I would have to pay for such an effect.

Maybe I should just pay you instead. :)

Great job.
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Awesome!, i'mma make this into a different version, if you don't mind. :P sorry.
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Actually, I do :| You're supposed to ASK for a permission and then wait until it's granted - or not, in which case you just move on. Instead you... ANNOUNCED to me that you're going to trace my artwork, just like that, and went on submitting it. Now, should I be grateful that you kindly informed me? That's NOT how it should be done. If you did this the right way, I would let you keep that trace in your gallery, but right now, I don't feel like being nice, sorry. I would like you to remove that submission from your gallery.

And next time you feel like tracing I suggest you get a written permission from the artist FIRST.
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It's really amaizing! I love it ^^
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I love this :D
In fact, I love it so much, that I tried it myself haha!

Here's mine, in case you want to see :P
tsukishoujo's avatar
Glad I could be inspiring, lol :D
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Amazing! I love it! :D
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My God
It`s perfect.
You `re awesome.
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Aww :glomp: Thank you ^^
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You`re welcome x33
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Oh neat!
I haven't ever seen anything like this done before!
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