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Welcome to my newest tutorial! It’s been a long time coming; I started this one way back in November... But let's just say my old laptop threw a fit and decided that its screen had finally had enough... So I had to go get a new laptop. I finally made myself finish this tutorial though :P


1 Main Fractal which is featured on the cover
1 Major Alternative
53 little Alternatives
100 Gradients
55 Parameters
32 Pages Long

Have fun!

If you need any help feel free to send me a note!
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Hi, what laptop are you using? I am interested in buying one, because my desktop is kind of old and i can't even install Apophysis 7X. The thing is that I don't actually know what would be the best option: a new desktop or a laptop? What is best and more stable for creating fractals? Is it any difference between a fractal created on a PC and one created on a laptop (presuming they both have the same RAM,CPU and graphics)?
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My last laptop was a windows 7 one made by toshiba which rendered things great but they don't make them anyone I think.  I've never used Apophysis on my current one which is relatively new.  I highly recommend if you're getting a windows 8 laptop to get at least 6 RAM. 

As for desktops I've never used Apophysis on a desktop so I couldn't tell you sorry :( 

And there shouldn't be any difference on how the final render looks once its finished rendering. 

Sorry I couldn't be of much help :( 
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Thanks a lot Hug
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flamefactorHobbyist Digital Artist
Sweet! This looks very promising! Looking forward to reading it! Thanks for the nice share!
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EpoghProfessional General Artist
Thank you so mush for sharing this looks just great.
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Good job, Sissy! It looks really awesome! :heart:
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:happybounce: I've been looking forward to your next publication and here it is! :eager:
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Lady-CompassionHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for sharing your talent!
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