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The Nine-tailed Fox at the Changing Tree, Oji

This one was so much fun to make! It was inspired by one of my favorite Hiroshige prints ( available here.

Art is mine, Pokemon is ©Nintendo
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i just framed the print i have of this from when i got it in ACEN and i loooove it so much. ;-; <3
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Thank you so much!!
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i love naruto and pokemon! i said naruto because of..u know.. nine tailed fox, kurama? hehe
Pokemon Gif Ninetales 
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Wow, I love your style!
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This is stunning.....I love the colors
Oh my gosh this is the most beautiful image of the final evolutions of my favorite pokemon I've ever seen! Its gorgeous :D 
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Favourited this a while back, but wanted to say I love everything about this.
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Thanks so much! That means a lot
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You're very welcome. :)
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That is totally brilliant! So pretty!
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Another beautiful work, I can't get over these! 
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I love this so much!  Cool interpretation of one of my favorite prints XD
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best part = that red eyelashes/lid there on the big'ne. Love it.
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Thanks guyssssss
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Awesome! :lol: I love kitsunes!
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Oh my goodness your drawing style looks Amazing! Just completely amazing!The pose looks great!The colors blend perfectly and the characters just looks like a freaking boss! I freaking Love your artwork and I hope to see more you wonderful wonderful artist!
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nice work using the delphox as a reference to foxfire
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