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helloo there

I decided it was time to make a new blog post because the last one was really outdated and even a bit confronting to me. Cause it mentioned two things that died. My lovely Budgie Tukkie :( and the forum... I

So I know I haven't drawn a lot lately, some sketches but noting worth showing in my opinion. I'm trying to pick it up, but it's quite hard.

Quite sick now to. lol but oh-well. Nothing that will kill me :P just a really annoying cold.
Ow and I have this make-up nail blog :D chek it out :D
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Hey hey, voor iedereen die intresee heeft ben ik Moderater op dit forum Het is een leuk en gezellig foru waar iedereen zijn werkjes kan laten zien en er ook tips worden gegeven enzevoorst, heel gezellig !!
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In September my bro will go to Malawi, A country in Africa. He will run his internship over there, help people with computers and stuff.
We Tease him a bit about it, but offcourse we are going to miss him a bit ;)
But he is going to collect money, to help them out theire, for better stuff XD
And I'm going to help him, making (personal/nonpersonal)drawings For poeple to collect money.
He is going to make a Site and stuff, so before he finished it I will keep to my own work.
I know it is going really slow at the moment, I'm drawing Ruki, but have been bizz making Jewelary and stuf with polymary clay. It's fun not unique by me so not posting it :P


Greets ME
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I'm updating now and desided to place more of my photografie on my dev.
So I started with my darlings :P
There will be more from things as the zoo I visited last weak
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well I didn't update this journal for a while ! Well I'm still alive :P But you can see it cause I do post drawings ! I'm totally in love with my Tora drawing *awww bad isn't it * but I'm afraid to finish the hair.. Maybe I will ruin it…
And I got my first paid request !! I hope I won't F*ck it up.. Cause it's Aoi… It has to be perfect >.< No Wips will come from that work.. Maybe the finished part.. If she will allow it :P


Blackroosje !! She is a great artist.. She inspired me to draw. ! <3
And if you visit, also visit her photo gallery. I love her dolls !
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I'm bissy on a hide drawing..
I have a lot of failed drawings... Maybe I will try to remake those..
There is a w.i.p. of the hide drawing in my scraps..
I'm doing this one on a special request. First time I do a request..
And it kind of became a double request from 2 persones..

I was really scared to start on hide.. I mean he is like really special.. But I like how it shows till now... ok I'm not perfect far from perfect.. But still. It lookst quite good.

Clubs :iconsug-club:
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drawing isn't going smooth lately.. But this is my standert almost once a month entry :P
I don't take te time to draw.. I should take my paper upstairs...
I have been drawing a bit to practice.. Without reference.. Maybe I will upload it to my scraps when I think it is finished.
But well.. I tries a lot of things.. But most time I don't end up finishing them... Maybe I would .....

Well Thats it for now *wave**wave*


Clubs : :iconsug-club:
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I think everyone noticed it already ouhr ava's turned in to mudkips ! :O
I think it is quite funny I wonder when it will change back tough.

This mudkip thing, I know how it happend. There is a community called anomynous. They liek mudkips ;) They hack site's and do stuff like this as jokes..
I'm not a part of it. And don't really know it that well. A friend of mine is into that world... But he isn't a part of it. He told me about Anomynous when there was a piece on them in the news paper. He told me some pecifick thing about them. So when I saw the mudkip I knew it right away >.<
funny (there is something more behind the mudkip thing but I don't know that part)
And I'm drawing again :) My yuji drawing is going really well and I'm bissy on a drawing for a competition. sooo I will be active soon ! (had a really bad time last mont. Things from last time I posted turned up good but ended up in a desaster a mond later. It is not that it wasn't sloved in a right way. it's difficult ;))
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I'm totally not in the mood for drawing right now......
Worries are killing me...
Everything is mixed up... I feal like junk
I hope I'm able to draw later this evening.. If someone just responded to me --'
Or else maybe this vacation,..
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I finished TAKUYA !!! WHAHAHA I'm so happy with it .. A bit proud to.. It turned out very well beter than my other drawings still not briljant but fine :D
With problems of school love and work I finnaly find the time..
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I haven't got time.. Hate school.. It takes away all my power and makes me unhappy.
I don't like all those thing you HAVE to finish in time.. I guess I have to say to I (the student who I promised to make a ported of) That I'm not going to do it..
I begain to draw Takuya (an cafe) Cause he is soo cute and it makes me feel better to look at him ;)
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as a lot people already saw.
I finished my Alice nine drawing. *i'm a bit proud of it esspailly Shou*
I have promised to draw a student from school... So it will be something diffrent than Visual boys this time :P I will Upload some older *only the good* drawings to.. To fill it up ;)
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I noticed I made a small mistake XD
And posted comments to myself in staid of a journal Entry
Well Copy paste XD
Hy me is new here  

Hope you guys are going to like my art  

I'm not really good but well I will keep practising

I'm bizzy on a Alice nine Drawing..
I finished Nao and Hiroto.. Now the hardest part will come !! Shou..I mean he is soowwww pretty and goodlooking.. *can't stop loving him* but well post it as soon as it is finished

I made a new Ava Today. I hope everyone likes it ! and I'm going to try to finish the Alice nine drawing...
The Gazette Concert took al lot of my time *but is was worth it !*